MBARI in the news – 2006

Dec 22 Science News, “No-Dad Dragons: Komodos reproduce without males” by Susan Milius
Dec 19 New York Times, “An undersea camera that won’t scare away its subjects” Science Illustrated feature by Frank O’Connel
Dec 19 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “P.V. High students team up with Monterey Bay Aquarium” by Daniel Lopez
Dec 13 The Guardian, “Discovery could lead to mining of solid gas for fuel” by Alok Jha
Dec 12 Kazinform, “Extreme new species discovered by sea-life survey”
Dec 5 The Scientist, “Victoria J. Orphan: Deep Partnerships
Dec 4 Chemical and Engieering News, “Luminous with promise” by Ivan Amato
Nov 22 Daily Herald (Libertyville, IL), “Fascinating sea creatures give researchers much to study” by J. Hope Babowice
Oct 14 San Francisco Chronicle, “Kiss that Hawaiian timeshare goodbye–Scientists say islands will someday vanish” by David Perlman
Oct 6 Science Daily (University of Delaware news release), “Manganese can keep toxic hydrogen sulfide zones in check in aquatic systems
Oct Geotimes , “Flexing plates produce volcanoes” by Carolyn Gramling
Oct DV magazine , “Making waves with HD” by Steve Tomich
Sept/Oct Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists , “Chemical weapons under the sea” by Josh Schollmeyer
Sept 27 NOAA news release (postcruise): Research expedition reveals details of submerged wreck of historic naval airship USS Macon in NOAA Monterey Bay Sanctuary
Science magazine, “Demise of a blimp” (11-3-06)
Stanford Report, “Macon emerges from history’s depths” by Mark Shwartz (10-18-06)
Spiegel Online, “The underwater airship” (10-6-06)
The Christian Science Monitor, “Scientists piece together a US Navy zeppelin’s past” by Peter N. Spotts (10-4-06)
The New York Times, “Studying a navy relic, undisturbed for nearly 60 Years” by John J. Geoghegan III (10-3-06)
The Guardian, “Undersea robot aids mapping of giant US airship” by Terence Chea (9-29-06)
Monterey Herald, “Treasure Trove–Scientists make grand discoveries on USS Macon” by Sarah Williams and Brittany Grayson (9-28-06)
San Jose Mercury News, “A look at the past from under water” by Ken McLaughlin (9-28-06)
Macon Telegraph, “Scientists tell of undersea exploration of USS Macon” by Liz Fabian (9-28-06)
Akron Beacon Journal, “Deep-sea camera explores secrets of Macon crash” by David Giffels(9-28-06)
LiveScience, “New photos reveal 1935 airship at bottom of Pacific Ocean” (9-28-06)
KNBC (NBC-Los Angeles), “Researchers Study Dirigible In Monterey Bay” (9-28-06)
KGO (ABC-SF Bay area), “SS Macon explored 71 years after crash” (9-27-06)
KSBW (NBC-Salinas), “USS Macon Exploration Findings Unveiled” (9-27-06)
Associated Press (carried worldwide), “Researchers map underwater wreckage of Depression-era airship” by Terence Chea (9-27-06)
San Francisco Chronicle, “Macon wreckage images on video– New research into crash off Point Sur in 1935” by Carolyn Jones (9-27-06)
Sept 21 NASA Ames research, “NASA Computer Systems Help Explore Ocean Depths and Beyond
Sept 7 NOAA News release (precruise): Ocean expedition explores submerged wreck of historic naval airship USS Macon in NOAA Monterey Bay Sanctuary
Los Angeles Times, “Peering Into Undersea Grave of 1930s Dirigible” by Steve Chawkins (9-19-06)
Akron Beacon Journal, “’35 crash comes to light” by David Giffels (9-19-06)
ABC News, “Airborne Aircraft Carriers” by Ned Potter (9-18-06)
NBC-11, “U.S. Navy shipwreck expedition under way in Monterey Bay” (9-18-06)
Morning Edition (NPR), “Researchers explore a giant flying machine below” (9-18-06)
San Luis Obispo Tribune, “Local biologists on expedition crew” by Sona Patel (9-17-06)
Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Researchers to explore site of aircraft wreck under sea” by Tom Ragan (9-17-06)
Monterey Herald, “Going in search of the Macon” by Kevin Howe (9-14-06)
KSBW (Salinas TV), “Expedition To Probe Sunken Airship” (9-13-06)
San Jose Mercury News, “Doomed airship to stream on Web” by Mike Swift (9-13-06)
AP Central Coast News Briefs, “A deep sea robot will plunge into the Pacific next week to photograph the gravesite of the U.S. Navy dirigible Macon” (9-13-06)
Sept 4 Honolulu Advertiser, “Hawaiian geology gets an update” by Jan TenBruggencate
Aug 31 Nature, “Sick Seas” by Jacqueline Ruttimann
Aug 23 News release: Schools of undersea robots give oceanographers new eyes and ears in the sea
Talk of the Bay (KUSP), “Avast ye robots!” by Robert Pollie (9-18-06)
Daily Planet (Discovery Channel Canada), “Robo-fleet dives into action” (9-11-06)
Mid-County Post, “Underwater Robots Deployed for Discovery” by Judith Wellner (9-5-06)
Monterey Herald, “Undersea world of the robofish” by Kevin Howe (8-24-06) (This article was syndicated on Sept 1 and carried by at least a dozen papers nationwide)
Salinas Californian, “Project maps ocean secrets” by Victor Calderon (8-24-06)
KSBW-TV, “Scientists Using Robots To Study Ocean” (8-23-06)
Aug 14 San Diego Union Tribune, “Whaling seen as threat to scavengers” by Leigh Fenly
Aug 11 Science, “Jellyfish on the run” by Laura Blackburn
Aug 11 San Francisco Chronicle, “A new idea to fight global warming” by Keay Davidson (Article syndicated and carried in at least 3 other Califonia newspapers)
Aug 5 Voice of America, “Our world” (see Marcia McNutt quote on ocean research about halfway down page)
Aug 3 Los Angeles Times, “A chemical imbalance” by Usha Lee McFarling
(Part III of “Altered Oceans” series, which was syndicated and carried in several papers nationwide, including the Seattle Times)
Jul 27, “Witnesses support NOAA ocean research and exploration bill” (House Science Comittee news release)
Jul 27 New Scientist, “New type of volcano fires imaginations
Jul 25 US Gov. News release: Container Ship Owners and Operators to Pay $3.25 Million in National Marine Sanctuary Settlement
San Jose Mercury News, “Ship owners pay $3.25 million for spilling containers in Monterey Bay” by Bay City News Service (7-27-06)
Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Lost cargo earns Monterey Bay $3.25 million” by Genevieve Bookwalter (7-27-06)
Monterey Herald, “$3.25M fine for lost cargo at sanctuary” by Laith Agha (7-27-06)
Jul 13 Monterey County Weekly, “Real Life Science” by Mark C. Anderson
Jul 10 News release: Midgets and giants in the deep sea
KAZU News, “ Why do giant sharks live in shallow water?” by John Sepulvado (10-20-06)
Science News for Kids, “Sea Giants and Island Pygmies” by Emily Sohn (9-20-06)
Fox News, “Organism size tied to location in marine biology” by Abigail W. Leonard (7-26-06)
Mid-County Post, “From the pygmy mammoth to the marine snails” by Judith Wellner (7-21-06)
AquaNews, “Size Matters in the Deep Sea, Study Shows” (7-21-06)
Discovery News, “Animal size evolves in seas” by Jennifer Viegas (7-13-06)
Monterey Herald, “Deep-sea habitat changes snails’ size” by Kevin Howe (7-11-06)
Discovery Channel-Canada, “‘Island rule’ may apply to pint-sized deep-sea life: study” by Kimberly Fu (7-11-06)
Jul 6 USA Today, “High acidity infiltrates the oceans” by Dan Vergano
July-Aug American Scientist, “Protecting Ourselves from Shellfish Poisoning” by Mary Wilcox Silver
June 14 Aquarium of the Air (Monterey Bay Aquarium podcast), “Deep sea worms with some big bones to pick”  Also: “Going to extremes in a deep sea submarine
June 2 Earth and Sky (radio broadcast), “Earth’s “milky seas” are visible from space” by Jorge Salazar
May 18 Nature, “Batteries not included: Circuits of slime” by Charlotte Schubert
May Popular Mechanics, “A more candid underwater camera” by Jane Braxton Little
Apr 3 Chemical and engineering news, “All that glows” by Rachel Sheremeta Pepling
Mar 30 Astrobiology Magazine, “Going deep” by Henry Bortman
Mar 7 Discovery of the Yeti crab
(Ifremer News Release; MBARI Homepage story)
Oceanus, “ Lurking benignly on the seafloor, the ‘Yeti’ crab is discovered” by Amy Nevala (4-27-06)
Knight Ridder, “Newly-discovered hairy crab species shakes up scientific community” by Karen Ravn (3-20-06)
Christian Science Monitor, “Furry claws of fury” by Peter N. Spotts (3-16-06)
New York Times, “In the Deep, Deep Sea, the ‘Yeti Crab’” by Cornelia Dean (3-14-06)
News@Nature, “Divers discover exotic crab” by Emma Marris (3-13-06)
Outside Online, “New Species of Crustacean Discovered” (3-8-06)
BBC News, “Furry ‘lobster’ found in Pacific” (3-8-06)
Associated Press, “New Animal Resembling Furry Lobster Found” (3-7-06)
March Sea, “Into the abyss.” by Mary Anne McCarthy
Feb 28 News release: NOAA and MBARI announce winners in competition to design an environmentally-friendly anchor
CBS-5, “Winners named in environmentally friendly anchor contest” (3-1-06)
Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Anchor-design contest winners named” (3-3-06)
Feb 28 Monterey Herald, “Getting a handle on the number of squids’ kids” by Karen Ravn
Jan 26 News release: Ocean expedition to explore ancient coral gardens
SCUBA diving magazine, “Fantastic Voyage” by Ryan Masters (5-06)
Marine Scientist, “Secrets of a submerged volcano” by Olive Heffernan (3/4-06)
Science News for Kids, “Coral gardens” by Emily Sohn (3-1-06)
San Jose Mercury News, “Colorful world revealed below” by Glennda Chui (2-9-06) Also: “Spectacular expedition under the sea” by Glennda Chui (2-2-06)
Monterey Herald, “Seamount life dazzles researchers” by Kevin Howe (2-9-05) Also: “A mountain under the sea” by Virginia Hennessey (1-29-05)
Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Spectacular expedition under the sea” by Brian Seals (2-9-06)
NBC11, “Secrets Of Monterey Bay’s Mountain Revealed” (2-8-06)
KSBW, “Researchers Talk About Deep-Sea Dive” (2-8-06)
New York Times, “Finding fish (and protecting them)” by Henry Fountain (2-7-06)
AP (USA Today), “Blog follows probe of submerged volcano” (2-2-06)
San Luis Obispo Tribune, “Expedition heads for underwater mountain west of San Simeon” by Kathe Tanner (1-27-06)
Jan 5 News release: Tiny marine organisms reflect ocean warming
Geotimes, “Marine critters record global warming” by Kathryn Hansen (3-06)
Christian Science Monitor, “Earth could warm up fast” by Robert C. Cowen (1-26-06) (Also carried by USA Today)
Santa Barbara News-Press, “Mud study finds California coastal waters warming” by Melinda Burns (1-25-06)
Los Angeles Times, “Warming Trend Detected in Pacific” by Usha Lee McFarling (1-7-06)
Monterey Herald, ” Foraminifera forum—Ocean-going microorganisms could offer clues to global warming” by Karen Ravn (1-7-06)