Engineers from the Schmidt Ocean Institute testing the ROV SuBastian in MBARI's test tank. Photo: SOI / Yuko Inatsuki

New ROV tests the waters at MBARI

Over the past week, a team of engineers from the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) have been testing their new remotely operated vehicle (ROV), SuBastian, in MBARI’s test tank.
Profiling float on transom of research vessel John Martin

Rescuing an open-ocean float on a stormy day

About a week ago, MBARI marine chemists Hans Jannasch and Ken Johnson went on a little boat ride, chasing an open-ocean profiling float that was drifting in the California Current, about 100 miles offshore.
Xenoturbella profunda worm in the Gulf of California.

Deep-sea worms slither around the bottom of the animal tree of life

The deep sea is full of strange and little-known worms. A new paper coauthored by MBARI molecular biologist Robert Vrijenhoek describes four newly named species of worms in the genus Xenoturbella that have mouths, but no eyes, brains, stomachs, or anuses.
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