October 15, 2010

Ocean-gazing podcasts feature MBARI researchers

Last summer, podcaster Ari Daniel Shapiro visited MBARI and compiled some insightful interviews with several MBARI researchers. The MBARI interviews are on two web pages:

ROVers over and under – This first podcast features interviews with ROV pilot Craig Dawe, marine biologist Ken Smith, and engineer Alana Sherman.

MBARI: A seaside sequel – The second podcast features interviews with engineers Cheri Everlove and Jim Birch, oceanographer Francisco Chavez, and education specialist George Matsumoto.

These podcasts are hosted on the Ocean Gazing web site, which is sponsored by the Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence – Networked Ocean World (COSEE NOW) – a group of research institutions that are using real-time information from ocean observing systems to enhance public understanding of the ocean.


Ken Smith and Alana Sherman stand beside the benthic rover – a robot that spends months at a time documenting life on the deep seafloor. Photo: Ari David Shapiro

smith_kenKen Smith
Senior Scientist/Marine Ecologist

sherman_alana-180Alana Sherman
Electrical Engineering Group Lead

chavez_francisco-180Francisco Chavez
Senior Scientist/Biological Oceanographer

matsumoto_george-180George Matsumoto
Senior Education and Research Specialist

birch_jim-180Jim Birch
Director of SURF Center

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