MBARI in the news – 2016

Dec 29 Exploratorium – Unsung science blog
“Of pigs and kings”
by Eileen Campbell
Dec 27 Santa Cruz Sentinel
“MBARI research reveals crab is vegetarian at low tide, carnivore at high”
by Ryan Masters [Also carried by Monterey Herald and San Jose Mercury]
Dec 26 Scientific American
“Why are juvenile crabs hitching rides on sea pigs?”
by Yasemin Saplakoglu [Also carried by PBS NewsHour]
Dec 21 Marine Technology News
“AUV Mission in the Great Lakes”
by Eric Haun
Dec 21 EOS
“Peter George Brewer receives 2016 Maurice Ewing medal”
Dec 20 Live Science
“Seafloor robot breaks world record while collecting climate data”
by Kacey Deamer. [Also carried by NBC news, the Times of India and at least 7 other Indian news sites]
Dec 16 IFLScience
“Massive underwater avalanche recorded by scientists’ “smart boulders””
by Robin Andrews
Dec 15 Stories related to a press conference on Axial Seamount at the Fall 2016 meeting of the American Geophysical Union
– National Geographic News, “Underwater volcano offers rare look at eruption in real time” by Nadia Drakel (12-15-16)
– Live Science, “‘Mic’d Up’ Underwater Volcano Offers Unique Glimpse of Submarine Eruptions” by Kacey Deamer (12-19-16)
– Washington Post, “A massive underwater volcanic eruption is captured in real time” by Sarah Kaplan (12-16-16) [Also carried by 5 or 10 high-profile papers in US and Canada]
– Tech Times, “Underwater volcano footage offers rare glimpse of submarine eruption” by Kalyan Kumar (12-17-16)
Dec 15 Stories related to MBARI’s article and video on the pointy-nosed blue chimaera
[Note: this is a small selection of the approximately 400 articles on this topic that appeared in news sites around the world]
– National Geographic News, “Deep-sea ghost shark filmed alive In ocean for first time” by Jason Bittel (12-15-16)
– Smithsonian, “Watch rare footage of the mysterious ghost shark gliding through the deep” by Maya Wei-Haas (12-19-16)
– Washington Post, “Submersible at depth of 6,700 feet captures rare footage of ‘ghost shark’ and its dead-eyed stare” by Amy B Wang (12-19-16) [Also carried by 10 or 20 high-profile papers in US and Canada]
– Live Science, “Mysterious ‘ghost shark’ found for 1st time in Northern Hemisphere” by Laura Geggel (12-20-16) [Also carried by a dozen or more media outlets in US and Canada]
Dec 13 BBC News
“‘Smart boulders’ record huge underwater avalanche”
by Jonathan Amos
Dec 12 Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) blog
“SERDP 2016 Project-of-the-Year Award for Resource Conservation and Resiliency – Deep mapping of teuthivorous whales and their prey fields”
Dec 5 Stories related to MBARI’s article on the giant larvacean Bathochordaeus charon:
– Live Science, “‘Mythical’ sea blob finally spotted a century after its discovery” by Tia Ghose (12-5-16)
– Science Alert, “After a century of searching, scientists have confirmed the existence of this bizarre sea blob” by Bec Crew (12-6-16)
– The Sun, “Mysterious sea monster thought to have been extinct for more than 100 years found floating off coast of California” by Danny Collins (12-6-16)
– Daily Mail, “‘Mythical sea blob’ found off the coast of Monterey for the first time since it was first spotted in 1898” by Cheyenne Macdonald (12-6-16)
– National Geographic News, “Mysterious ocean blob found for first time in a century” by Brian Clark Howard (12-6-16) [Also covered in National Geographic Australia and National Geographic Spain]
–, “Scientists finally spot giant, slimy sea blob first found over a century ago” by Jason Daley (12-6-16)
– Zee News, “Existence of mysterious ocean blob confirmed; scientists spot one for first time in a century!” (12-7-16)
– Deep Sea News, “A 100-year-old mystery blob solved” (12-8-16)
Dec 4 New York Times
“Octopuses and the puzzle of aging”
by Peter Godfrey-Smith.
Dec 3 Santa Cruz Sentinel
“Our Ocean Backyard: Seasons of kelp and the sea”
by Dan Haifley.
Dec 1 United Press International
“NASA scientists working to develop ‘intelligent’ underwater drones”
by Brooks Hays.
Nov 26 Teen Vogue
“5 Women in STEM fields discuss gender stereotypes”
by Emma Sarran Webster.
Nov 22 Science Daily
“First glimpse of important, abundant ocean microbe”
[based on a news release from the University of British Columbia].
Oct 24 Santa Cruz Sentinel
“Rare sighting of sperm whale hunting squid in the Monterey Bay”
by Kara Guzman. [Also carried by Monterey Herald and San Jose Mercury]
Oct 12 Hawaii Tribune Herald “Ocean scientist from Hawaii earns fellowship”.
Oct 7 US News and World Report “Top female scientists pave the way for future generations” by Casey Leins.
Oct 7 Gilroy Dispatch
“Taking a bite out of STEM”
by Roseann Hernandez-Cattani.
Sept 26 Monterey Herald
“MBARI fellow receives grant to continue research on plastics and the oceans”
by Sukee Bennett.
Sept 26 The Atlantic
“Mysterious ocean blobs aren’t so mysterious”
by Ed Yong.
Sept 22 Santa Cruz Sentinel
“Living Green: Get to know what facilities ring the bay at host of fall events”
by Kathryn McKenzie.
Sept 22 LiveScience
“Creepy cannibals: Squid have no qualms about eating their own kind”
by Laura Geggel.
Sept 9 City Pulse
“‘Lab-in-a-can’ – Device could pioneer protection network for Great Lakes water”
Sept 8 KSBW-TV
“MBARI works to solve underwater mystery in Monterey Bay–Plane wreck found on ocean floor”
by Catilin Conrad.
Aug 29 Nature
“Me and my drone: how automatons are changing research”
by Ramin Skibba.
Aug 24 KION-TV
“Discovery in Monterey Bay raises many questions”
by Sophia Miraglio.
Aug 16 Time
“Yes, this adorable googly-eyed stubby squid Is real”
by Kate Samuelson.
Aug 16 Christian Science Monitor
“Latest cute animal discovery is an adorable purple squid”
by Joseph Dussault.
Aug 16 Live Science
“Googly-eyed purple squid sighting delights scientists”
by Kacey Deamer. [Carried by over a dozen media outlets nationwide]
Aug 4
Stories related to US Geological Survey media release, “Congressman Upton, Scientists Retrieve Underwater Robot Studying Lake Michigan”:
– Associated Press, “Underwater robot getting info on Lake Michigan food chains” (8-8-16) [Carried by over 75 news outlets nationwide]
– WZZM-13, “Underwater robot collects data from Lake Michigan like never before” (8-9-16)
– Wood TV, “Underwater robot documents Lake Michigan aquatic life” by Rick Albin (8-9-16)
– M-Live, “A high-tech robot is zigzagging across Lake Michigan this month” by Garret Ellison (8-10-16)
– Holland Sentinel, “Up from the depths: Aquatic research vessle stops in Holland on tour of Lake Michigan” by Caleb Whitmer (8-10-16)
July 29 San Francisco Chronicle
“Undersea habitats need protection, legislator says”
by David Perlman.
July 16 Santa Cruz Sentinel
“Dan Haifley, Our Ocean Backyard: Exploring Sur Ridge”
by Dan Haifley.
July 12 Monterey Herald
“MBARI receives $75K for climate study”
by Carly Mayberry. [Based on press release from representative Sam Farr’s office]
July 10 Santa Cruz Sentinel
“‘‘Underwater eyes’: Sea drone, offered at a reasonable price, will open ocean to new explorers”
by Ethan Baron.
July 7 Daily Californian
“‘Campus graduate student, father uncover possible secret of octopus vision”
by Lillian Dong.
July 7 Science
“‘Science academy’s new president cleared many hurdles on way to the top”
by Ellen Ruppel Shell.
June 29 Santa Cruz Sentinel
“‘Shark Week’ caps off with Monterey Bay episode, shot by sharks and drone”
by Kara Guzman.
June 29 Stories related to MBARI’s joint news release with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, “Researchers design new camera tag for white sharks”:
– Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Monterey scientists develop shark dorsal fin camera; hope for peek inside White Shark Cafe” by Kara Guzman (6-28-16) [Also carried by the Monterey Herald, the San Jose Mercury, and other regional papers]
– KSBW-TV, “Monterey researchers hope to solve great white shark mystery” (6-29-16)
– KION-TV, “New technology slated to track great white sharks between California and Hawaii” (6-29-16)
– KTVU-TV, “Camera developed to reveal Great White Shark mysteries” (6-30-16)
– Seeker, “New shark cam reveals stunning footage ” (6-30-16)
– Gizmag, “Scientists play high-tech “tag” with great whites” (6-30-16)
– CNET, “Take a seat at the White Shark Cafe” (7-1-16)
– Christian Science Monitor, “New camera follows sharks to ‘White Shark Cafe’ for the first time” (7-1-16)
– US News and World Report, “Scientists hope new shark cam gives insight to deep dives” (7-1-16) [Associated Press story carried by over 120 media outlets nationwide]
– KCBS-San Francisco, “Scientists hope new shark cam gives insight to deep dives” (7-1-16)
– Tech Times, “White Shark Cafe set to open to human viewers” by James Maynard (7-2-16)
– Slate, “New camera tag to help solve great white mystery” by Rachel Becker (7-2-16)
– Inquisitr, “Scientists plan to study great white shark “cafe” in Pacific” by Dustin Wicksell (7-3-16)
– Maine Times, “Great white shark tagged with camera to unveil mysterious winter behavior” by Betty Laseter (7-4-16)
– Modern Readers, “Scientists working on camera to track winter “cafe” trip of great white sharks” by Mark Kesler (7-4-16)
– Monterey Weekly, “Local shark scientists attach video cameras to Great Whites to learn more” by Nic Coury (7-4-16)
– Nature World News, “This great white shark with a camera reveals strange journey to ‘White Shark Cafe’” by Monica Antonio(7-4-16)
June 22 Radio Ecoshock
“The raw edge of climate science”. [Interview with Peter Brewer]
June 21 Seeker
“New shark fin cams offer high-def footage”
by Jen Viegas.
June 20 Science Friday
“A shot in the dark: Alternative uses for squid ink”
by Christian Baker.
June 20 Science Friday
“The rare sight of a brooding squid”
by Chau Tu.
June 12 San Jose Mercury
“Researchers study fish using DNA flecks”
by Emily Benson. [Also carried in several other bay-area newspapers]
June 9 The Scientist
“Evolution of fish bioluminescence”
by Tanya Lewis.
June 7 Science News
“By leaking light, squid hides in plain sight”
by Susan Milius.
June 7 Christian Science Monitor
“Florida reels in annual infestation of sea lice”
by Lucy Schouten.
May 31 EARTH magazine
“Seeing the seafloor in high definition: Modern mapping offers increasing clarity on Earth’s vast underwater landscape”
by Timothy Oleson.
May 30 Associated Press
“Ocean ‘robot’ to help identity toxic algae off Washington”
by Phuong Le. [Carried by at least 20 newspaper and TV web sites nationwide]
May 28 The Ellsworth American
“Plenty of “Buzz” this summer at Schoodic Marine Center”
by Jacqueline Weaver.
May 23 KSBW-TV
“Researchers working on first of its kind shark cam”
by Caitlin Conrad.
May 23 KION-TV
“Pelagic red crabs return to Monterey, bad sign for fishermen”
by Steve Fundaro.
May 10 Hakai magazine
“The secret history of bioluminescence”
by Ferris Jabr
May 9 BBC
“Life that glows”
by David Attenborough. [Features Steve Haddock and MBARI deep-sea research]
Apr 28 Scientific American (blog)
“Robotic laboratories fan out to study the seas”
by Kyle Frischkorn.
Apr 27 KQED
In search of the unknown, This Robot to explore pitch-black ocean deep
by Lindsey Hoshaw.
Apr 27 Santa Cruz Sentinel
New ROV will be available to ocean scientists worldwide
by Claudia Meléndez Salinas. [Carried by about 10 regional papers]
Apr 15 LiveScience
Master of escapes: How an octopus broke out of its aquarium
by Knvul Sheikh.
Apr 13 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Watsonville, Aptos students present science studies at Monterey Bay Aquarium
by Tom Leyde.
Apr 7 Monterey County Weekly
Moss Landing fishermen hold federal research buoy for ransom” by David Schmalz.
Apr 5 CCST Spotlight
MBARI makes digital Deep-Sea Guide public, providing unprecedented access to ocean images ” by Daniel Decillis.
Apr 4 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Citizen Science: The glimmer behind fireflies, jellyfish and other critters explained” by Mike DeGive.
Mar 30 KION-TV
Despite winter rain, the dry season ahead may mean trouble for the drought” by Steve Fundaro.
Mar 30 Deep-sea News
Two California fishermen pretend they are maritime pirates and hold an oceanographic mooring for ransom” by Dr. Martini.
Mar 30 The Daily Beast
Fishermen ransom Uncle Sam’s sea gizmo” by M. L. Nestel.
Mar 29 Ars Technica
2 men take US gov’t ocean science buoy, now want to “sell” it back for $13,000” by Cyrus Farivar.
Mar 23 Monterey Herald
Monterey Museum of Art heads into community for first Outside the Walls Festival” by Jeannie Evers.
Mar 23 Monterey Weekly
Flapjack octopus is real, and appearing at Monterey Bay Aquarium” by Mark Anderson.
Mar 23 Science
Why watching comb jellies poop has stunned evolutionary biologists” by Amy Maxmen.
Mar 22 Nature
Massive network of robotic ocean probes gets smart upgrade” by Jeff Tollefson.
Mar 4 The Dodo
You can LITERALLY see what’s going through this fish’s head” by Ameena Schelling.
Mar 2 The Diane Rehm Show
Environmental Outlook: Concerns about the unique warming trends in the Pacific Ocean“.
Feb 26 Santa Cruz Sentinel
New tool to study sound in Monterey Bay” by Bethany Augliere.
Feb 23 San Jose Mercury
Jellyfish app reveals secrets of tentacled tenants” by Natalie Jacewicz. [Carried by about 6 Central California newspapers]
Feb 22 KION-TV
MBARI has new technology to gather information on harmful toxins in Monterey Bay” by Steven Fundaro.
Feb 22 KSBW-TV
Underwater microphone records whale songs in Monterey Bay” by Caitlin Conrad.
Feb 22 GenomeWeb
Ecogenomic Sensor Enables Researchers to Monitor Oceans in Near Real Time” by Ciara Curtin.
Feb 21 Santa Cruz Sentinel
New tech brings lab to ocean, will ‘transform oceanography’” by Alison F. Takemura.
Feb 17 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Sea cucumbers dominate seafloor off Central California’s West Coast” by Bethany Augliere.
Feb 12 Monterey Herald
Yellow submarine uses Monterey Canyon as training ground for possible space exploration” by Amy McDermot. [Reposting of January 12 article, with video added. Carried by San Jose Mercury and several other regional newspapers.]
Feb 5 Los Angeles Times
Newly discovered deep-sea worms, including one named ‘churro,’ could shed light on animal evolution” by Amina Kahn.
Feb 5 Tech Times
Deep-sea creature ‘Purple Socks’ may hold clue to evolution of animal life” by Ted Ranosa.
Feb 3 Science Codex
Scripps-led team discovers 4 new deep-sea worm species
Jan 28 NPR
Shifting colors of an octopus may hint at a rich, nasty social life ” by Nell Greenfieldboyce. [Covered by approximately 120 NPR stations across the US]
See also: Newsweek, “Octopuses more social than thought, ‘Octopolis’ denizens prove
Jan 25 Slate
How newly discovered species get their weird names” by Rachel E. Gross.
Jan 17 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Haifley: Site of the former Moss Landing whaling station a humpback hotspot?” by Dan Haifley. [Also carried by several other Central California newspapers, including the San Jose Mercury]
Jan 12 Monterey Herald
Submarine uses Monterey Canyon as training ground for possible space exploration” by Amy McDermott. [Also carried by several other Central California newspapers]
Jan 11 Reuters
Antarctic icebergs have surprise role in slowing warming” by Alister Doyle. [Carried by over two dozen other media outlets, including Yahoo News and Al Jazeera America]
Jan 6 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Explore the deep sea with a mouse click” by Samantha Clark. [Carried by at least half a dozen other Central California news sites]
Jan 2 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Dan Haifley, Our Ocean Backyard: ‘Western Flyer’s’ journey continues” by Dan Haifley. [Carried by several other other Central California news sites]