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2 09:00 AM Aaron Ray

TankTrack: A lab-based camera tracking system for PIV flow analysis

3 09:15 AM Gabriel Santos

Biology to technology: Learning and teaching microcontroller use for project development

4 09:30 AM Marisol Figueroa

Dynamical time-series analysis of midwater communities

5 09:45 AM Markus Min

Characterizing the plankton communities of Monterey Bay using environmental DNA

6 10:00 AM Maddie Heard

Deep-sea technology and the public: Inspiring engagement via online platforms

8 10:30 AM Jessica Bullington

Digging into DNA: Evaluating propidium monoazide as a tool to remove nonviable microbial DNA from sediment cores

9 10:45 AM Virgina Biede

Impacts of variable carbon availability on benthic community structure

10 11:00 AM Ethan Park

Simulation of cooperative multi-LRAUV scenarios using ROS

11 11:30 AM Riley Rettig

Adding arrays and macros to TethysL for more user-friendly LRAUV mission scripting

13 01:00 PM Vanessa Stenvers

Gill parasites in mesopelagic squid: Towards an understanding of prevalence and infection strategy

14 01:15 PM Nathan Keane

Adjoint backtracking of krill hotspots: Source water variability in the California Current ecosystem

15 01:30 PM Karen Bobier

Effects of a Coho hatchery on downstream eDNA detection

16 01:45 PM Joshua Zahner

VARS Explorer: An exploratory data portal for VARS

18 02:15 PM April Curnutt

Past to present: Studying density of benthocodon jellyfish utilizing a 30-Year time series

29 02:30 PM Edgar Reyes and Conner Hale

Determining performance criteria for machine based image classification using deep learning

30 03:00 PM Kyle Conner

Solutions out of thin air: Assessing atmospheric calibration of oxygen sensors for underwater gliders

33 12:30 PM Maggie Cooper

Maggie's interesting talk