Behind the scenes

Profile: Logistics Support Specialist Teresa Cardoza

May 15, 2013

Teresa Cardoza describes her job as being “the liaison between marine operations and research and engineering.” Teresa keeps track of every detail to make sure the ships, vehicles, and crew are ready so that each mission will be successful. She arranges for facilities and local services at ports from Canada to Mexico. She visits ports in advance of expeditions to meet with local representatives and to ensure the sites will be suitable for MBARI’s needs. She also considers staff needs at port and lines up transportation and lodging. Teresa determines if tools, equipment, and samples need to be trucked between MBARI and distant ports, and makes those arrangements. She provides a detailed schedule of operations for cruise participants, and notifies government agencies of MBARI’s plans as necessary. “I consider MBARI’s scientists to be my customers, and I strive to provide good customer service to ensure cruises will go smoothly. I find my job rewarding and enjoy the relationships I have established with everyone within MBARI, and with people and institutions up and down the Pacific coastline.” In the photo at left, Teresa and former Deputy Director of Marine Operations Chris Grech review marine charts for an upcoming expedition.