Reporting to the Chief Engineer, the oiler carries out duties as directed at sea and in port to ensure the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the vessel. The oiler also assists the deck department when not engaged in engineering tasks.

Primary duties are to stand an engineering watch at sea and maintain and service shipboard equipment. Typical equipment that is the responsibility of the oiler includes but is not limited to: marine sanitation device, shaft sump pumps, thruster bearing pumps and fans, shaft cooling pumps, salt water service system and inventory.

At sea the oiler will stand an engineering watch and responsible for monitoring the engineering plant, log keeping, and making thorough rounds of all machinery and non-machinery spaces. Watch standing also includes assisting on deck; that is cleaning the galley after meals, taking out trash, assisting with deployment and recovery of scientific equipment including winch and crane operation.

Aboard the R/V Western Flyer proactive watch standing is expected instead of reactive.  Watch standers must keep aware of normal machinery sounds, temperatures, smells and other indicators so that small changes can be observed acted upon to prevent larger problems.

In port the oiler may be required to stand a security watch. The oiler assists with handling mooring lines while departing and arriving port, with rigging gangway, launching the RHIB and other deck related tasks.

Must have at a minimum USCG credential for Able Seaman-Special with STCW-RFPNW and TWIC. The preferred candidate will also hold a QMED or DDE credential.

High School diploma or equivalent and 5 years related experience is desired. Must display proficiency in maintaining a variety of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems. Must be able to work with diverse groups of people.

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