Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Marine Operations

Homer Beacon Policy


Marine Operations

  • Marine Operations will maintain a pool of Homer beacons for temporary users. Such users require short term (1-2 months or less per year) use of 1 to 2 beacons.
  • Homer beacons borrowed from the Marine Operations temporary pool must be returned in a timely manner, or replaced. The principal investigator of the project associated with deployment of the Homer beacon is obligated to replace the unit, even if the deployment location is known, unless an explicit plan for recovery agreed upon by Marine Operations and ROVUC exists in advance of deployment.
  • Marine Operations will maintain a list of the status and deployment locations of Homer beacons, preferably using the MBARI Waypoint Management system.
  • Marine Operations will be the contact point for ordering Homer beacons in order to maintain a Homer channel numbering system.
  • Marine Operations will maintain all homers, including those associated with the temporary pool and individual investigators.


  • Scientists should purchase Homer beacons and associated hardware (float collars, etc.) from their project budgets for applications not served by the Marine Operations temporary pool. Thus, projects that require homer beacons for repeated deployment for multiple years (i.e. greater than 2 months per year) must include the cost of beacons to support project requirements.

Last updated: Apr. 25, 2013