This is an example where posts tagged with the custom Taxonomy of “Gulf of California 2015” are not being sorted properly.

-Under All Posts > Reorder > Reordering by “Expedition categories” and choosing “Gulf of California 2015” — you can see the order is not the same on the reorder page as it is on the slider.
-You can rearrange and save the sort in any way you want, and it will not update on this slider.
-If we delete the custom category “Gulf of California 2015” and recreate it, tag the posts/pages again with “Gulf of California 2015”, then the sort will work properly.

This is an example of a custom taxonomy, “Gulf of California 2012” working.

-Under All Posts > Re-Order > Sort by Expedition categories and choosing “Gulf of California 2012” you can see that the order is the same in the plugin as on the slider below.

-This sort was NOT working until we deleted the custom taxonomy and recreated it, and retagged those pages with Gulf of California 2012.


Gulf of California 2012 Expedition