MBARI in the news – 2005

Dec 27 Associated Press, “Maine ocean floor has mud-trapped gas”
Dec 14 Discovery of egg-brooding squid
(University of Rhode Island news release; MBARI Homepage story)
– News@Nature, “Broody squid keep young in hand” by Michael Hopkin (12-14-05)
– Live Science, “The Heavy Burden of a Mother Squid” by Bjorn Carey (12-14-05)
– San Francisco Chronicle, “Maternal nature of squids Females spotted hauling heavy pouches of eggs” by Keay Davidson (12-15-05)
– BBC News, “First images of baby squid care” (12-15-05)
– Associated Press, “Mama squids found to exhibit surprising maternal behavior” (12-15-05)
– New Scientist, “Broody squid carry their eggs in their arms” by Shaoni Bhattacharya (12-15-05)
– New York Times, “Scientists’ discovery in the deep casts some squid mothers in a better light” by William J. Broad (12-20-05)
Dec 5 Monterey Herald, “A light show from the sea” by Karen Ravn
Dec 2-8 Carmel Pine Cone, “Jellyfish season creates fascination for most, problems for power plant” by Kelly Nix
Nov 27, “Unmanned submersible sheds light on an undersea volcano
Nov 27 Monterey Herald, “Shedding light on watery dark” by Julie Rehmeyer
Nov 12 New Scientist, “The Deep” (special section)
Nov 7 Design News, “Remote Control Explorations” by Al Presher
Nov 7 Honolulu Star Bulletin, “UH ocean scientist David Karl honored” by Star-Bulletin staff
Nov 5 National Public Radio, “Satellite Spots ‘Glowing’ Ocean” by John Nielsen
Nov 2 Science News for kids, “Fishing for Giant Squid” by Emily Sohn
Nov/Dec Scientriffic, “Snack on a snot house” by Kimiko Holder
November Nautilus, “La Baie Des Merveilles”
November IEEE Spectrum, “Neptune Rising” by Peter Fairley
November Natural History, “It’s snot raining” by Rebecca E. Kessler
Oct 28 Watsonville Register Pajaronian, “MBARI places 18-foot high-tech buoy in the Monterey Bay” by Laura Norton
Oct 22 Wired News, “Visionaries Float Big Ideas” by Mark Anderson
Oct 17 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Scientists tackle underwater fault” by Brian Seals
Oct 4 Live Science, “Mystery Ocean Glow Confirmed in Satellite Photos” by Robert Roy Britt
Oct 1 San Jose Mercury, “A glowing ‘milky sea’ documented” by Glennda Chui
October Discover Magazine, “20,000 probes under the sea” by Clive Thompson
Also: “Seafloor food source identified” by Megan Mansell Williams
Sept/Oct E Magazine, “Whale falls—It’s not just a carcass, it’s dinner” by Kieran Mulvaney
Sept 27 ABC News (AP), “Scientists photograph giant squid in wild” by Hiroko Tabuchi
Sept 23 (UPI), “A unique marine symbiosis is studied
Sept The Science Teacher, “Education and Research: Testing Hypotheses (EARTH)” by Susan Cady
Aug 16 Christian Science Monitor, “A day in the life of a marine scientist” by Keely Parrack
Aug 7 Monterey County Herald, “The Herald’s View—Undersea cable will expand ocean research”
Aug 4 Monterey County Weekly, “Ghost Ship” [Wreck of the USS Macon] by Ryan Masters
July 30 Monterey Herald, “Getting to bottom of deep-sea science” by Rachel Kane
July 22 Monterey Herald (AP), “Strange weather disrupts marine ecosystems along Pacific Coast” by Terence Chea
July 5 Contra Costa Times, “Odd weather good for some animals, bad for others” by Denis Cuff
July 7 News release: Deep-sea jelly uses glowing red lures to catch fish
– Nature, “Jellyfish capture prey with crimson bait” by Tom Simonite (7-7-05)
– Mercury News, “Scientists find jelly sea creature that hangs out the red light” by Glennda Chui (7-7-05)
– San Francisco Chronicle, “ Bright lights lure prey in deep sea” by David Perlman (7-8-05)
– CNN, “Jellyfish lures dinner with flashing red light” by Marsha Walton (7-7-05)
– National Geographic News, “Blind sea creature hunts with light” by David Braun (7-7-05)
– Associated Press, “Red light-flashing jellyfish lures in prey off California coast” (7-7-05)
– United Press International, “Deep-sea jelly uses glowing lures” (7-8-05)
– Discovery News, “Secret lights discovered in deep sea” by Larry O’Hanlon (7-8-05)
– BBC News, “ Deep-sea animal hunts with light” (7-11-05)
– New York Times, “Cousin of the jellyfish spurs fresh theories on seeing red” by William J. Broad (7-12-05)
– New Scientist, “Deep-sea fish lured by red-light district” (7-16-05)
July Geotimes, “Marcia McNutt: Oceangoing geophysicist” by Naomi Lubick
June 9 News release: “Sinkers” provide missing piece in deep-sea puzzle
– Nature, “Giant balls of mucus fertilize the ocean” by Nicola Jones (6-9-05)
– San Francisco Chronicle, “Mucus-producing sea creatures key to underwater food chain” by Keay Davidson (6-10-05)
– Live Science, “Giant Balls of ‘Snot’ Explain Ocean Mystery” by Bjorn Carey (6-10-05)
– Discovery News, “Giant mucus balls feed oceans” by Larry O’Hanlon (6-13-05)
– New York Times, “Low-Cost housing, but slimy” by Henry Fountain (6-14-05)
May 23 Monterey Herald, “Queen of Skies—Dirigible crash off Big Sur detailed at Monterey museum” by Joe Livernois
May 22 Monterey Herald, “Reinventing the iron anchor” by Susan D. Brown
May 21 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Sunken blimp draws marine researchers” by Brian Seals
May 6 Monterey Herald, “McNutt joins science academy”
Apr 23 Monterey Herald, “Pesticides make harbor a toxic soup” by Virginia Hennessey
Apr 21 Advanced Imaging Magazine, “Video data turns into knowledge” by Leonard A. Hindus
Apr 5 Our Ocean World, “Riddled with Worms”
Apr 5 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Power cable for ocean seen as boon to research” by Brian Seals
Apr 1 NPR – Morning Edition, “Proposal to fight global warming may threaten oceans” by David Malakoff
April Popular Science, “Wiring the briny deep” by Joshua Tompkins
Mar 18 Los Angeles Times, “Squid Land on Scientists’ Plate” by Claudia Zequeira
Mar 10 Monterey County Weekly, “Real Sea Monsters” by Ryan Masters
Mar 6 Monterey Herald, “Monterey Bay full of potentially harmful algae” by Andreas von Bubnoff
Mar/April Zoogoer, “A Whale of a Tale” by Robin Meadows
Feb 14 Honolulu Advertiser, “Corals tell of climate changes” by Jan TenBruggencate
Feb 9 Nature, “Marine Biology: Whale fall” by Amanda Haag
Feb 8 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Strange worms found devouring whale bones in deep sea” by Susan D. Brown
Feb National Geographic, “Ladies lunch” (whale-fall worms)” by Joel Achenbach
Feb Outside, “No man’s land” (article on MARS project) by Steven Kotler
Jan 22 Monterey Herald, “Stranded squid puzzle scientists” by Hannah Hickey
Jan 20 LiveScience, “A New Calamari Counter”
Jan 19 MSNBC, “Ancient sunken islands found off California” by Bjorn Carey
Jan 19 Monterey Herald, “Researchers studying effects of carbon dioxide on ocean” by Tonya Clayton
Jan 16 Monterey Herald, “Live fish from the ocean floor” by Hannah Hickey
Jan 16 Washington Post, “Seamounts offer marine life peaks of viands” by Cheryl Dybas
Jan 1 Science News, “Hidden canyons” by Sid Perkins
Jan Discover, “Weird worms feast on whale bones” (Highlighted in Top 100 science stories of 2004) by Megan Mansell Williams