MBARI in the news – 2003

Dec 15 Monterey County Herald, “MBARI rock created for petroleum research” by Quinn Eastman
Dec 12 ScienceDaily, “Last catastrophic landslide protects Kilauea from next
Dec 9 ScienceNow, “The case for monstrous Hawaiian Waves” by Robert Irion
Dec 5 Washington University in St. Louis Record, “Researchers explore ocean floor with rare instrument” by Tony Fitzpatrick
Nov 26, “Scientists unveil new map of Hawaii”
Nov 7 Science News, “Cast-Iron Foot: Undersea snail has mineral armor” by Sid Perkins
Nov 7 Discovery’s Science Channel, “Science of the Deep: Robots of the Deep” premiers
Nov 6 Nature, “Marine Biology: Close encounters of the jelly kind” by Carina Dennis
Oct 21 New York Times, “A new kind of genomics, with an eye on ecosystems” by Andrew Pollack
Sep 29 BioMedNet, “All aboard for sampling software” by Rabiya S. Tuma
Sep 12 Science, “Worms open route to whale bones” by Elizabeth Pennisi
Sep 3 News release: Nurseries in the deep sea
“In the Octopus’s Kindergarten” by Maia Weinstock
California Academy of Sciences, “Maternity ward for Mendocino fish” by Suzanne Ubick and Phil McKenna
San Jose Mercury, “Deep-sea nursery flourishes off coast” by Lisa M. Kreiger
National Geographic News,Deep-Sea “Nursery” Found Off California” by John Pickrell News,
“Rare deep-sea nursery discovered”
by Larry O’Hanlon
Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Deep sea mystery deepens” by Rosy Weiser
KION-TV (CBS affiliate), “Monterey aquarium marine biologists discover deep sea nurseries”
KRON-TV, “Scientists find deep-sea nesting area”
Aug 11 News release: Oceanographers converge on Monterey Bay
U.S. News and World Report, “Beautiful Swimmers” by Charles W. Petit
Monterey County Herald
, “MBARI under the weather” by Regina Nuzzo

New York Times
, “Taking the oceans’ pulse, with help from robot subs” by Kenneth Chang
San Francisco Chronicle,
Monterey Bay turns the tide of weather research–Ambitious team tries to document water’s dynamics” by Carl T. Hall
“Ocean research project dives deeply into bay” by Ethan Daniel Lindsey
Monterey County Herald,
“Deep-Sea Diving” by Kevin Howe
Register Pajaronian, “Ocean researchers converge on Monterey Bay” by Michael Seville
KSBW-TV (NBC affiliate), “Robots invade Monterey Bay”
Aug  Alaska Airlines, “Deep Science” by Paul Clarke
Jun 9 Discovery’s Science Channel, “Science of the Deep: Midwater Mysteries” premiers
May 9 TechTV,  “Call for Help” MBARI engineer Paul McGill featured as guest expert on live technology show.
May 5 News release: Big red jelly surprises scientists
Related coverage:
San Francisco Chronicle,
Mysteries of the animal world” by David Perlman
Associated Press “Giant jellyfish found off Farallon Islands”
National Geographic News
, “New jellyfish species found” by Bijal P. Trivedi
New Scientist, “Bizarre new jellyfish discovered” by Shaoni Bhattacharya
Monterey County Herald, “New species of jellyfish found” by Nicole Stricker
Television coverage included: CBS Network News, KTVU San Francisco, KPIX San Jose, NBC11 San Jose, KRON San Francisco, KION 46 Salinas, National Geographic Channel “Liquid Planet”, KABC Los Angeles, TechTV, CNN.
May 4 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Sea Change – Moss Landing casts off fishing for lure of science” by Peggy Townsend
May 4 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Undersea canyon draws researchers” by Kurtis Alexander
May Natural History, “A plentitude of ocean life” by Edward F. DeLong
Apr 7 The Scientist, “Natural Solutions to Pollution” by A.J.S. Rayl
April Environmental Review, “El Viejo: The old man of the sea”
Spring Central Coast Adventures, “MBARI’s remote control submarine pilot: Craig Dawe” by Lewis Abraham Leader
Mar 18 San Jose Mercury News, “Area scientists invite public in” by Glennda Chui
Feb 24 La Voz, “Ocean researcher speaks at Flint” by Karen Uyenco
Feb 19 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Researchers set out on three-month voyage” by Brian Seals
Feb 15 Register Pajaronian, “What’s MBARI?” by Michael Seville
Feb 10 Monterey County Herald, “Gathering the bay’s mysteries” by Dennis Moran
Feb Popular Science, “Robots of the deep blue yonder” [PDF file- 360KB] by Carl Posey
Jan 30 Nature, Robots in the deep” by Tom Clarke
Jan 18 The Economist, “The life in an ocean wave” 
Jan 17 National Geographic News, “Underwater Robot Tracks Elusive Jellyfish” by Bijal P. Trivedi
Jan 10 News release: From sardines to anchovies and back in 50 years—Local fisheries part of bigger cycle affecting entire Pacific Ocean
Related coverage:
CNN, “‘Scientists find El Nino’s grandparents” by Marsha Walton
Independent, UK
, “‘Old Woman’ of sea ended California’s great sardine rush” by Steve Connor
Monterey County Herald,
“Natural cycle key culprit in plight of sardines, scientists say” by Emily Singer
National Geographic News,
Fisheries ebb and flow in 50–year cycle, study says” by Cameron Walker
Nature Science Update, “Sardines and anchovies cycle with climate” by Kendall Powell
, “Fishing for Clues” by Robert Cooke
Sacramento Bee, “Natural cycle killed sardines, study suggests” by Stuart Leavenworth
San Jose Mercury News, “Biologists see signs of new climate cycle” by Glennda Chui

Santa Cruz Sentinel
, “Nature, not anglers, killed off bay’s great sardine runs”
Environmental News Network, “Sardines, anchovies go through cycles” by The Associated Press (this story ran on at least 30 media outlets nationwide)
Jan 8 The Wall Street Journal, “Energy firms bury carbon emissions” by Peter Loftus
Jan 6 CBS Sunday Morning, “Underwater Beauty”
 Jan 3 Minnesota Public Radio news program Future Tense with Jon Gordon “Wiring Monterey Bay”  
Jan 2–8 Good Times, “Wet and Wild” by Bruce Willey
Winter ’03 Radcliffe Quarterly, “Fellow Update: Marcia McNutt B ’86” by Delia Cabe