MBARI in the news – 2012

Dec 14 Live Science, “Searching for weird sea life: Q&A with a marine biologist” by Becky Oskin. [Also carried by MSNBC]
Dec 13 Our Amazing Planet, “Weird underwater volcano discovered near Bajaby Becky Oskin.
Dec 7 Nature News, “Locked greenhouse gas in Arctic sea may be ‘climate canary’” by Zoë Corbyn.
Dec 4 Scoop-NZ, ” New HAWQi buoy to improve coastal water information ” from Press Release by Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. [See also: Cawthron Institute’s ‘smart buoy’ released and ‘Brainy buoy’ set free to assess ocean health]
Nov/Dec Marine Scientist, “A new species of carnivorous sponge” ; also: “Deep-sea squid can ‘jettison arms’ as defensive tactic”.
Nov 27 SubSea World News, “Stanford, MBARI develop AUVs for exploration of treacherous deep-ocean terrain“. [Based on Standord news release; see also: Underwater robots know where they’re going (IEEE Spectrum) ]
Nov 19 Txchnologist, “Open-source ocean: Testing the effects of acidification on marine ecosystems” by Rebecca Ruiz.
Oct 31 MBARI news story:
Scientists discover extraordinary new carnivorous sponge

–, Extraordinary new sponge species discovered by Natali Anderson. (11-5-12)
– Practical fishkeeping, Video: New predatory ‘Harp sponge’ discovered. (11-6-12)
– ScienceNow, ScienceShot: Carnivorous candelabra of the deep. (11-6-12)
– Scientific American (Running Ponies blog), New carnivorous harp sponge discovered in deep-sea by Becky Crew. (11-8-12) [Also carried by Nature and Business Insider]
– Our Amazing Planet, Weird-looking, meat-eating sponge found in deep sea by Becky Oskin. (11-9-12) [Also carried by Huffington Post, CBS News, NBC News, Mother Nature Network, and Yahoo News Canada]
– Victoria Times Columnist, Rare killer sponge snares attention of Island researchers. (11-18-12)
Sept/Oct Sound Waves (USGS newsletter), “Tip from USGS and MBARI scientists leads to discovery of methane seep off San Diego, California” by Helen Gibbons.
Sept 28 ScienceNow, “Hermit crabs pass acid test” by David Malakoff. [Also appeared in the Toronto Star]
Sept 27 Scientific American, “Ocean acidification can mess with a fish’s mind ” by Mark Fischetti.
Sept 26 MBARI News Release:
MBARI researchers discover what vampire squids eat (it’s not what you think)

– AFP, “Revealed: Secrets of the Squid from Hell”. (9-25-12) [Also carried by the Australian Broadcasting Company, the Independent on line, and several other outlets around the world.]
– Inside Science, “Scientists reveal vampire squid’s strange eating habits” by Charles Q. Choi. (9-26-12)
– New Scientist, “Vampire squid from hell eats faeces to survive depths” by Hannah Krakauer. (9-26-12)
– Discovery News, “Vampire squid thrive on feces and ocean debris” by Jennifer Viegas. (9-26-12)
– Not Exactly Rocket Science (blog), “The vampire squid is a garbage-eater that collects raining rubbish with living fishing lines” by Ed Yong. (9-26-12)
– Science News, “Vampire squid no Gordon Gekko” by Susan Milius. (9-26-12)
– Wired Science and Wired UK, “How the vampire squid eats its prey” by Liat Clark. (9-26-12)
– Live Science, “Vampire squid does not eat live prey; just corpses and faeces” by Stephanie Pappas. (9-26-12) [also carried by Huffington Post, NBC News, and CBS News, and Fox News]
– Forex News, “Vampire Squid Eats Feces” by John Cocchiola. (9-26-12)
– Santa Cruz Sentinel, “MBARI researchers discover diet of vampire squid” by Rina Shaikh-Lesko. (9-27-12)
– National Geographic News, “In Pictures: Vampire squid’s surprising diet revealed” by James Owen. (9-29-12)
– New York Times, “When it needs to feast, vampire squid is a softy” by William J. Broad. (10-1-12)
– Nature, “Research Highlights – Feeding habits of the vampire squid”. (10-4-12)
Sept 11 Water world [based on USC Press Release], “Scientists to deploy high-tech amada to monitor urban wastewater”.
Sept 6 Cosmos, “Pigbutt worm” by Oliver Chan and Becky Crew.
Sept National Geographic, “Life on a mount” [Photo gallery for article on seamounts by Gregory S. Stone
Aug 23 MBARI news story:
First live observations of a rare deep-sea anglerfish

– Discovery News, Seussian red fish-blue fish filmed by Natali Anderson. (8-29-12)
– United Press International, Rare, elusive marine fish observed. (8-28-12)
– BBC Nature News, First footage of rare anglerfish by Ella Davies. (8-28-12)
– National Geographic News, Rare deep-sea anglerfish recorded by Ker Than. (8-23-12)
Aug 1 Daily Mail, “A handy way to escape: The squid that simply leaves its arms behind when it flees” by Eddie Wrenn.
Aug 1 Not exactly rocket science (Discovery science blog), “Deep-sea squid can break off all its arms onto an enemy” by Ed Yong.
Aug Physics Today
“Catching a submarine volcano in the act” by Mark Wilson.
Aug Science Notes 2012
Where fire meets the sea” by Tanya Lewis.
Mysterious tides” by Marissa Fessenden.
July 27 ScienceNOW, “Disarming deep-sea tactics” by Amy West. [Also carried by San Francisco Chronicle]
July 27 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Watsonville teens tackle environmental studies: Monterey Bay Aquarium and PVUSD partner to offer ‘rare’ course” by Donna Jones.
July 23 Monterey County Weekly, “MBARI open house draws visitors from around the Central Coast” by Kathleen Seccombe.
July 23 Ars Technica, “A glimpse into the cutting edge of marine biology research” by Megan Geuss.
July 21 Monterey Herald, “New depths of sea studies at Monterey Bay research institute” by Dennis Taylor.
July 18 San Jose Mercury, “Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute turns 25 at the cutting edge of ocean exploration” by Paul Rogers.
June 29 BBC News, “Bone-eating ‘zombie’ worms drill with acid” by Ella Davies.
June 26 Nature – Climate Change, “Underwater aquarium” by Zoë Corbyn.
June 22 QUEST, “From Alvin to robots: deep changes in ocean science” by Amy Standen.
June 20 PBS stations nationwide, “Inside nature’s giants – giant squid”.
June 11 Our Amazing Planet, “Manned Chinese submersible to seek diving depth record” by Andrea Mustain. [Carried by MSNBC]
June 11 Access Monterey Peninsula [Public-access TV station], “Your Sanctuary – Underwater Research“.
June 10 Our Amazing Planet, “Volcano warned scientists months ahead of deep-sea eruption. ” by Charles Q. Choi. [Carried on MSNBC and MotherNatureNews, among others]
June 6 RedOrbit, “Scientists use ‘lab-in-a-box’ to study coral reefs ” by Rob Jordan [Reprinted from Stanford news release.]
May 25 Wired News, “How to discover deep-sea hydrothermal Vents” by Jeffrey Marlow.
May 24 PhysOrg, “Robot monitors toxic red tides” by Peter Gwynne. [Reprinted from Woods Hole news release]
May 23 National Geographic News, “New volcanic sea vents, crawling with creatures” by Ker Than.
May 17 Our Amazing Planet, “Newly discovered seafloor ‘chimneys’ teem with life” by Andrea Mustain.
May 14 Huffington Post, “Virtual exploration, virtually everywhere” by Jim Bell.
May 10 WTSP (CBS TV – Tampa), “Deepstaria Enigmatica Jellyfish caught on camera near the United Kingdom”.
[See also: MBARI YouTube Video on Deepstaria and its relatives
NPR-“Why is that undulating blob of flesh inspecting my oil rig?
BoingBoing-“Video of cool undersea jelly blob
Fox News—”Giant, pulsing sea blob identified“;
Metro Canada—”Scientist confirms identity of ‘underwater blob’“]
May 10 Monterey Herald, “SpectorDance plans a send-off performance for ‘Ocean,’ which will be performed at the Smithsonian in June” by Mike Hale.
May 8 KQED – QUEST program, “Exploring corals of the deep” by Sheraz Sadiq.
May 7 Boston Globe, “Device may help forecast outbreaks of red tide” by Lindsey Hoshaw.
May 2 Nelson Mail, “Super water sampler all go” by Bill Moore.
May 1 TVNZ (New Zealand national TV network), “Water quality tested with new technology”.
May/June New Zealand Aquaculture, “Counting our marine bacteria” [PDF file] by Dorothy-Jean McCoubrey.
May Standards New Zealand, “Ocean observation–monitoring technology comes to New Zealand”
Apr 27 MSNBC, “Diablo Canyon nuclear plant in California knocked offline by jellyfish-like creature called salp” by James Eng.
Apr 25 New Scientist, “Mini labs reveal sea life’s secrets” by Justin Mullins.
Apr 12 Our Amazing Planet, “Cameron’s dive stirs push for future deep-sea exploration” by Andrea Mustain.
Mar 27 MSNBC – Our Amazing Planet, “Deep-sea scientists cheer Cameron’s historic dive” by Andrea Mustain. [Also carried by Discovery News, Mother Nature Network, and]
Mar 21 KSL-TV, “Why do some organisms glow?
Mar 21 The Daily Beast, “Creatures of the Deep: What James Cameron’s ‘Deepsea Challenger’ may encounter“.
Mar 5 Cosmos magazine, “Factfile – Barreleye fish” by Gillian Shaw and Katie Silver.
March National Geographic, “Squid Sex” by Johnna Rizzo.
Feb 12 Salinas Californian, “The U.S.S. Macon’s fateful flight” by Andy Stiny.
Feb 9 Monterey Weekly, “Blue gold – Feds look to the ocean for clean energy as scientists debate wave power potential” by Kera Abraham.
Feb 6 BBC Nature, “In pictures: Glowing deep sea discoveries“.
Feb 2 I, Science, “Exploring the deep” by Juan Casasbuenas.
Feb 2 Cosmic Log (MSNBC), “Scientific visions that take the prize” by Alan Boyle.
Feb 2 Green [New York Times environmental blog], “Evidence for jellyfish invasion is lacking, study says” by Joanna Foster.
Feb 1 Nature, “Marine ecology: Attack of the blobs” by Mark Schrope.
Jan 29 Monterey Herald, “Oxygen-starved waters” by Amy E. West.
Jan 23 Wired Science – Laelaps (blog), “Glow, little shrimp, glow” by Brian Switek.
Jan 17 Inside Science, “Surfboard-sized drones crossing Pacific to monitor sea surface” by Joel N. Shurkin.
Jan 13 ScienceLine, “Forecasting an eruption—Undersea volcano blows earlier than geologists predicted” by Ashley Taylor.
Jan 10 Unmanned Systems – Mission Critical, “UUVs and the brimstone below” [Interview with Dave Clague on MBARI mapping AUV].
Jan Robotic Trends, “Run Silent, Run Deep, Run Solo” by John Edwards.