New wpDataTable

wdt_ID Name Type Data Timestamp
1 (same as parent folder) Name Server (NS) sockeye.rc.mbari.org. static
2 navproc1 Alias (CNAME) rcnavproc1.rc.mbari.org. static
3 time-rc1 Alias (CNAME) rcnavproc1.rc.mbari.org. static
4 mail Alias (CNAME) delilah.rc.mbari.org. static
5 time-rc2 Alias (CNAME) delilah.rc.mbari.org. static
6 (same as parent folder) Name Server (NS) corona.rc.mbari.org. static
7 (same as parent folder) Start of Authority (SOA) [2013694621] corona.rc.mbari.org.
8 DESKTOP-OSHHDGE IPv6 Host (AAAA) 2620:002b:0000:0022:0000:ffff:0000:fe8b static
9 pcname IPv6 Host (AAAA) 2620:002b:0000:0022:0000:ffff:0000:fc2f static
10 DESKTOP-GGFK60F IPv6 Host (AAAA) 2620:002b:0000:0022:0000:ffff:0000:f2a8 static
Name Type Data Timestamp

2 09:00 AM Aaron Ray

TankTrack: A lab-based camera tracking system for PIV flow analysis

3 09:15 AM Gabriel Santos

Biology to technology: Learning and teaching microcontroller use for project development

4 09:30 AM Marisol Figueroa

Dynamical time-series analysis of midwater communities

5 09:45 AM Markus Min

Characterizing the plankton communities of Monterey Bay using environmental DNA

6 10:00 AM Maddie Heard

Deep-sea technology and the public: Inspiring engagement via online platforms

8 10:30 AM Jessica Bullington

Digging into DNA: Evaluating propidium monoazide as a tool to remove nonviable microbial DNA from sediment cores

9 10:45 AM Virgina Biede

Impacts of variable carbon availability on benthic community structure

10 11:00 AM Ethan Park

Simulation of cooperative multi-LRAUV scenarios using ROS

11 11:30 AM Riley Rettig

Adding arrays and macros to TethysL for more user-friendly LRAUV mission scripting

13 01:00 PM Vanessa Stenvers

Gill parasites in mesopelagic squid: Towards an understanding of prevalence and infection strategy