Sending Electronic Mail to MBARI


The MBARI staff section of the site includes addresses for most MBARI staff members.

Message Size Limitations

The maximum message size which will be accepted by MBARI’s shore-based mail servers is 25MB. If you attempt to send an email message larger than this, you will receive an automated response telling you that the message wasn’t delivered.

If you need to deliver larger files to MBARI, use one of the following alternative data transfer methods:

  • Use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to transfer the file or files. MBARI provides an anonymous FTP server where you can upload files for MBARI staff members.
  • Compress your attachments to get them below the size limit. Here are brief instructions on how to compress files using some popular platforms:
    • Windows: Right-click on the file or folder icon, and choose the Send To submenu. There will be a menu entry labeled Compressed (zipped) Folder. Click on that item and Windows will automatically create a ZIP file in the same directory with the same name as the original file or folder with a ZIP extension (e.g. You can then attach this file to an outgoing email message.
    • Mac: Control-click on the file or folder icon, or if you have a two-button mouse, right-click on the icon. Choose Compress “file” from the menu. (In older versions of OS X, the command appeared as Create archive of “file”). A file will be created in the same folder (or on the desktop if you’re working on the desktop) with the same name as the original file with the extension “.zip”. You can attach this ZIP file to an outgoing email message.
  • If your attachments cannot compress to a small enough size and you cannot use FTP for some reason, then we suggest that you use an independent service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or to transfer your files. These services allow you to upload large files to their servers and share them with your recipients via links to the files, allowing them to download the files. More information may be found on their web sites.