MBARI in the news – 2008

Dec 31 Environmental Protection, “Battelle to Make Device that Monitors Oceanic CO2
Dec 21 Science in the Sea (radio program from the University of Texas), “Mars Rover” by Damond Benningfield
Dec 8 Fox news, “Ocean miracle grow”
Dec 3 Environmental News Service (ENS), “Noisy, acid oceans increasingly harmful to whales”
Dec 3 Associated Press, “Human noise drowns out song of whales” by Ariel David [Appeared on web sites of over 30 newspapers, magazines, and TV stations worldwide]
Dec 3 Agence France-Presse, “Greenhouse gases make oceans noisier: UN, wildlife groups” [Appeared in at least 10 newspapers in France an Australia]
Dec EARTH, “Ocean roar grows louder” by Nicole Branan
Dec/Jan MPA News, “Ocean acidification-what it could mean for MPAs”
Nov 27 Nature, “Deeep-ocean observatories take the plunge”
Nov 24 National Geographic News, “Alien-like squid with “elbows” filmed at drilling site” by Kelly Hearn
Nov 19 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration News Release:
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary expanded to include the Davidson Seamount
– Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Undersea mountain finds Sanctuary in Monterey Bay. by Cassandra Brooks” (11-24-08)
– San Francisco Chronicle, “Federal plans for coastal sanctuaries readied. by David Perlman” (11-22-08)
– San Jose Mercury News, “Underwater volcano off Central Coast gets national protection. by Paul Rogers” (11-20-08) [Story carried by at least 9 other bay-area newspapers]
– Watsonville Register-Pajaronian, “New plan to add seamount to Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. by Eric Anderson” (11-18-08)
Nov 18 Christian Science Monitor, “How air imperils the sea” by Gregory M. Lamb
Nov 17 News release:
Deep-sea observatory goes live
– KION TV, “Underwater Sea Lab Studies Ocean Health” (11-25-08) [Also carried on KCBA]
– KQED QUEST, “Underwater Laboratory” (11-24-08)
– Associated Press, “Deep-sea observatory launched off Monterey coast” (11-23-08) [Story carried by at least 14 TV stations and 12 newspapers across California and Nevada]
– Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Deep-sea underwater observatory goes live in Monterey Bay” by Cassandra Brooks (11-23-08)
– Monterey Herald, “Scientists turn to deep-sea siteResearchers ashore connect to observatory 3,000 feet down” (11-19-08)
Nov 16 Not exactly rocket science [blog], “How to tell Wonderpus Joe from Wonderpus Bob” by Ed Yong
Nov 13 Monterey County Weekly, “Is the ocean a victim of global warming?” By Kera Abraham
Oct 21 Live Science, “Research in Action: Red Jellyfish”
Oct 20 New Scientist, “Life in the abyss is no protection from bad weather” By Catherine Brahic
Oct 18 Joint Genome Institute, “Community Faces: Alexandra Z. Worden ” [Video interview]
See also: “A conversation with Alexandra Z. Worden” in the Primer (JGI newsletter – PDF file).
Oct 17 New Scientist, “Ink squirts make squid swim for their lives” By Matt Kaplan
Oct 4 Monterey Herald, “A green idea set in cement” By Lizzie Buchen
Oct 1 Environmental News Service, “Oceans and coasts drive Florida’s economic engine”
Sept 29 News release:
Cranking up the volume Sounds travel farther underwater as world’s oceans become more acidic
– Smithsonian, “Making Waves” (Dec 2008)
– All Things Considered (National Public Radio), “Humans turning up volume in oceans” (11-15-08)
– The Why Files, “Acid ocean = noisy ocean” by David Tenenbaum (11-13-08)
– Christian Science Monitor, “ Warming seas create a massive chemistry experiment” by By Robert C. Cowen (10-16-08) [See also: “CO2 could worsen whales sonar problems” by Eoin O’Carroll (10-9-08)]
– KSBW-TV (Salinas), “Sound has ripple effect on ocean” (10-11-08)
– Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Acidic oceans crank up the volume” by Cassandra Brooks (10-9-08) [Also carried in the San Jose Mercury and the Monterey Herald.]
– Los Angeles Times, “A fourth of world’s mammals in peril” by Kenneth R. Weiss (10-7-08)
– Washington Post, “Survey finds “bleak picture’ for world’s mammals” by Juliet Eilperin (10-6-08) [Also carried in at least 10 other newspapers, including the the Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, and Honolulu Advertiser]
– US News and World Report, “Pollution makes oceans noisier” by Andrea Thompson–Live Science (10-3-08)
– United Press International, “Acidic oceans boost distance sound travels” (10-2-08)
– National Geographic News, “Noisier oceans may be “disaster” for marine animals” by Richard A. Lovett (10-2-08)
– Popular Science, “pH Down, Noise Up” by Laurie J. Schmidt (10-1-08)
– Mother Jones (Blue Marble blog), “Acid oceans also noisier” by Julia Whitty (10-1-08)
– KION-TV (Salinas), “New MBARI research published” (9-30-08)
– ScienceNOW, “Acidic oceans getting noisy too” by Phil Berardelli (9-30-08)
– CBC News (Canada), “Noisy oceans a surprising result of rising CO2: scientists” (9-30-08)
– Discovery News, “Ocean Acidification turns up the volume” by Jessica Marshall, (9-30-08) [Also carried on MSNBC]
– New Scientist, “Acidic oceans will crank up sea sounds” by Catherine Brahic (9-25-08)
Sept 27 Los Angeles Times, “Monterey Bay marine sanctuary to soon include large undersea mountain” by Kenneth R. Weiss
Sept 7 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Strange creatures of the deep” by Dan Haifley
Aug 30 Saipan Tribune, “Report: Monument waters under threat” by Stefan Sebastian
Aug 27 Environmental Science and Technology, “Gas hydrates on the front burner” by Janet Pelley
Aug 26 San Francisco Chronicle, “Krill rebound – key link in ocean food chain” by David Perlman
Aug 14 Today Show (NBC-TV), “The Sting: Why so Many Jellyfish?” (includes interview with Bruce Robison)
Aug 11 KQED – Quest, “Acidic Seas” by Lauren Sommer. (See Slide show on same story)
Aug 4 History Channel – Evolve, “Guts” (Includes interviews with Robert Vrijenhoek on Osedax worms)
July/Aug Energy Times, “Acidic oceans” by Patrick Dougherty
July 23 Metro Santa Cruz, “Chill Factor” by Steve Hahn
July 15 Richmond Times Dispatch, “Fireflies are not alone in ability to produce light” by Walter R.T. Witschey
July 6 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Our Ocean Backyard: Seas go high-tech and deliver valuable info” by Gary Griggs
July 1 Los Angeles Times, “Finding “Yeti” and other creatures in the sea” by Kenneth Weiss
June 25 New Scientist, “Arctic volcanoes exploded at ‘impossible’ depth” by Jeff Hecht
June 19 San Diego Union-Tribune, “At sea without a paddle” by Peter Rowe
June 17 National Geographic News, “Sea lion seizures may result from toxic algae” by Anne Minard
June 3 Nature News, “UN decision puts brakes on ocean fertilization” by Jeff Tollefson
May 27 The 2008 SciCom Interviews, “Peter Brewer” by Jane Liaw
May 20 Media advisory:
Scientists and decision makers discuss the fate of the ocean
– Monterey Herald, “Policy’s pathway to funding.” by Kevin Howe (5-29-08)
– KION-TV, “Ocean experts meet to discuss ocean changes.” (5-29-08)
[The Ocean Science Summit conference was also covered by radio station KSCO and TV station KCBA.]
May 2 Los Angeles Times, “Oxygen-poor ocean zones are growing” by Kenneth R. Weiss
See also: “Threatening marine life, oxygen-poor ocean zones grow” by Francisco Vara-Orta
Apr 25 Eco Cities 2008 (conference video), “Marcia McNutt Speaks
Apr 17 Monterey County Weekly, “Iron Laden” by Kera Abraham
Apr 1 UC Berkeley Press Release: Octopus sex more sophisticated than arm-wrestling. See also MBARI feature story: Octopus mating games
– San Francisco Chronicle, “Octopus sex is more complex than you’d think” by Patricia Yollin (4-16-08)
– Monterey Herald, “Monterey researcher reveals the sex life of octopi“by Rachel Tompa (4-12-08) (Also carried by Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Jose Mercury, and other regional papers)
– National Public Radio, “The Erotic Lives of Octopuses” (4-10-08)
– Daily Californian, “Love a Complicated Ritual for Amorous Octopuses” by Tim Dunn (4/7/08)
– Daily Planet (Discovery Channel Canada), “Octopus Love” (4/2/08)
– Reuters, “Love in the octopus’ garden” by Maggie Fox (4/2/08)
Mar 26 Metro Santa Cruz, “Map Quest–A scientist from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute calls for more study of sites off the Central Coast where tons of chemical weapons were dumped.” by Steve Hahn
Mar 22 New Scientist, “Dumped chemical weapons missing at sea
Feb 16 Monterey Herald, “Uncle, nephew help create next gen of submersibles” by Rachel Tompa
See also: Ocean Studies math, science internships for MAOS students by Rachel Tompa.
Feb 15 Ars Technica, “AAAS: That other carbon problem, ocean acidification” by John Timmer
Feb 15 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Santa Cruz man’s body found floating seven miles off Moss Landing” by Julie Copeland
Feb 13 Monterey Herald, “Monterey Bay science vessel runs into rocks in Mexico” by Larry Parsons
Feb 2 Salt Lake Tribune, “Carbon dioxide could saturate seas first, kill plant life that supplies oxygen” by Brian Maffly
Feb Environmental News Trust, “Assignment EarthJellyfish Bloom” [Broadcast on assorted PBS stations]
Jan 28 Deseret Morning News, “Warming disaster for seas” by Joe Bauman
Jan 24 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Whale fossil found at Ao Nuevo Island reveals its secrets” by Amber Dance
Jan 19 New Scientist, “Critter cams’ reveal animal secrets” by Bob Holmes.
Jan 9 News release:
Stanford, Aquarium, and MBARI launch new center to tackle global threats to oceans
– Los Angeles Times, “New center to focus on solving ocean problems.” by Kenneth R. Weiss (1-10-08) [Also carried in the Salinas Californian
– San Jose Mercury, “Ocean focus of new think tank.” by Julie Sevrens Lyons (1-10-08) [Also carried in the Contra Costa Times and Inside Bay Area]
– Monterey Herald, “Institutions form alliance to protect oceans.” by Rachel Tompa (1-10-08)
– San Francisco Chronicle, “$25 million to create new marine center.” by Jane Kay (1-10-08)
– Associated Press, “$25 million given for ocean research.“(1-10-08) [Carried by half a dozen regional newspapers and TV stations]
– Monterey County Weekly, “Sea Change.” by Kera Abraham (1-10-08)
– KGO (ABC TV affiliate, San Francisco), “Monterey foundation set to save oceans.“(1-09-08)
[Additional television coverage on KNTV (NBC Affiliate, San Francisco-Oakland), KTVU (FOX affiliate, San Francisco-Oakland), KION (CBS Affiliate, Monterey-Salinas) and KCBS radio]