Operations Engineer (Software), Dorado AUV

Operations Engineer (Software), Dorado AUV

This position ensures that MBARI’s Dorado class Autonomous Undersea Vehicles (AUVs) operate in a reliable and effective manner.  The incumbent assists in design, development, testing, and operation of MBARI’s fleet of autonomous underwater vehicles. Primarily responsibility will be designing, modifying and maintaining microprocessor-based systems for robotic control and data acquisition applications and operating assigned autonomous vehicles.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Incumbent undertakes a variety of support work in the planning, design, and fabrication of autonomous underwater vehicles, and has primary responsibility for the operation, maintenance, and repair of such equipment as assigned. Incumbent is responsible for the implementation of custom Linux kernels and high level robotic control applications for onboard computers, as well as developing custom microcontroller firmware for various subsystems. Typical applications require custom communications protocols using TCP/UDP, as well as CAN and other serial interfaces (I2C, RS232, SPI, etc).

Incumbent is responsible for integration of new instrumentation and advanced software algorithms into vehicles, as well as provides engineering on existing vehicle platforms, provides research cruise planning and preparation, mobilization and at-sea operations.

The position requires the willingness and ability to go to sea and work offshore for up to two months at a time, up to 150 days per year.


A minimum of a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in a relevant engineering or scientific discipline, plus relevant experience in embedded systems development or related field is required. Must be able to appropriately scale and apply formal and informal engineering methodologies.

Experience designing microprocessor-based systems for robotic control applications, as well as a demonstrated skill in implementing embedded hardware and software for high-reliability, low power systems, is required. Experience in developing custom Linux distributions using Yocto or similar build systems is required. Experience using high level control frameworks such as Robot Operating System (ROS) or similar is highly desired. Experience in developing microcontroller applications on ARM Cortex-M3 or similar processors is highly desired.

Must be able to work well as part of a team, independently and with diverse groups of people.

The position requires the ability to lift up to 35 pounds.

The position requires the willingness and ability to go to sea and work offshore for up to two months at a time, up to 150 days per year.

Excellent communication and organizational skills are required.

MBARI, Human Resources
Job Code: OE-DAUV
7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA  95039

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