MBARI in the news – 2007

Dec 18 New York Times, “Whales Are Tasty, but Bone-Eating Worms Might Not Discriminate” by Henry Fountain
Dec 11 Nature News, “Marine worms chow down on cow bones” by Amanda Haag
Nov 21 Nature, “Marine biology: Lights in the deep” by Mark Schrope
Nov 16 Science, “Oceanography’s third wave” by Robert F. Service
Nov 13 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Red tide hits Santa Cruz” by Tom Ragan
(Story also carried in San Mateo Times, Contra Costa Times, and Valley Times). See also: “Red Tides and big waves” by Leo Maxam
Nov 12 Monterey Herald, “Planktos launches plan to reduce pollution” by Haley Rutger
Nov 5 San Francisco Chronicle, “Jellyfish fossils show light hand of evolution” by David Perlman
Oct 26 Time for Kids, “Deep-sea discoveries” by David Bjerklie
Oct Scientific American, “Oceangoing Iron” by Sourish Basu”
Sept 25 Scholastic News, “Life in the Deep” by Abigail Robinson
Sept 15 New Scientist, “A drop in the ocean” by Emma Young
Sept Discover, “Do jellyfish rule the world?” by Thomas Mallon
Aug 27 National Geographic News, “New Undersea Cable Will Link Ocean to Internet” by Anne Casselman
Aug 8 National Geographic Explorer (TV), “Jellyfish Invasion”
July 24 News release:
Humboldt squid on the move
– New York Times, “In California, a mollusk strays and stays for dinner” by Ingfei Chen (7-31-07) [Also carried in the International Herald Tribune]
– Washington Post, “Not a little squirt” by Nils Bruzelius (7-30-07)
– National Geographic News, “California Squid Invasion Threatening “Fish Stick” Species” by Richard A. Lovett (7-27-07)
– Discover Magazine, “Jumbo Squid Invade California Coast” by Eric Bland (7-26-07)
– Associated Press, “Voracious 7-foot long jumbo squid invade California” (7-24-07) [Carried by over 200 print and on-line news outlets across the US and Canada]
– As it happens (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), “Jumbo Squidsplosion” (7-25-07)
– TV news coverage on NBC (3 affiliates), ABC (3 affiliates), KTLA (2 affiliates), CBS (4 affiliates), and Fox News (5 affiliates) (7-25-07)
– KCBS radio, “Giant Humboldt Squid Arrives in Monterey Bay” by Susan Leigh Taylor (7-24-07)
– New Scientist, “California’s attack of the jumbo squid” by Phil McKenna (7-23-07)
– News@Nature, “Jumbo squid invades California” by Ewen Callaway (7-23-07)
– San Jose Mercury, “Invasion of the jumbo squid in Monterey Bay” by Paul Rogers (7-23-07) [Reprinted in about 20 newspapers nationwide, including Oakland Tribune, Monterey Herald, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Detroit Free Press, and Honolulu Advertiser]
July 16 The News Hour (PBS), “Book Showcases Previously Unseen Sea Creatures”
July Popular Mechanics, “Sea Power”
June 21 News release:
Antarctic Icebergs: hotspots of ocean life
– Geotimes, “Icebergs help fertilize the ocean” by Erin Wayman (Sept-07)
– San Diego Union Tribune, “Antarctic icebergs teem with diverse life” by Scott LaFee (8-16-07)
– Time, “Islands of life” by Michael D. Lemonick (7-26-07)
– Science news, “Icebergs can be biological hot spots” by S.P. (7-7-07)
– Washington Post, “Sea life thrives near icebergs” by Christopher Lee (6-25-07) [also carried by about 5 other papers]
– Wired Science, “Icebergs Are Surrounded by a Halo of Life” by Fraser Cain (6-22-07)
– BBC, “Icebergs are ‘ecological hotspot” (6-22-07)
– The Guardian, “Antarctic icebergs may offset carbon emissions” by Hilary Osborne (6-22-07)
– Los Angeles Times, “Proliferating icebergs may ease global warming” by Amber Dance (6-21-07) [also carried by SF Chronicle and about 10 additional papers nationwide]
– Associated Press (in USA Today), “Drifting icebergs house life forms, could help reduce excess carbon” by Randolph E. Schmid (6-21-07) [also carried by Time, CNN, and over 125 other domestic and overseas media outlets]
– National Geographic News, “Antarctic Icebergs Teeming With Life, Study Says” by John Roach (6-21-07)
– Agence France-Presse (in New Scientist), “Antarctic icebergs are ‘ecological hotspots’” by Louis Daly (6-21-07) [carried in at least 6 overseas media]
– United Press International, ” Study: Icebergs create ocean ‘hot spots'” (6-20-07)
June 17 The News-Press (SW Florida), “Underwater device snags data.” by Kevin Lollar
June 13 Monterey Herald, “3,000 dives under the sea.” by Clara Moskowitz
June NASA Tech Briefs, “NASA-funded project investigates deep-sea life
June Geotimess, “Deep-sea observatory launched” by Megan Sever
May 24 National Geographic Wild Adventures (TV), “Whale Attack”
May 17 Monterey Herald, “Algae bloom hits Sanctuary” by Kevin Howe
May 16 New species of sea anemone found on whale carcass
(Ohio State News Release)
– Columbus Dispatch, “A match made at the bottom of the sea” by Gavin Off (5-29-07)
– LiveScience, “New Creature Found Living in Dead Whale” by Robin Lloyd (5-16-07)
– FoxNews, “New Species of Sea Anemone Found Thriving in Whale Carcass” by Robin Lloyd (5-17-07)
May 16 The California Aggie, “Toxic algal blooms kill large numbers of sea animals.” by Chintan Desai
Apr 23 Inkling Magazine, “Q&A: Marcia McNutt” by Megan Mansell Williams
Apr 4 News release:
Cable laid for new deep-sea observatory
See also: NSF News release on MARS cable
– iTwire, “Big advance to deep-sea exploration brought by MARS cable” by William Atkins (4-8-07)
– Xinhua, “Cable laid for U.S. deep-sea observatory” by Xiao Jie (4-7-07) [Story syndicated and carried by newspapers in China, Malaysia, India, and elsewhere in Asia.]
– Associated Press, “32-mile cable installed for deep-sea observatory off Monterey” (4-5-07) [Story syndicated and carried by various California newspapers.]
– United Press International, “Undersea observatory cable installed” (4-5-07) [Story syndicated and carried by at least 6 newspapers worldwide.]
Monterey Herald, “Cable, groundwork laid for deep-sea project” by Kevin Howe (4-5-07)
Apr 2 Astrobiology Magazine, “Taking the Ocean’s Pulse” by Henry Bortman
Mar 30 Disaster news network, “Experts discuss coastal risks” by Heather Moyer
Mar 15 Monterey County Weekly, “Round Worm–A rare find has MBARI scientist enthused”
Mar 9 Ocean observatory cable to be laid in Monterey Bay
(MBARI Media advisory)
– CNN (Associated Press), “Work begins on undersea observatory” (carried in at least 20 other media outlets; (2-13-07)
– San Francisco Chronicle, “Getting closer to the mystery of deep-sea life” by David Perlman (2-13-07)
– Santa Cruz Sentinel, “New ocean observatory to be built 9,000 feet under sea” by Tom Ragan (2-13-07)
– San Jose Mercury, “Plugged in under the sea” by Paul Rogers (2-13-07)
– BBC Science, “Project will cable up ocean floor” by Molly Bentley (2-13-07)
– Monterey Herald, “Deep-sea observatory” by Kevin Howe (2-10-07)
Mar 3 The News-Press (SW Florida), “Sensors to help collect water quality data.” by Kevin Lollar
Feb 15 New species of hagfish found near hydrothermal vent
(MBARI News Brief)
– Monterey Herald, “Hag-ling over deep water fishes” by Karen Ravn (2-27-07)
– Boston Globe, “Hagfish named after discoverer” by Michael Levenson (2-19-07)
– Practical Fishkeeping, “New hagfish caught in hydrothermal vent” by Matt Clarke (2-19-07)
– Cape Cod Times, “Hagfish” by Aaron Gouveia (2-17-07)
– Oceanus, “Would a hagfish by any other name smell as sweet?” by Amy E. Nevala (2-16-07)
–, “Slurp gun used to capture hermaphrodite from hydrothermal vent” (2-15-07)
Feb 13 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Mysterious ‘tar balls’ turn up on beaches” by Ewen Callaway
Feb 13 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Elkhorn Slough plans include major redirection” by Rachel Courtland
Feb 12 News@Nature, “Carbon goes deep” by Olive Heffernan
Feb 5 News release:
Methane bubbling through seafloor creates undersea hills
– New Scientist, “The hills are alive with methane” (2-14-07)
– Monterey Herald, “Hills in the deep sea” and “Anomalies caused by ancient event” by Kevin Howe (2-12-07) [Story syndicated and carried by at least 12 newspapers nationwide.]
– Salon, “Global warming’s pingo problem” (2-9-07)
– United Press International (UPI), “Study: Methane alters ocean floor” (2-7-07) [Carried by at least 8 media outlets]
– ViveleCanada, “Methane hydrates decomposing” (1-29-07)
– Toronto Star, “Belching Arctic gas” by Peter Calamai (1-28-07)
Feb 1 Popular Mechanics, “Robots Are Tougher Than You, Part 1: The Deep Sea” by Daniel H. Wilson
Feb National Geographic, “A task for tentacles” by Jennifer S. Holland
Jan 27 Contra Costa Times, “Animals on the edge” by Betsy Mason
(An abridged version also appeared in the San Jose Mercury and at least half a dozen other papers.)
Jan 26 Science, “Whale worm sperm factories” by Elizabeth Pennisi
Jan 14 San Luis Obispo Tribune, “How global warming will hurt SLO County” by David Sneed
Jan 2 Associated Press, “News briefs from California’s Central Coast”
(Short summary of Jan 1 Herald cable article carried by perhaps 10 papers, including USA Today, the San Jose Mercury, San Diego Union Tribune, and San Luis Obispo Tribune, as well as KSBW-TV)
Jan 1 Monterey Herald, “Power cable beneath the bay” by Sarah Williams
Jan Discover, “The Top 12 Biology Stories of 2006” (see story on Yeti Crab)