EARTH Satellite Workshop – May 27, 2016 – Schedule

EARTH Workshops | May 27, 2016 – PensacolaSchedule | Lessons

Friday—May 27, 2016

Location: Dixon School of the Arts, 2601-A West Strong Street, Pensacola, FL

1130 Arrival
1140 Housekeeping—Introduction to EARTH, Satellite EARTH, and each other
1210 Shore Bird presentation
Caroline Stahala—Audubon Ornithologist and Panhandle Program Manager
1300 Working lunch: Teachers explore websites and/or data, begin forming ideas for lessons
1340 Intro to, AGU, Ocean Sciences Poster Session
1400 Guidelines for the rest of the day—Begin collaboration and forming lessons
1530 Check in, complete/submit paper work for stipend, lesson plan
1600 Share lessons; Wrap up for the day


Data repository
Data policy
Deep-Sea Guide
What is happening in Monterey Bay today?
Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System
Chemical data
Ocean float data
Slough data
Mooring ISUS measurements
Southern Ocean Data
Mooring data
M1 Mooring Summary Data
M1 Asimet
M1 download Info
M1 EMeter
Molecular and genomics data
ESP Web Portal
Seafloor mapping
Soundscape Listening Room
Upper ocean data
Spatial Temporal Oceanographic Query System (STOQS) Data
Image gallery
Video library
Creature feature
Angler siphonophore
Bamboo coral
Barreleye fish
Big red jelly
Bloody-belly comb jelly
California sun star
Flapjack octopus
Giant sea spider
Giant tubeworm
Harp sponge
Pacific viperfish
Rattail fish
Sea pig
Vampire squid
Whiptail gulper eel
Deep-sea wallpapers
Previous seminars
David Packard Distinguished Lecturers
Research software
Video Annotation and Reference System
System overview
Data Use Policy
Video Tape User Guide
Video File User Guide
Annotation Glossary
Query Interface
Basic User Guide
Advanced User Guide
Query Glossary
VARS publications
VARS datasets used in publications
Oceanographic Decision Support System
MB-System seafloor mapping software
How to download and install MB-System
MB-System Documentation
MB-System Announcements
MB-System Announcements (Archive)
MB-System FAQ
MB-System Discussion Lists
MB-System YouTube Tutorials
Matlab scripts: Linear regressions
Introduction to Model I and Model II linear regressions
A brief history of Model II regression analysis
Index of downloadable files
Summary of modifications
Regression rules of thumb
Results for Model I and Model II regressions
Graphs of the Model I and Model II regressions
Which regression: Model I or Model II?
Matlab scripts: Oceanographic calculations
Matlab scripts: Sound velocity
Visual Basic for Excel: Oceanographic calculations
Educational resources
MBARI Summer Internship Program
2017 Summer Interns Blog
Education and Research: Testing Hypotheses (EARTH)
EARTH workshops
2016—New Brunswick, NJ
2015—Newport, Oregon
2016 Satellite workshop—Pensacola, FL
2016 Satellite workshop—Beaufort, NC
EARTH resources
EARTH lesson plans
Lesson plans—published
Lesson plans—development
Lesson drafts—2015
Lesson drafts—2016 Pensacola
Adopt-A-Float Program
Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education (C-MORE) Science Kits
Sample archive
SciComm Resources