MBARI in the news – 2011

Dec 29 Monterey Weekly, “SpectorDance’s Ocean brings dance and science to classrooms and the stage” by Jessica Lyons Hardcastle.
Dec 24 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Santa Cruz women surf over gender barriers on waves and in the lab” by Marissa Fessenden.
Dec 8 KGO-TV (San Francisco), “Climate-adapting squid has scientists thrilled, puzzled” by Jennifer Olney.
Dec 2 Nature News, “Yeti crab grows its own food” by Ed Yong.
Nov 21 KGO-TV (San Francisco), “Dropping ocean oxygen levels concern scientists” by Jennifer Olney.
Nov 17 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “UC Santa Cruz scientists lead team deploying robots to forecast toxic algae blooms” by Marissa Fessenden.
Nov 15 Live Science, “Newly Discovered ‘Alien’ Sea Worms Ride the Current” by Stephanie Pappas.
Nov BBC Focus, “Antarctic on the move” by David Adam.
Oct 13 Maclean’s, “Attack of the Jellyfish” by Kate Lunau.
Oct 13 Monterey Weekly, “Moss Landing’s development diversity makes it an economic survivor” by Kera Abraham.
Oct 10 Chemical and Engineering News, “Sniffing for sea nines” by Jeffrey M. Perkel.
Oct 1 BayNature, “A container caper in Monterey Bay” by Aleta George.
Sept 29 Our Amazing Planet, “Earth’s Final Frontier: Mysteries of the Deep Sea” by Andrea Mustain. [Also carried by MSNBC]
Sept 22 Nature, “Nitrogen pollution disrupts Pacific Ocean” by Susan Moran.
Sept 20 MBARI News brief:
Increasing the odds of squid reproduction in the deep sea

– New York Times, “Amorous squid seeks partner: any sex will do” by Jim Gorman. (9-21-11)
– Los Angeles Times, “Deep-sea squid finds way to maximize mating success” by Deborah Netburn. (9-22-11)
– Live Science, “To Sex-starved squid in the dark, either gender will do” by Stephanie Pappas. (9-20-11) [Carried on CBS News]
– Cosmos Magazine, “Same-sex squids mate in the dark” by Nicola Temple (9-21-11).
– Australian Broadcasting Company, “Sea squid are same-sex swingers” by Abbie Thomas (9-21-11). [Also covered by Discovery News]
– Agence France-Presse, “Squid sex is a hit-or-mister affair” (9-21-11). [Carried by several papers in Canada, Australia, and Europe]
– BBC News“Light shed on bisexual and promiscuous deep-sea squid” by Rebecca Morelle (9-21-11). [Carried by dozens of web sites and blogs]
– BoingBoing“Bisexual squid, lurking in the deep” by Maggie Koerth-Baker (9-21-11).
– The Guardian, “Male deep-sea squid seeks mate of either sex for fun in the dark” by Ian Sample (9-20-11).
– Science, “Deep-Sea squid mate indiscriminately” by Daniel Strain (9-20-11).
Sept 17 Monterey Herald, “Biology lab in a can” by Lane Wallace.
Sept 17 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Our Ocean Backyard: What happens to containers lost at sea?” by Dan Haifley.
Aug 2 Popular Mechanics, “Underwater UFO? Get Real, Experts Says” by Douglas Main.
July 21 Monterey Weekly, “Slipping containers” by Joel Ede.
July 7 LiveScience, “Jellyfish Invasions force shutdowns at 3 separate nuclear plants ” by Natalie Wolchover. [Also carried by]
July 7 BoingBoing, “Under the sea: Life on a lost shipping container” by Maggie Koerth-Baker.
June 16 Monterey Herald, “Marina’s SpectorDance presents a thought-provoking yet uplifting spring performance this weekend” by Lily Dayton.
June 11 Failure magazine, “The lost container cruise” by Damon Tabor.
June 8 New Times, “Into the drink” [article on lost shipping containers] by Matt Fountain.
June Boys’ Life, “Lighting up the ocean” by Laura Daily. [includes video piece, “Cool-looking undersea creatures“]
May 30 Discovery Channel Canada, “Daily Planet – Lost shipping containers”
May 20 PBS News Hour, “‘Lab in a Can’ Puts Underwater Worlds in Closer Reach ” [Video produced as part of National Science Foundation “Science Nation” series]
May 14 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Ocean’s food chain: Overfishing not just an issue for big fish” by Sascha Zubryd.
[Also carried by the Monterey Herald, Olympian, Kansas City Star, and Mississippi SunHerald]
May 11 MBARI News release:
Antarctic icebergs help the ocean take up carbon dioxide

– United Press International (UPI), “Icebergs help oceans take up carbon” (5-11-11)
– Live Science, “Icebergs Feed Ocean Life” by Wynne Parry (5-13-11) [story also carried by Yahoo News]
– Science News, “Melting icebergs fertilize ocean” by Janet Raloff (5-16-11)
[story also carried by US News and World Report and Discovery Channel News]
– Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), “Icebergs ‘fertilise’ the Southern Ocean” (5-18-11)
– Toronto Star, “Melting Antarctic icebergs fight back against global warming” (5-20-11) by Kenyon Wallace
– Science News for Kids, “Life beneath the ‘berg” by By Stephen Ornes (6-1-11)
– Release also covered by radio station KSCO and several dozen news aggregation web sites.
May 5 Monterey Weekly, “Tidal creativity” by Jessica Lyons.
May 2 Nature News, “Seafloor probe taps methane reservoir” by Nicola Jones.
Apr 21 Practical Fishkeeping, “Weird fish of the week: Barreleye”
Apr 16 Wild X Files (National Geographic TV), “Alien squid invasion
Apr 8 Nelson Mail (New Zealand), “Buoy to boost scientific knowledge” by Bill Moore.
Apr 6 China Daily, “Observation network to monitor East China Sea“.
Apr 6 Los Angeles Times, “With spaceships and airplanes under his belt, Richard Branson turns to submarines” by Mike Reicher and Kurt Streeter.
Apr 5 Associated Press, “Richard Branson plans deep-ocean dives” by Noaki Schwartz [carried by over 200 papers and TV web sites nationwide]
March 7 MBARI News release:
MBARI teams with Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to study effects of shipping containers lost at sea

– The Mid-county post, “Scientists Explore Cargo Container Dropped in Monterey Bay” (4-7-11)
– National Public Radio – All things considered, “Lost, then found: shipping containers on seafloor” by Christopher Joyce (4-1-11) [Broadcast on numerous radio stations nationwide]
– New Hampshire Public Radio, “Word of Mouth” [interview with Andrew Devogelaere] (3-15-11)
– BBC News, “Ship container ‘stepping stone’ risk for alien invaders” by Jason Palmer (3-15-11)
– KSBW-TV, “MBARI explores sunken containers in Monterey Bay” (3-10-11)
– BoingBoing (blog), “What happens to shipping containers lost at sea? ” by Maggie Koerth-Baker. (3-9-11)
– KTVU-TV (San Francisco), “Container trash” (3-9-11) [Also carried on KRXI-Reno]
– San Francisco Chronicle, “In Monterey Bay sanctuary, a look at sunken cargo” by David Perlman. (3-8-11)
– Monterey Herald, “Voyage to sunken shipping container” by Kevin Howe. (3-8-11)
– Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Bay Area team uses robot to search for shipping containers littering ocean floor by Donna Hesterman. (3-8-11) [Also carried in San Jose Mercury, Contra Costa Times, and other regional papers]
– New Scientist blog, “The secret life of a container lost at sea” by Peter Aldhous. (3-8-11)
– KSBW-TV, “Aquarium researchers probe shipping mystery” (3-7-11) [shown on both Morning and Evening News]
Feb 11 Salinas Californian, “Innovative duo delves into the depths” by Dave Nordstrand.
Jan 21 Science, “Killer whales earn their name” by Virginia Morell.
Jan 21 Wired Science, “8 Beautiful Bioluminescent Creatures From the Sea” by Danielle Venton.
Jan 20 MBARI News release:
Newly discovered group of algae live in both fresh water and ocean— may have worldwide distribution

– KION TV, “Local scientists discover new species living in your water. (1-20-11)
– Salinas Californian, “Monterey Bay researchers discover new algae variety” by Susan L. Young. (1-21-11)
– Vancouver Sun, “Canadian-led team finds mysterious new algae species” by Randy Boswell. [Syndicated by PostMedia News and carried by several other newspapers across Canada]. (1-24-11)
Jan 13 San Francisco Chronicle, “Bizarre worms that eat whale skeletons discovered” by Peter Fimrite.