MBARI in the news – 2015

Dec 23 BBC One
the Hunt” [Episode 4, Hunger at sea, contains MBARI footage of predation by squid and comb jellies]
Dec 9 Nature
Marine biology: Charting sea life” by Chris Woolston.
Dec 9 Air and Space Magazine
Almost like being on Mars” by Tony Reichhardt.
Dec 1 KTOO (Alaskan public radio)
Citizen scientists contribute to jellyfish research” by Theresa Soley.
Nov 18 Scientific American blogs
How to grow a jellyfish” by Natalie Jacewicz.
Nov 17 Science News for Students
Taking attendance with eDNA” by
Kathiann Kowalski.
Nov 16 Al Jazeera America
What California wildlife tells us about ‘Godzilla’ El Niño” by Ryan Loughlin.
Nov 13 The Weather Channel
Deep sea worms thrive in mud volcanoes, study finds“.
Nov 13 Wired
Absurd creature of the week: Don’t you dare call the Deepstaria jellyfish a whale placenta” by Matt Simon.
Nov 8 Santa Cruz Sentinel
MBARI scientists study underwater avalanches” by Laurel Hamers.
Nov 7 San Francisco Chronicle
Toxin in crab among impacts of warm sea that alarm scientists” by Peter Fimrite and Kurtis Alexander.
Nov 6 BBC
The strange worms that live on mud volcanoes” by Jasmin Fox-Skelly.
Nov 3 Florida Times-Tribune
NTSB: Wreckage confirmed as El Faro” by Steve Patterson.
Nov 3 Eos (Transactions of the American Geophysical Union)
Researchers track underwater avalanches like never before” by Cody Sullivan.
Oct 25 National Geographic News
Hurricane Patricia, more Pacific storms, and 4 other signs of El Niño” by Warren Cornwall.
Oct 15 KSBW TV (Salinas)
International experiment tracks underwater avalanches in Monterey Canyon“.
Oct 8 KION TV (Salinas)
Unusual crab washed ashore provides evidence for strong El Nino” by Steve Fundaro.
Sept 8 Science News
When octopuses dance beak to beak” by Susan Milius.
Aug 31 KQED Science
How many fish in the sea? Genetic testing could answer that” by Lauren Sommer.
Aug 29 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Ocean currents carry nutrients to marine life” by Dan Haifley.
Aug 23 Washington Post
Scientists get close-up look at a very unusual octopus” by Rachel Feltman. [Also carried in the Toronto Star]
Aug 21 The Guardian
Are jellyfish going to take over the oceans?” by Karl Mathiesen.
Aug 18 Monterey Herald
Mapping the wreckage of the USS Macon” by Dennis Taylor. [Also carried in five to ten other California newspapers, including the Contra Costa Times, Santa Cruz Sentinel, and San Jose Mercury]
Aug 14 Wired
Absurd creature of the week: The squid that looks like a bee stung it in the eyeball” by Matt Simon.
Aug 12 Christian Science Monitor
Scientists sequence octopus genome: A better understanding of cephalopods?” by Gretel Kauffman.
Aug 10 Huffington Post
These weird deep-sea worms are absurd and enthralling” by Nick Visser.
Warm water temperatures similar to past El Nino patterns” by Caitlin Conrad.
Aug 5 Rolling Stone
The point of no return: Climate change nightmares are already here
” by Eric Holthaus.
Aug 5 New Scientist
Secret ecosystem found on hills deep beneath the ocean’s surface” by Bob Holmes.
July 27 The Weather Channel
“Strangest weather on Earth” [Interview with Steve Haddock about glowing waves in Oceanside]
July 22 SF-Gate
Monterey Bay has turned turquoise, here’s why“.
July 20 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Monterey Bay’s latest trick: turning turquoise” by Jason Hoppin. [Also carried in Monterey Herald and about six other regional papers]
July 16 Monterey Herald
Green seaweed on Monterey Peninsula shore is safe and edible” by Phillip Molnar. [Also carried in Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Jose Mercury, and six to eight other regional papers]
July 16 Lompoc Record
A world beneath our world“.
July 14 National Geographic News
Fighting octopuses video is first to show how they “talk”” by Mary Bates. [See also: Red Orbit – Gloomy octopus trash talks opponents before fight]
July 7 KSBW-TV
Unusually warm water off Monterey Bay spikes sea surface temperatures” by Caitlin Conrad.
July 7 SF-Gate
Why are Bay Area ocean temperatures 5 degrees warmer?” by Amy Graff.
June 29 New York Times
An ocean mystery in the trillions” by William J. Broad.
June 22 Business Insider
This crazy squid with one huge eye was just spotted glowing in the wild for the first time” [Carried by several on-line media outlets]
June 16 Selected stories related to Science Friday video about flapjack octopus [Many other stories not shown]:
-Huffington Post, “New Octopus Is So Adorable It Might Be Named Opisthoteuthis Adorabilis” by Ed Mazza (6-16-15)
-Daily Mail, “Meet the pink big-eyed octopus so cute that the scientist who discovered the creature is considering naming it ‘ADORABILIS’” (6-16-15)
-SF-Gate, “Monterey scientist considers naming unclassified octopus ‘adorabalis’” by Amy Graff (6-16-15)
-New York Daily News, “Tiny octopus with big eyes may be named the ‘adorabilis’ because it’s cute” by Melissa Chan (6-16-15)
-CBS News, “Pac-Man ghost octopus could be named Opisthoteuthis adorabilis” by Michael Casey (6-16-15)
-Associated Press, “An octopus so cute you might call it ‘Adorabilis’” (6-16-15) [Story carried in at least a dozen TV and newspaper sites nationwide]
-UPI, “Scientists discover cutest octopus in the world” by Brooks Hays (6-16-15) [Story carried in at many outlets nationwide]
-Santa Cruz Sentinel, “New octopus is so cute that Monterey County scientist might nae it “Adorabilis”” by Samantha Clark (6-18-15) [Also carried in San Jose Mercury and other regional papers]

-Agence France-Presse, “Pink octopus so cute it may be named ‘adorabilis’” (6-19-15) [Story carried in at many outlets nationwide, including YahooNews and RawStory]
-AOL, “MBARI team finds 5 ‘Adorabilis’ octopuses in Monterey Bay” (7-10-15)

June 11 San Jose Mercury
Ocean investigators set their sights on Pacific Ocean ‘blob’” by Robert Santos. [Also carried by the Santa Cruz Sentinel and other regional papers]
June 2 Stories related to the MBARI News Release: MBARI researchers discover deepest known high-temperature hydrothermal vents in Pacific Ocean:
-Engadget, “Robotic vehicles find the Pacific Ocean’s deepest thermal vents” by Jon Fingas (6-3-15)
-Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Researchers discover deepest known high-temperature hydrothermal vents in Pacific” (6-3-15)
-Daily Mail, “Upside down waterfalls and 35 foot high plumes of smoke: Astonishing undersea world found 12,500 feet down in deepest vent ever discovered in Pacific” by Mark Prigg (6-3-15)
-EarthSky, “Deepest-yet hydrothermal vents discovered in Pacific” (6-4-15), “Visit the Pacific’s deepest hydrothermal vents With underwater robots” (6-5-15)
-National Geographic News, “Weird animal world discovered in deepest Pacific Ocean vents” by Jane J. Lee (6-10-15)
-Clapway, “Pacific Ocean: Discovery of Pescadero Basin Vents” (6-10-15)
-Mental Floss, “Inside the Mysterious Hot Springs Found Deep Below the Gulf of California” by Shaunacy Ferro (6-16-15)
May 28 Stories related to high-levels of toxic algae in Monterey Bay:
See also – related articles from: NOAA and University of California, Santa Cruz
-Monterey Herald, “Toxic bloom impacts Monterey Bay marine life” by Jason Hoppin (5-28-15) [See also: “State issues warning on Monterey Bay seafood“]
-KSBW-TV, “Toxic algae bloom growing rapidly in Monterey Bay” by Caitlin Conrad (5-28-15)
-Half Moon Bay Review, “Scientists concerned about potential toxins in fish” by Esther Hahn (6-4-15)
-KSBW-TV, “Team to study extensive toxic algae bloom along West Coast” (6-16-15)
-Daily Mail, “The green monster ‘blob’ taking over California’s oceans: Largest algae bloom ever seen is turning seafood toxic” by Mark Prigg (6-26-15)
May 5 10news (San Diego TV)
Scientists from around the region studying the “blob”” by Robert Santos.
Apr 30 KTZV-TV
NW underwater volcano erupting, researchers say” [Based on anews release from Oregon State University].
Apr 24 The New Yorker
Consider the sponge” by Ed Yong.
Apr 22 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Wind carries blue velella onto Monterey Bay beaches” by Samantha Clark. [Also carried by San Jose Mercury and Contra Costa Times]
Apr 20 Stories related to vampire-squid reproduction:

-New Scientist, “Vampire squid release eggs in mini-episodes, not one big blast” by Penny Sarchet (4-20-15)

-New York Times, “Vampire squid outlast their shallower peers” by Sindya N. Bhandoo (4-20-15)

-ABC Science, “Vampire squid’s secret sex life revealed” by Rachel Sullivan (4-20-15)

Apr 17
Droves of elegant blue jellies wash up on Pacific shores” by Samantha Larson.
Apr 15 Stories related to the discovery of “bone-eating” Osedax worms in fossilized plesiosaur bones:

-C-NET, “How ancient ‘zombie worms’ screwed up valuable fossils” by Michael Franco (4-16-15)

-LiveScience, “Boneworms dined on ancient sea serpents” by Becky Oskin (4-15-15) [Carried by many outlets, including Yahoo News and Christian Science Monitor]

– RedOrbit, “Zombie worms may have significantly altered fossil record” by Chuck Bednar (4-15-15)

– MarketBusinessNews, “Zombie worm Osedax lived on prehistoric carcasses of reptiles” by Christian Nordqvist (4-15-15)

Apr 14 KSBW-TV
Velella wash ashore by the billions” by Caitlin Conrad
Apr 13 Wired
Brave robots are roaming the oceans for science
Apr 7 SciShow
The mystery of the barreleye fish
Mar 25 Palm Beach Sun-Sentinel
Students set out on shark-tagging expedition” by Jan Engoren.
Mar 13 National Geographic News
Oceans are losing oxygen—and becoming more hostile to life” by Craig Welch.
Mar 13 Hawaii 24/7
Oceanic microbes behave in synchrony across ocean basins” [Based on a University of Hawaii press release].
Mar 4 Ship-Technology
Cargo overboard – salvaging the problem of lost shipping containers” by Elly Earls.
March National Geographic
Luminous life” by Olivia Judson.
Feb 25 BBC – Earth
Do whales have graveyards where they prefer to die?” by Melissa Hogenboom.
Feb 23 BBC – Earth
How male octopuses avoid being eaten by hungry females” by Katherine Harmon Courage.  [Also covered on CNN]
Feb 10 Scientific American
Global warming may boost dead zones in oceans” by Niina Heikkinen and ClimateWire.
Feb 4 Monterey Herald
Obama seeks $30M for ocean acidification studies” by Chris Cesare
Jan 30 Science
A moment of truth arrives for U.S. ocean science” by Eli Kintisch.
Jan 29 CBS-News
Floating robot tech lets you track great white sharks swimming along California coast in real time
Jan 29 KAZU
Carmel teens advance in Ocean Health XPrize Competition” by Krista Almanzan.
Jan 25 Santa Cruz Sentinel
MBARI testing the waters with open source camera” by Samantha Clark. [Also carried by the San Jose Mercury, Contra Costa Times, and Monterey Herald]
Jan 12 Modern Farmer
Rock stars of the bug world
” by Sarah Baird.
Jan 6
New deep-sea snails are nature’s own punk rockers
” by  Rachel Nuwer.
Jan 1 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Weird species of deep-sea worms discovered living on rotting bones in Monterey Bay” by Samantha Clark. [Also carried by the San Jose Mercury and Contra Costa Times]
Jan/Feb Discover
Top 100 stories of 2014 – #85: Nature’s Most Patient Mother” by Carl Engelking.