MBARI in the news – 2009

Dec 28 New York Times, “More carbon dioxide may create a racket in the seas” by Henry Fountain
Dec 28 Florida Today, “Feds may extend right whale habitat off Brevard” by Jim Wayner
Dec 25 Contra Costa Times, “Enter the sea: Plans to handle ocean rise locally are just beginning to advance” by John Driscoll
Dec 24 ScienceNow, “Slideshow: Deep-sea spiders have a snack” by Janelle Weaver
[See also: “Leggy Predator” in Jan 7, 2010 issue of Science Magazine]
Dec 22 Oceanus, “Should we inject carbon dioxide into the deep ocean?” by Kate Madin
Dec 21 Honolulu Star Bulletin, “Deep-sea eruption ‘amazing'” by Helen Altonn
Dec 19, “Squid invasions signal changes in the Pacific Ocean” by Moises Velasquez-Manoff
Dec 18 Nature News, “Shaping US Geology” [Interview with Marcia McNutt] by Rex Dalton
Dec 18 Associated Press, “Acid oceans: the ‘evil twin’ of climate change” by John Heilprin [Carried on the web sites of over 170 newspapers and TV stations nationwide]
Dec 15 Popular Mechanics, “New Underwater Explorers Go Where Scientists Can’t” by Amber Angelle
Dec 10 Monterey County Weekly, “Marcia McNutt on her move to the U.S. Geological Service, and California’s role in the climate debate.” by Mark C. Anderson
See also: Central Coast delegation floats ocean science to the Denmark climate talks.
Dec 8 New York Times (The Opinionator Blog), “A wild celebration” by Olivia Judson
Nov 24 Monterey Herald, “Scientists study tiny creatures to measure sea changes” by Jane Palmer
Nov 11 The Guardian (UK), “ Beneath the waves – the future of carbon capture and storage” by David Adam.
Nov 11 ABC Science (Australian Broadcasting Company), “ Oceans face acid test” by Sara Phillips.
Nov 10 News release:
A motley collection of boneworms

[See also The bizarre lives of bone-eating worms from BMC Biology]
– National Geographic News, “Bone-worm pictures: Whale-Eaters Surprise Scientists (12-3-09) by Matt Kaplan
– Fox News (from Live Science newswire), “Strange, deep-sea worms discovered eating dead whales (11-17-09) by Rachael Rettner
– Science News, “Slideshow: A cavalcade of boneworms (11-13-09) by Virginia Morell
– Nature – The Great Beyond blog, “Tracing bone-eating deep sea worms back through time (11-11-09)
– Discover online, “Are gross, whalebone-eating worms actually older than whales? (11-11-09)
– Wired online, “World’s freakiest worm gets expanded family tree (11-10-09) by Brandon Keim.
Nov 4 KSBW-TV (Salinas), “MBARI Announces New President”
Nov 2 News release:
Deep-sea ecosystems affected by climate change

[See also Climate variability impacts the deep sea from the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (UK)]
– Cosmos, “Climate change damaging the deep sea” (11-17-09) by Holly Hight
– NewsPost Online, “Deep-sea ecosystems could be vulnerable to effects of global warming” (11-7-09)
– CORDIS News, “Deep-ocean ecosystems in the stranglehold of climate change” (11-6-09)
– United Press International, “Global warning could affect the oceans” (11-5-09)
Nov Audubon, ” Fall guys” by Amanda Leigh Mascarelli.
[See also Audubon’s on-line slide show of whale-fall animals]
Nov Sea Technology, “New rover collects data on deepsea organisms”
Oct 26 Huliq (blog), “ Oil Slimed Birds are Appearing off the Coast of Oregon” by Shelby Bateson.
Oct 22 News release:
MBARI President and CEO Marcia McNutt to lead U.S. Geological Survey

– Associated Press, “Monterey Aquarium’s McNutt new USGS director” (10-24-09) [Carried on web sites of at least 20 newspapers and TV stations nationwide]
– Monterey Herald, “Former MBARI president Marcia McNutt confirmed as head of USGS” (10-23-09) by Kevin Howe
– New York Times, “Senate Confirms Nominees for Interior, DOE” (10-22-09) by Noelle Straub (GreenWire)
Oct 17 Monterey Herald, “ Measuring quakes, deep in sea canyon” by Jane Palmer
Oct 11 Science Insider (AAAS blog), ” Congress goes easy on two science agency nominees” by Jeffrey Mervis
See also: Senate confirmation hearing for Marcia McNutt to be USGS director (Geological Society of America – policy news)
Oct 8 Monterey Herald, “ Researchers explore deep-sea life” by Gwyneth Dickey
Oct 7, “ NASA conducts airborne acience aboard Zeppelin airship
Sept 23 Wired News, “ 9 environmental boundaries we don’t want to cross” by Brandon Keim
Sept 21 California Academy of Science news release:
New species of ghostshark from California and Baja California

– Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Scientists discover new species of ghost shark off Southern California” (10-04-09) by Lily Dayton
–, “The Great Beyond blog – Ghostly shark no longer dead to science” (8-23-09) by Lucas Laursen
– Wired News, “Freaky new ghostshark ID’d off California coast” (9-22-09) by Alexis Madrigal
Sept 14 The California Report (NPR), “ Chemical weapons at sea” by Carrie Lozano
Sept 9 News release:
New robot travels across the seafloor to monitor the impact of climate change on deep-sea ecosystems

– Salinas Californian, “Robot searches Monterey Bay seafloor for climate change clues. (10-3-09) by Tia Ghose
– New Hampshire Public Radio, “Undersea robot.” (9-16-09) by Virginia Prescott
– Wired News, “Deep-Sea Robot Roves the Unexplored Ocean Depths. (9-11-09) by Hadley Leggett [Also carried by Reuters]
– Scientific American online, “Deep-Sea Robot Roves the Unexplored Ocean Depths. (9-11-09) by Larry Greenemeier
– KSBW – TV, “Rover gives new perspective of ocean’s abyss. (9-9-09)
[Release also carried verbatim by about 20 science web sites worldwide, including Astrobiology Magazine and The Engineer]
Sept 2 Halfmoon Bay Review, “ Scientists examine wave of red tides” by Greg Thomas
Sept The Scientist, “Mini-mass spec” by Margaret Guthrie
Sept, ” Galleries – 10 animals with terrible table manners” by Jeremy Jacquot
Aug 31 The California Report, “Data on climate change, gliding on a wave” by Thayer Walker with Nathanael Johnson
Aug 20 Scripps Institution of Oceanography news release:
Scientists discover bioluminescent ‘green bombers’ from the deep sea

[See also: New species of deep-sea worms release glowing “bombs”
– New York Times, “New Find in the Pacific: Worms With Glow Sticks” (8-20-09) by Henry Fountain
– ScienceNow, “The prettiest bomb you ever did see” (8-20-09) by Elizabeth Pennisi
Aug 17 National Public Radio, “Acid in the oceans: A growing threat to sea life” by Richard Harris
Aug 9 National Geographic Television, “Drain the Ocean”
Aug 8 Science and the Sea (Radio program), “Macropinna” by Damond Benningfield
Aug 6, “Scientists study deep-sea “ice” off Barkley Sound” by Sarah Douziech
August National Geographyic, “Eyes that Surprise”
August National Wildlife magazine, “Feeling the Sting” by Laura Tangley
July 15, “Project Trident: Microsoft’s look ahead to science future” by Nick Eaton
July 9 US Government news releases:

– Science, “McNutt Named to Lead U.S. Geological Survey” (7-17-09) by Richard A. Kerr
– Nature News,
Obama names next head of US Geological Survey (7-15-09)
– Physics Today,
“McNutt to run US Geological Survey” (7-14-09) by Paul Guinnessy
– AAAS Science Insider,
“McNutt Named to Lead U.S. Geological Survey” (7-10-09) by Jeffrey Mervis
– San Francisco Chronicle,
Obama taps Californians for parks, geology jobs (7-11-09) by David Perlman
Marcia McNutt to head USGS (7-10-09) by Karina Rusk
– San Jose Mercury,
Obama nominates Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute CEO to run USGS (7-9-09) by Paul Rogers

July 8 Monterey County Weekly, “Silver waves of sardines overtake Wharf Two” by Kera Abraham
June 15 Astrobiology Magazine, “Sphere” by Henry Bortman
June 8 KSBW (TV), “World Oceans Day gets street cred with UN”
June Terrain magazine, “For all the fish–so long?” by Erik Simons
May 20 Inside Science News Service, “Jumbo Squid Attack the West Coast” by Devin Powell
May 16 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Protecting life on an undersea volcano” by Dan Haifley
May 6 Greentech Media, “Report: Iron-Fed Plankton Slow to Remove CO2” by Ucilia Wang
[see also: News release from Laurence Berkeley Laboratories—Ocean Carbon: A Dent in the Iron Hypothesis]
Apr 17 News release:
Increasing carbon dioxide and decreasing oxygen in the oceans will make it harder for deep-sea animals to “breathe”

– Digital Journal, “Study says dead zones in the ocean could expand significantly” by Bob Ewing (4-18-09)
– Monterey County Weekely, “New MBARI report suggests rising CO2 levels are making it harder for marine animals to breathe” by Kera Abraham (4-17-09)
– Mother Jones – Blue Marble blog, “THE OVERDOSE: Three parts dead zone, one part mercury, sprig of carbon capture” by Julia Whitty (4-17-09)
Apr 9 Concurrent news releases:

– Santa Cruz Sentinel, DNA map for microscopic marine algae may help decode climate change” (4-24-09) by John C. Cannon
– Cordis News,
Green genes provide insights into climate change” (4-14-09)
– Agence France-Presse,
Algae genomes key to regulating carbon emissions: study” (4-9-09) [Carried in about two dozen media outlets across the US and overseas]
– San Francisco Chronicle,
Decoded algae could aid biufuel, climate work” by David Perlman (4-9-09)
– Scientific American (60-Second Science – blog),
“Understanding photosynthesis by sequencing algae genome” by David Biello (4-9-09)
– Lowestoft Journal (England),
Ocean organism key to climate change” (4-9-09)

Mar 30 Chemical and Engineering news, “Lying in wait—Researchers help US Army search for munitions dumped at sea” by Rochelle Bohaty
Mar 29 Sunday Morning (CBS TV), “The exploding squid population
Mar 18 Concurrent web story and news releases on the installation of MOBB Seismometer (UC Berkeley) and DEIMOS instrument (University of Washington) on the MARS observatory:
– QUEST, “Underwater update” by Rachel Zurer
– San Francisco Chronicle, “Scientists place permanent sensors on sea bed“. by David Perlman (3-20-98)
Mar 13 Popular Science, “Into the blue” by Mark Schrope
Mar 11 National Geographic Channel [“Naked Science” program], “The death of the Earth”
Mar 10 Palm Beach Post, “Eye in the Sea reveals mysterious life on the sea floor” by Kim Miller
Mar 9 Good Times Santa Cruz, “Red tide slimes Monterey birds” by Amy Coombs
Mar 6 CBS-News, “Giant Humboldt squid invade the California coast”
[Carried in at least 6 CBS affiliates in the US and New Zealand; see also “Giant squid expanding their dominance of the eastern Pacific”
Mar 3 Ars Technica, “Mistaken identity – phantom oil spills may be red tide foam” by Amy Coombs
Mar 3 Boca Raton News, “Tune in continuous broadcast from 2,600 feet beneath the sea” by Dale King
Mar 2 Fox News, “Fertilize the ocean” [on YouTube]
March BBC radio, “Oceans: What lies beneath” [Programs 1 and 2 feature interviews with MBARI scientists]
Feb 23 News release:
Researchers solve mystery of deep-sea fish with tubular eyes and transparent head

– Natural History Magazine, “Tube viewing” by Stéphan Reebs (May-09)
– Scholastic, “Funky-looking fish” by Laura Leigh Davidson (3-3-09)
– San Francisco Chronicle, “Fish pivots tubular eyes to scan for food” by David Perlman (2-27-09)
– Science News, “Fish evolves natural windshield” by Susan Milius (2-26-09)
– Cosmos, “Odd fish looks up through transparent head” by Gillian Shaw (2-26-09)
– MSNBC, “Crazy See-through fish wows scientists” by Caitlin Millat (2-25-09)
– Popular Science, “Totally Tubular” Brooke Borel (2-25-09)
– The Huffinton Post, “Barreleye with transparent head caught in photos“. (2-24-09)
– The Telegraph (London), “Fish has transparent head“. (2-24-09)
– US News and World Report (Live Science feed), “Strange Fish Has See-Through Head” (2-23-09)
– KCBA (Fox TV), “Mystery of the Barreleye Fish Solved at MBARI”. (2-23-09)
– National Geographic News, “FIRST PHOTOS: Weird Fish With Transparent Head“. (2-23-09)
Feb 23 Chemical and Engineering News, “Off-Balance Ocean” by Rachel Petkewich
Feb 11 News release:
Seamounts may serve as refuges for deep-sea animals that struggle to survive elsewhere

– Monterey Herald, “Scientists see movement of marine species“. (2-19-98)
– Conservation Magazine, “A seamount a dozen”. (2-15-98)
[Release also carried verbatim by over 11 science web sites in the US, Canada, Thailand, Switzerland, India, and Bulgaria.]
Feb 11 Gourmet, “Sleuthing Squid Ink” by Charles Kelsey
Feb 9 The History Channel, “How the Earth was Made” [Includes interviews with Charlie Paull and Marcia McNutt]
Feb 6 Pacific Sun, “It came from beneath the sea–Does Marin really share its marine sanctuary with an extinct volcano?” by Joy Lanzendorfer
Feb 5 Associated Press, “1st deep sea observatory looks at climate change” by Jason Dearen [Carried by at least 10 papers worldwide]
Feb 2 National Geographic Channel, “Flying Aircraft Carrier” [Dramatization of the story of the USS Macon]
Feb 2 Joint news release with Monterey Bay Aquarium:
Seafood watch, Monterey Bay waters featured with launch of ‘Ocean in Google Earth’

– KION-TV, “Google Goes From the Earth to The Ocean with the Help of The Aquarium” (2-2-98)
– Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Google Ocean allows underwater exploration without the wetsuit” by Michael Torrice (2-2-98)
– San Jose Mercury, “Google unveils software to explore world’s oceans. by Paul Rogers” (2-2-09) [Also carried in over 20 other newspapers nationwide]
Jan 28 Live Science, “Future of the oceans-expanding dead zones” by Andrea Thompson [Also carried by Yahoo News]
Jan 26 CBS-5 (KPIX-TV), “Predator jumbo squid feasting On NorCal fish” by Jeffrey Schaub [Also carried by 9 other CBS affiliate stations)
Jan 22 Wired Science, “Gallery: Robotic Sub Installs Deep Sea Webcam” by Alexis Madrigal
Jan Earth, “Danger in the deep” by Nicole Branan
Jan Audubon, “Life on ice”