MBARI in the news – 2010

Dec 22 CNET News, ” 2010 Year in Review” by Daniel Terdiman.
Dec 20 New Scientist, “ New Scientist TV – Best of the web, Holiday Edition” by MacGregor Campbell.
Dec 17 Science, “ Aqua Bot” by Lauren Schenkman.
Dec 13 Monterey Herald, ” Counting Catch: Researchers factor in environmental forces to predict fish populations” by Jane Lee.
Dec 6 Discovery News, “ Dead whales foster ocean of life” by Larry O’Hanlon.
Dec 6 Nature News, “ Bone-boring worm once had a taste for birds” by Matt Kaplan.
Nov 1 MBARI News release:
New long-range undersea robot goes the distance

– Nature News, “Underwater robot can follow marine organisms over record distances. (11-1-10) by Sandeep Ravindran
– ANI (Indian news service), “New undersea robot is ‘fast, hovers and carries several instruments’. (11-3-10)
– CNET News, “Long-range undersea robot does its own research. (11-3-10) by Jennifer Guevin
– Popular Science, “New underwater robot pursues biological specimens over long distances. (11-3-10) by Rebecca Boyle
– Gizmag, “Tethys underwater robot takes best of both worlds to go the distance. (11-3-10) by Darren Quick
– Technology Review, “A hybrid underwater robot. (11-8-10) by Brittany Sauser
– 80 beats (Discover magazine blog), “The Life Aquatic & Robotic: New AUV Prepares to Prowl the High Seas. (11-9-10) by Andrew Moseman
Oct 26 National Geographic News, “Robots of the Gulf spill: fishlike subs, smart torpedoes” by Joel K. Bourne.
Oct 21 Salinas Californian, “Monterey Bay researchers use underwater robots to track toxic algae” by Sandeep Ravindran.
Oct 20 Live Science, “Jellyfish Swarms: Menacing or Misunderstood?” by Wynne Parry.
Sept 30 Monterey Herald, “Researchers comb Monterey Bay for ghost fishers” by Jane Lee.
Sept 16 QUEST, “A submarine Grand Canyon offshore Central California” by Brian Romans.
Sept Discoveries and Breakthroughs inside Science, “Submerged In Oil”.
Aug 25 Time, “Stinging Season: Can we learn to love the jellyfish?” by Andrew Marshall.
Aug 24 Washington Post, “Study: Petroleum-eating microbes significantly reduced gulf oil plume” by David Brown [Also carried by the Boston Globe, Seattle Times, and other papers]
Aug 20 U. S. News and World Report, “Most BP oil still pollutes the Gulf, scientists conclude ” by Janet Raloff [article originally appeared in Science News magazine]
Aug 19 News release (MBARI and California Department of Fish and Game):
Sonar images from robotic submersible help officials determine if historic shipwreck poses oil pollution threat

– KPIX-TV (San Francisco), “Sunken WWII Oil Tanker Threatens Calif. Coast. (9-7-10)
– Half Moon Bay Review, “Torpedoed WWII tanker could leak oil. (9-1-10) by Amy Harris
– KSBW-TV (Salinas), “Images may reveal dangers of sunken oil tanker. (8-31-10)
– Santa Barbara Independent, “Could a Sunken WWII Tanker Leak Oil?. (8-27-10) by Pete Hardie
– Associated Press, “WWII tanker may still pose an environmental threat. (8-29-10) by Pete Hardie. [Carried by Huffington Post and at least 200 newspaper and television-station web sites nationwide]
– San Francisco Chronicle, “Oil aboard sunken WWII tanker may pose threat. (8-27-10) by Carl Nolte
– San Luis Obispo Tribune, “Submersible visits wreck off San Luis Obispo County coast to gauge oil peril. (8-21-10) by David Sneed
Aug 19 Ars Technica, “Gulf oil spill plumes big, have staying power” by John Timmer
Aug 19 Scientific American, “Massive oil plume confirmed in Gulf of Mexico” by David Biello
Aug 19 USA Today, “Gulf oil plume extends 21 miles from source” by Dan Vergano [Also carried in Chicago Sun Times and several other Gannett papers.]
Aug 18 Scitable (Nature Publishing education blog), “MBARI’s Steve Haddock on Citizen Science” by Ilona Miko
Aug 11 Nature, “Oceanography: Dead in the water” by Virginia Gewin
Aug 9 CMOP news, “Teachers Get Down to Earth with CMOP Observatory Science
Aug 5 Scientific American, “Gleaning the Gleam: A deep-sea webcam sheds light on bioluminescent ocean life” by Ferris Jabr
August IEEE Spectrom – Industrial Robotics (blog), “Gliders in the Gulf” by Ariel Bleicher
August IEEE Spectrom – Industrial Robotics (blog), “The Gulf Spill’s Lessons for Robotics” by Ariel Bleicher
August Smithsonian, “Jellyfish: The next kings of the sea” by Abigail Tucker
July/Aug Canadian Broadcasting Company, “One Ocean: Mysteries of the Deep and The Changing Sea”
July 22 Monterey Weekly, “Going Deep – Former MBARI president Marcia McNutt is tough cop in BP cleanup. ” by Jessica Lyons
July 18 Honolulu Star Advertiser, “Scientists hope to solve mystery of algae blooms in open ocean” by Helen Altonn
June 23 Ars Technica, “Plankton go deep, ride currents to fetch nutrients” by Casey Johnston
June 23 USA Today, “Not just oil: Methane gas may cause ‘dead zones’ in Gulf” by Elizabeth Weise [Also picked up by United Press International]
June 10 Salinas Californian [Gannett news], “House Democrats fear fossil fuels harming oceans” by Peter Urban
June 8 Christian Science Monitor, “Gulf oil spill: Why is it so hard to stop?” by Peter N. Spotts [Carried by 5 to 10 other media outlets]
May 28 MBARI News release:
MBARI sends underwater robot to study Deepwater Horizon spill

[See also NOAA release: NOAA Research Ship Gordon Gunter Expands Gulf Mission]
– KSBW-TV, “MBARI scientists return from Gulf oil spill” (6-8-10)
– KGO-TV, “Aquarium team helps with oil spill analysis” (6-7-10) by Karina Rusk
– NextGov, “NOAA sends high-tech research ship into Gulf” (6-3-10) by Bob Brewin
– Monterey Herald, “MBARI robotic sub aids in Gulf oil spill” (6-3-10) by Daniel Lopez
– NBC-TV, “Monterey Robot diving deep in Gulf waters” (5-30-10)
– Associated Press, “Gulper and SIPPER among oil spill study tools” (5-29-10) by Janet McConnaughey [Carried in dozens of papers nationwide]
– KCBS-radio, “High-tech help for Gulf of Mexico” (5-29-10) by Betsy Gebhart
– The San Francisco Chronicle, “Monterey Bay Aquarium sub on mission in gulf” (5-29-10) by David Perlman
– The Times-Picayune, “Researchers begin 8-day mission to test for subsurface oil plumes in Gulf” (5-28-10) by Gwen Filosa
– KSBW, “MBARI sends water-collecting tobot to oil spill” (5-28-10)
May 27, “NOAA research vessel Gordon Gunter tapped for oil spill research mission” by Kaija Wilkinson
May 25 KQED-TV: QUEST, “Amazing jellies” by Gabriela Quirós
May 23 NPR, “Robots provide undersea eyes, hands in Gulf spill” by Yuki Noguchi
May 19 Nature News, “Oceanography: Death and rebirth in the deep” by Jane Qiu
May 11 The Dominion Post (New Zealand), “Expert raises undersea gas fears” by Kiran Chug
May 7 Scientific American, “Gulf oil spill highlights the increasing dependence on deep-sea robots” by Larry Greenemeier
May 4 Business Week, “Underwater robots probe ‘Inner Space’ to plug leaking oil well” by David Wethe
May Discoveries and Breakthroughs inside Science, “Killing our oceans” by David Wethe
Apr 27 National Geographic News Watch, “Life will find a way” by Hans-Dieter Sues
Apr 23 Los Angeles Times, “In the long run, all that ash can be a good thing” by Amina Khan [Carried in several other papers nationwide].
Apr 22 Wired Science, “Sea creatures travel far to colonize after volcanic eruptions” by Jennifer Welsh
Apr 22 Science News, “Paradox of dining in deep, wet mud” By Susan Milius
Apr 22 News Release by National Research Council:
CO2 emissions causing ocean acidification to progress at unprecedented rate
[See also James Barry’s Testimony to US Senate Committe on Science, Commerce, and Transportation]
– Sydney Morning Herald, “Acid rise in oceans threat to food chain” (4-24-10) by Lauren Morello
– Top News, “Acidic levels in ocean increasing at incomparable rate, says report” (4-23-10) by Medha Sood
– Climate Wire, “CO2-caused acidification causing rapid, major changes” (4-23-10) by Lauren Morello
– Sacramento Bee, “Report: Ocean acidification rising at unprecedented rate” (4-22-10) by Les Blumenthal [Picked up by the Associated Press and on 4-26-10 and carried in at least 20 other papers nationwide]
– Agency Presse France, “‘Avatar’ star Weaver fights for oceans on Earth Day. (4-22-10)
– Talk Radio News Service, “Actress Sigourney Weaver Warns of increasing ocean acidification. (4-22-10)
Apr 19 KTVU-TV (Oakland), “Climate damage confirmed to be serious, extensive”.
Apr 16 San Jose Mercury, “Reduced budgets cause famed research institute to cut back on time at sea” by Paul Rogers [Also carried in about 8 other California papers].
Apr 9 Mid-County Post, “Website Tracks Jellies”.
Mar 27 Monterey Herald, “Conference targets green regulations” by Kathlyn Clore
Mar 23 MBARI News release:
New website tracks jellyfish strandings around the world

– Surprising Science (Smithsonian blog), “Have You Seen a Jellyfish Lately?” (3-25-10) by Sarah Zielinski
– Salinas Californian, “MBARI: Jellyfish sightings in demand” (3-29-10) by Kimber Solana
– Practical Fishkeeping, “New website records jellyfish sightings” (4-22-10) by Nicolette Craig
Mar 16 San Francisco Chronicle, “CO2 study: Plankton fertilization may backfire” by David Perlman
Mar 10 Discovery Channel, “ Is it possible: vampire squid
Mar 3 Discovery Channel, “ Is it possible: bizarre bottom dweller [Barreleye fish]
Mar-Apr American Scientist, “Amplifying with Acid – More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere means a noisier ocean” by Fenella Saunders
Mar Discovery Channel magazine, “Weird worms”
Feb 25 News in Tech, “Underwater robot decides what to investigate” by Victoria Gill
Feb 25 Popular Science, “ Autonomous Submarine ‘Bot Plans Experiments, Navigates Without Human Help ” by Clay Dillow
Feb 24 Nature News, “ Underwater robot automates ocean testing ” by Richard A. Lovett
Feb 24 BBC News, “ Ocean robot ‘plans experiments’ ” by Victoria Gill
Feb 21 News and Observer, ” Icebergs melt, and life changes” by Cassie Rodenberg
Feb 16 Monterey Herald, “Dirigible makes historic registry” by Jim Johnson
Feb 16 Register-Pajaronian, “Airship crash site declared historic” by Todd Guild
Feb 15 Salinas Californian, “What’s up with Monterey Bay’s Humboldt squid invasion?” by Kimber Solana
Feb 2 Los Angeles Times, “Jumbo squid ink-jet their way to Newport Beach” by Amina Khan [See also: “Diving into squid territory” (L.A. Times: 2/13/10, by Lori Kozlowski]
Jan 31 Birmingham Science News Examiner, “Methane hydrate energy bonanza for Alabama ” by Paul Hamaker
[See also National Academy of Sciences News Release: Natural gas supplies could be augmented with methane hydrate]
Jan 26 MBARI News release:
Understanding human threats to the Earth’s largest habitat—the deep sea

– Monterey Herald, “Deep ocean teeming with trash. (1-30-10)
– National Geographic News, “Vampire squid turns “inside out”. (2-3-10)
– Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Scientists find increasing levels of debris in the deep sea. (2-3-10) by Jane Palmer
– Huffington Post, “Vampire squid threatened by human activity. (2-16-10) by Daniel Strain
– Salinas Californian, “Monterey Bay scientist seeks to protect the deep. (2-20-10) by Daniel Strain
Jan 1 Hawaii Public Radio, “Carbon Dioxide Changes Ocean Acoustics” by Ben Markus