MBARI in the news – 2018

Dec 31 Unmanned Systems NewsLong-range AUV developed for oil spill mapping” by Mike Rees
Dec 30 Unmanned Systems NewsUUV surveys reveal new hydrothermal vents” by Mike Rees
Dec 27 Popular ScienceThis old shipwreck transformed into a gorgeous reef” by David Grossman [Also carried by Brinkwire, Daily Magazine, Popular Mechanics Online,, and Yahoo News]
Dec 27 Live ScienceThis ship sank decades ago. Now, a 3D model has resurrected It.” by Mindy Weisberger [also carried by,
Dec 25 San Jose MercuryThe changing face of Moss Landing” by Hannah Hagemann [also carried by the Monterey Herald, Santa Cruz Sentinel and East Bay Times]
Dec 18 San Jose MercuryWhat scientists hear when they mike up Monterey Bay” by Helen Santoro [also carried by Monterey Herald, East Bay Times, and Marin Independent Journal]
Dec 14 Marine LinkLRAUV: Arctic oil-spill-mapping robot put to the test” by Greg Trauthwein
Dec 14 MotherboardScientists discover upside-down lakes and waterfalls at the bottom of the ocean” by Sarah Emerson [also carried by Vice]
Dec 14 Science AlertAn incredible new ecosystem has been discovered at the bottom of the ocean ” by Michelle Starr
Dec 13 Marine Technology NewsSOI mission discovers new hydrothermal vent and species” [Note: Based on news release from Schmidt Ocean Institute that was covered verbatim by PR-Web, Markets Insider, Benzinga, PhysOrg,, and over 75 other newspaper and news aggregations web sites]
Dec 12 New York TimesMore floods and more droughts: climate change delivers both” by John Schwartz
Dec 12 Monterey HeraldNew maritime technology legislation to help with marine research” by Carly Mayberry
Dec 12 Times of San DiegoScripps biologists find fish living in oxygen-devoid water off Baja” by Chris Jennewein
Dec 12 Mother Nature News8 vampire animals that aren’t necessarily bloodsuckers” by Jaymi Heimbuch
Dec 10 Deep Sea NewsThe deep-sea fish with the telescopic tubular eyes” by Craig McClain
Dec 6 UC San Diego News [Press Release] “In waters almost completely devoid of oxygen, thriving fish populations” by Robert Monroe
Dec 5 KSBW-TVMBARI working on climate change research from the ocean floor” by Caitlin Conrad; See also: “Local climate scientists warn of sudden carbon releases from ocean” [MBARI release also carried verbatim by PhysOrg, Science Daily, Tdnews, R&D Magazine, InfosurHoy, and other news aggregation sites]
Dec 3 Taucher.netZombie shrimps with innovative strategy against predators
Nov 26 The Antarctic SunNew ocean floats deepen a carbon-cycle mystery” by Michael Lucibella
Nov 14 T|H|E JournalGoogle program offers funding for AI, machine learning projects” by Dian Schaffhauser
Nov 14 Taucher.netUnknown deep-sea sea creatures filmed by researchers
Nov 13 Laughing SquidThe Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute discovers a new species of deep water sea squirts” by Lori Dorn
November Envirotec MagazineRobots fill a void
Oct 31 ScienceJust 18% of the ocean floor has been mapped. XPRIZE drones could change that” by Julia Rosen
Oct 31 IFLScienceOcean scientists tweet some of the deep-sea’s scariest creatures in #SpookWar” by Madison Dapcevich [also carried by Business Insider]
Oct 30 ForbesWhat everyone ought to know about ghost sharks this Halloween” by Melissa Cristina Márquez
Oct 29 KION-TVGhost sharks in the Monterey Bay” by Zach Mcintyre
Oct 29 National GeographicWorld’s largest deep-sea octopus nursery discovered” by Jason Bittel
Oct 27 Dear Kitty (blog)Spooky deep-sea anglerfish video for Halloween
Oct 26 KQED NewsHuge cluster of octopuses observed southwest of Monterey
Oct 25 National GeographicMesmerizing, rare dumbo octopus filmed in the deep sea” by Annie Roth
Oct 24 MathworksDesigning “A Fitbit for sharks” by Lisa Harvey
Oct 23 BBC World ServiceNew tech to capture deep sea creatures” [MBARI video]
Oct 17 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (news release)Sea Grant funds new technology to monitor for harmful algal blooms
Oct 2 Tyler Morning TelegraphOcean researcher to speak Wednesday at University of Texas at Tyler
Oct 2 WiredA brain-eating amoeba just claimed another victim” by Robbie Gonzalez
Oct National GeographicScary, squishy, brainless, beautiful: Inside the world of jellyfish” by Elizabeth Kolbert
Sept 26 The AtlanticWhy your vacuum clogs but a manta ray doesn’t” by Ed Yong
Sept 21 NewsweekGreat white sharks have a secret lair deep in the Pacific: Now scientists are shining light on this mystery void” by Aristos Georgiou
Sept 20 NewsweekScientists gave antisocial octopuses ecstasy and It made them more friendly” by Hannah Osborne
Sept 20 The EconomistGiant larvaceans make their houses from mucus” by Catherine Brahic
Sept 19 DiverNetBig helpings at the White Shark Cafe
Sept 18 LiveScienceGreat white sharks gather in droves in the middle of nowhere, But why?” by Kimberly Hickok
Sept 14 KSRO-radioResearchers report the ocean along the California coast is becoming more acidic
Sept 12 Deep-Sea NewsWooden homes on the seafloor yield insights into the impacts of climate change” by Craig McClain
Sept 12 NatureThe hidden lives of deep-sea creatures caught on camera” by Amy Maxmen
Sept 11 KSBW-TVMonterey Bay researchers tracking acidification of oceans” by Caitlin Conrad
Sept 6 Taucher.netUnderwater robot tracks poisonous algae in Lake Erie
Sept 4 WTOL-TV (Toledo, Ohio) “NOAA research lab uses underwater vessel to monitor algal blooms” by Tyler Paley
Aug 30 Unmanned Systems NewsNOAA to trial algal bloom detection with unmanned underwater vehicle” by Mike Rees
Aug 14 Hydro InternationalUnmanned surface vehicles monitoring lava flow” by Ryan Carlon
Aug 12 Santa Cruz SentinelMelt Me into the Ocean: Experimental event submerges attendees in a sea of sound” by Zach Buck
Aug 8 Monterey HeraldMoss Landing growth plan falters again; Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, others frustrated” by Jim Johnson [Note: Article incorrectly states that MBARI is helping fund a new building for Phil’s Fishmarket]
Aug 3 North State Public Radio (NPR)Blue Dot 109: Monterey Bay” by Dave Schlom & Nolan Ford
July 21 KION-TVAquarium research institute hosts annual open house” by Josh Kristianto
July 18 Stories related to Harvard news release: An underwater pokéball for capturing sea creatures. (Original paper here)
– Discover, “New origami robot gently catches deep sea creatures” by Charles Choi (7-18-18)
– Science News, “New ‘Poké Ball’ robot catches deep-sea critters without harming them” by Maria Temming (7-18-18)
– New York Times (Trilobites blog), “Don’t squish the jellyfish. Capture it with a folding robotic claw.” by JoAnna Klein (7-18-18)
– National Geographic News, “New origami robot handles sea creatures with a softer touch” by Michael Greshko (7-18-18)
– IFL Science, “Scientists construct incredible robot to study delicate sea creatures” (7-19-18) [Also carried by Infosurhoy]
June 18 Environmental MonitorMonitoring and tracking ocean microbes with LRAUVs” by Karla Lant
June 18 taucher.netThe sound of the deep sea
June 15 KSBWMBARI researchers describe abundant marine life at ‘White Shark Cafe’” (MBARI article; also reprinted by PhysOrg)
June 10 Planet Watch (KSCO-radio)Volcanoes changing the Earth” by Rachel Goodman
June 6 EartherAre reusable bags really better for the planet?” by Ian Graber-Stiehl
June 1 Cape Cod TimesCape Cod researchers use robots to monitor red tide” by Doug Fraser
May 29 KTVU-TVThousands of jellyfish wash up on Pacifica beach” by Lisa Fernandez
May 28 National Public RadioGreat white sharks have a secret ‘cafe,’ And they led scientists right to it” by Merrit Kennedy
May 24 Coastal LivingYou can now live-stream sound from 3,000 feet deep In the Pacific” by Marisa Spyker
May 22 San Jose MercuryLarge number of balloons pulled from Monterey Bay” by Vicky Stein [Article also appeared in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and Monterey Herald]
May 19 Santa Cruz SentinelListen to the sounds of Monterey Bay” by Dan Haifley
May 19 The WeekTuning in to the music of whale calls” by Anagha Vishakh
May 11 Google StoriesHow music led Daniel DeLeon to study the ocean with machine learning” [See also: One student’s quest to track endangered whales with machine learning]
May 11 Syfy WireJabba the Hutt lurks behind the name of this creepy new species of zombie worm” by Elizabeth Rayne
May 10 Outer PlacesAn ugly underwater worm that eats bones is named after Jabba the Hutt” by Jonathan Kesh
May 10 KTVU-TVDeep sea discovery: Monterey Bay octopus uses jellies as defense weapon” by Leslie Dyste
May 9 EartherEyeless, mouthless, bone-eating worm named after Jabba the Hutt” by Maddie Stone
May 4 Snopes.comIs this a vampire squid turning itself inside out?
Apr 24 Stories related to MBARI news release: Eavesdropping on the deep
– Monterey County Weekly, “MBARI introduces deep sea hydrophone to hear the sounds of Monterey Bay” by David Schmalz (4-24-18)
– LiveScience, “This Is what it sounds like at the bottom of the ocean” by Yasemin Saplakoglu (4-24-18)
– Motherboard, “Researchers are livestreaming the sound of the bottom of the sea” by Sarah Emerson (4-25-18)
– Earther, “Scientists are livestreaming spooky sounds on the ocean floor” by Maddie Stone (4-26-18)
– Mashable, “Live stream whale and dolphin sounds from under the sea” by Shannon Connellan (4-27-18)
– TheNextWeb, “Researchers are livestreaming audio from nearly 4,000 feet below the ocean” by Bryan Clark (4-27-18)
– MinnPost, “Now you can listen in on ocean life — live from the floor of Monterey Bay” by Ron Meador (4-27-18)
– Mental Floss, “Listen for whales and dolphins in this live stream from the deep ocean” by Michele Debczak (4-27-18)
– NewsWatch, “Listen to livestreaming audio from the ocean 4,000 feet deep” by Nick Gambino
– Ditigal Trends, “Wonder what the bottom of the ocean sounds like? Check out this livestream” by Luke Dormehl (4-30-18)
– KAZU, “Live sounds from deep sea now just a click away” by Krista Almanzan (4-30-18)
– Here and Now (WBUR), “You can now listen to a livestream of whale wounds 24/7” (5-1-18)
Apr 20 Los Angeles TimesA search for some of Earth’s most extreme creatures in the West Coast’s deepest underwater canyon” by Amina Kahn [Also carried by the Orlando Sentinel]
Apr 18 Chicago Evening PostUnique science expedition leading to possible protection of the white shark café embarks this week” by Ari Roul
Apr 5 Santa Cruz SentinelExperience the songs of the ocean” by Ross Clark
Apr 4 SeekerThese robots roam toxic seafloors to bring back new, bizarre species
Mar 29 Honolulu MagazineExploring the Upside Down: What it’s really like on Kona’s most extreme scuba dive” by Meghan Miner Murray
Mar 23 San Jose MercuryThe worst sex in the world — And we’ve got video!” by Avi Selk [Article originally appeared in the Washington Post]
Mar 23 Atlas ObscuraDIY tech is helping scientists keep up with marine life” by Jessica Leigh Hester
Mar 22 WiredRobot microscopes demystify plankton, the sea’s most vital residents” by Matt Simon
Mar 22 ScienceVideo of mating deep-sea anglerfish stuns biologists” by Katie Langin
Mar 21 Los Angeles Times‘It looks like a fish, but it’s not. Meet the robot built to spy on ocean life” by Deborah Netburn [Article reprinted by at least six other newspapers around the US]
Mar 16 Newsweek‘Squid graveyards’ on ocean floor could become more common” by Kristin Hugo
Mar 15 KnowableThe base of the iceberg: It’s big and teeming with life” by Lindzi Wessel
Mar 15 Monterey HeraldMBARI scientist to receive international award for women in science” by Nicoletta Lanese
Spring National Parks magazine Nature’s night lights” by Julia Busiek
Mar 7 Stories related to joint MBARI/University of Hawaii news release: Self-driving robots collect water samples to create snapshots of ocean microbes
– New Atlas, “Next-gen autonomous subs set to study microbes” by Ben Coxworth (3-8-18)
– Hawaii Public Radio, “New underwater vehicles to study ocean’s smallest srganisms” by Casey Harlow (3-9-18)
– AZORobotics, “LRAUVs enable researchers to sample open-ocean eddies, ensuring health of oceans” (3-12-18)
– Futurism, “A Fleet of underwater robots will create detailed map of marine microbes” by Claudia Geib (3-13-18)
–, “New autonomous submersibles can take water samples anyplace, anytime” by Lane Long (3-15-18)
– Oceans Deeply, “The robot that is helping unravel the mystery of ocean microbes” by Paul Tullis (3-21-18)
– Smithsonian, “These underwater robots offer a new way to sample microbes from the ocean” by Nathan Hurst (3-28-18)
– Other coverage: This news release was also reprinted verbatim on many online outlets, including R&D Magazine, Science Daily, PhysOrg,, Infosurhoy, Technology Networks, Astrobiology News, Electric Vehicles Research, and Sport Diver
Feb 27 Smithsonian The story behind Big Sur’s glowing waves” by Brigit Katz
Feb 27 The Log Baja California’s squid graveyard leads scientists into “less-known places” ” by Devon Warren
Feb 26 KION-TV MBARI scientist gets his picture on a postage stamp” by Zach Mcintyre
Feb 24 Monterey Herald Jellies abound at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Harbor” by Nicoletta Lanese [Also carried by Santa Cruz Sentinel]
Feb 23 Popular Science The critters of the deep sea may thrive on calamari” by Kate Baggaley
Feb 22 Monterey Herald Postal Service features photo by MBARI scientist on stamp” by Tom Wright [Also carried by the San Jose Mercury and Santa Cruz Sentinel]
Feb 20 VRScout Scientists recreate stunning deep sea objects In VR” by Dieter Holger
Feb 12
Conde Nast TravelerBig Sur’s coastline Is glowing, thanks to bioluminescent phytoplankton” by Andrea Park
Feb 9
Linn’s Stamp News USPS issues 10 stamps celebrating bioluminescent life; scientist to speak at Feb. 22 Fort Pierce ceremony” by Michael Baadke
Feb 7
Monterey County Weekly Bioluminescent phytoplankton bloom illuminates the Pacific Ocean near Big Sur.” by Nic Coury
Feb 7 CNNBioluminescent waves light up Big Sur. And what a sight it is” by Isabella Gomez and Christina Zdanowicz [Related news story carried on at least 35 TV stations across the US]
Feb 6 Environmental Monitor Engineers devise innovative BOS underwater camera system to monitor overfished Species” by Karla Lant
Feb 5 IFLScience There’s a squid graveyard off the Californian coast” by Tom Hale (also carried by Infosurhoy)
Feb Sea Technology “ROV video informs deep-sea food web study”
Jan 17 San Luis Obispo TribuneWhat’s up with the gigantic jellyfish washing up on Central Coast beaches?” by Monica Vaughan
Jan 13 New York Times
The squid that sink to the ocean’s floor when they die” by Veronique Greenwood
Jan 9
Squids play an important role in the food web and in the carbon cycle