MBARI in the news – 2004

Dec Chem Matters, “Ocean Biolights” by Anne M. Rosenthal
Dec 18 Science News, New whale-fall worms highlighted in “Science news of the year 2004”
Dec 13 Monterey Herald, “Warming trend affecting Bay” by Tonya Clayton
Dec 13 San Luis Obispo Tribune, “Map will help county in case of tsunami” by Nathan Welton
Oct 26 Oceanus, “Revealing the Ocean’s Invisible Abundance” by Rebecca Gast
Oct 25 Salinas Californian, “Scientists shine light on nitrate levels” by Susan D. Brown
Oct 17 Monterey Herald, “Aquarium work: Top 10 things we’ve learned” by Virginia Hennessey
Oct 5 Watsonville Register-Pajaronian, “Brain food” by Laura Norton
Oct 5 Monterey Herald, “Blue whale may have been dead for two weeks”
by Hannah Hickey
Oct 4 KSBW-TV, “Biologists Begin Process Of Removing Blue Whale Carcass”
Oct 2 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Blue whale carcass has researchers eager to get to work” by Brian Seals
Sept 30 Watsonville Register-Pajaronian, “Washed-up whale gets ride back to sea”
by Amanda Schoenberg
Aug/Sept Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, “The Last Frontiers”
by Patty Enrado; “Hispanic in Oceanography—Francisco Chavez”
by Leilani Rangel
August 26 Christian Science Monitor, A narrower passage to the sea bottom
by Peter N. Spotts
Jul 29 News release: Whale carcass yields bone-devouring worms
– ScienceNOW, “Whale-Eating Worms Discovered” by David Grimm
– Nature, “Bone-devouring worms discovered” by Amanda Leigh Haag
– Associated Press, “New species of worms discovered in ocean” by Randolph E. Schmid
– Reuters, “New species of underwater bone-eating worm found
– San Jose Mercury News, “Researchers discover worm that feasts on whale bones” by Glennda Chui
– San Francisco Chronicle, “Bizarre deep-sea worms dine on whale bones” by David Perlman
– New York Times, “For these worms, an immovable feast” by Kenneth Chang
– Monterey Herald, “Two new worm species found in Monterey Bay” by Kevin Howe
– MSNBC, “The bizarre case of the bone-eating worms” by Daniel Kane
– Discovery Channel, “New Deep-Sea Worms Munch Dead Whales” by Heather Catchpole
– National Public Radio, “A Sea Worm’s Surprising Living Arrangement
– Geotimes, “Whale-bone-eating worms” by Jay Chapman
– Genome News Network, “On the Ocean Floor, Extreme Worms Eat Whale Bones” by Kate Ruder
– Biology Digest, “Whale Eating Worms: Wierdest Wonders of the Deep” by EW
– Science News, “Gutless Wonder: New symbiosis lets worm feed on whale bones”
July 22 National Geographic News, Technology Opens Deep Seas to Exploration” by John Roach
July 16 San Jose Mercury News, “Studies: Carbon Dioxide a Danger to Sea Life” by Glennda Chui
July 2 National Geographic News, New Trap May Take Deep-Sea Fish Safely Out of the Dark” by John Roach
July Sea Technology, “MBARI deploys a feature-packed AUV from a small vessel” by Hans Thomas, Steve De Belie, and Jean-Guy Dessureault
June 22 –
July 2
Pulse of the Planet., “Deep Sea Caregivers” by Jim Metzner
June 6 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Researchers want to install power cable in the Monterey Bay” by Brian Seals
June Science Bulletins (videos by the American Museum of Natural History), “Jellies down deep” [Also available on YouTube]
June National Geographic, “Way down deep” by Virginia Morell
May 24 The New Yorker, “The squid hunter” by David Grann
May Harper’s Magazine, “Carbon Nation” by Jennifer Kahn
April 21 Monterey Herald, “More ocean research urged” by Dan Laidman
Apr 15 News release: Moss Landing researchers reveal iron as key to climate change
ScienceNOW, “Carbon sinks, but does it stay?” by Betsy Mason
Washington Post, “Algae may not be the answer” by David Brown
Sacramento Bee, “Ironing out an idea—New proposal would use ocean to store carbon” by Rei Ueyama
TriValley Herald, “Scientists cool ocean—climate next?” by Ian Hoffman
The Guardian (England), “Cast-iron way to save the planet” by Tim Radford
BigNews Network (Australia), “Iron may be key to global warming”
Honolulu Star Bulletin, “‘Fix’ found for global warming?” by Helen Altonn
Oakland Tribune, “Iron fertilization may help cool off simmering planet” by Ian Hoffman
KSBW (Channel 8; Salinas), “Possible key to ice age climate change revealed”
April 7 Monterey Herald, “Tech symposium previews future in 3D” by Kevin Howe
March MBA News (Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom), “Deep sea jellyfish: Monsters that go ‘bump’ in the night” Also in this issue: “BBC ‘Abyss-Live’: Deep sea reality TV” Photonics Spectra, “Raman spectrometer probes the deep.” by Daniel S. Burgess
Feb 12 News release: Cutting-edge oceanography helps scientists understand climate change on Earth (and other planets), “Growing some answers” by Earl Lane
Monterey Herald
“Monterey, Calif., scientists fertilize ocean with iron” by Quinn Eastman.
Innovations-report, “A shrinking sink? Carbon fertilization may be flimsy weapon against warming” by Monica Amarelo.
MSNBC, Do global warming dangers lie under seas?” by Miguel Llanos
Feb 3 News release: New “bumpy” jelly found in deep sea
Nature Science Update, “Four-armed jellyfish found” by Helen R. Pilcher.
Discover,Meet Bumpy the jellyfish” by Kathy A. Svitil.
Monterey Herald, “MBARI announces jellyfish discovery”
San Francisco Chronicle, “Biologists discover new kind of jellyfish” by David Perlman.
The Californian, “Moss Landing researchers find a new jellyfish — Animal has trailing arms and wart-like bumps” by Ethan Daniel Lindsey.
Scholastic News, “A jellyfish makes waves” by Gail Hennessey and Rachel Laskow.
Jan 28 The Oregonian, “Small swims, not giant leaps, man’s next step, scientists say” by Richard L. Hill
Feb National Geographic, “The Case of the Missing Carbon” by Tim Appenzeller
Jan 26, “Raman assesses ocean floor for CO2 store”
Jan 15 KION (Channel 26), Whalefall in Monterey Bay (evening news)
Jan 7
Science Channel, “Ocean explorer” (Techknowledge show features MBARI’s autonomous underwater vehicle program).
January Real Robots, “Monitoring the Oceans” (Issue 68)