All good things come to an end

September 10, 2013

It’s a long trip from our research site offshore of Eureka, California, back to our home port of Moss Landing, California, but at least the swells and winds have subsided. The science team used the day to pack up their gear, clean the labs, and catch up on writing, reading, and editing projects. The pilots stripped the remotely operated vehicle of the extra tools used on this expedition because the vehicle will be coming off the ship for a while—the next two Western Flyer expeditions will be in Monterey Bay using an array of equipment, but not the ROV.

For the crew, today marks the end of more than six weeks at sea, including three port stops and three science groups running very different research programs. This science team would like to express our appreciation for Captain Andrew McKee and his crew and Chief Pilot Knute Brekke and his team of ROV experts.

Brewer science team

The science team, from left, Nancy Barr, Peter Walz, Kelly Lance, Lindsey Fields, Peter Brewer, Wilson Sauthoff (in front), Ryan Sibert, and Ed Peltzer.

— Nancy Barr