Behind the scenes

Western Flyer departs the Gulf of California


April 29, 2015

The Gulf of California expedition is nearing its end, with one more leg led by Chief Scientist Charlie Paull starting on May 7. The R/V Western Flyer and its crew have been in the Gulf of California since early February and have completed six research cruises, each for a different MBARI science team and their collaborators with different research goals. Between each cruise, the Western Flyer made port stops in La Paz, Mexico, for the crew to take a short break and restock the ship, and for science teams to swap out. This week, the Western Flyer made its last departure from La Paz, Mexico, for a six-day transit to San Diego, California, where Paull and his science team will hop onboard to study how tectonic faults create change in the seafloor structure.