MBARI in the news – 2002

Dec 19/26  Nature, “Ocean tests raise doubts over use of algae as carbon sink” by Rex Dalton
Dec 17 Mid-County Post, “Wind to Whales: A new center for integrated marine technologies” by Corina Mullen
Dec 9 CBS Evening News television, “Jellyfish, fragile beauty” by John Blackstone
Dec 9 Monterey County Herald, “Scientists probe squid deaths” by Helen Fields
Dec 7 Science News, “Ocean View” by Carol Marzuola
Nov 26 Monterey County Herald, “Rare Beauty” by Emily Singer
Nov 22 Opto and Laser Europe, “Deep-sea laser probes ocean floor” by Michael Hatcher
Nov 21 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “UCSC gets cash for bay research center” by Brian Seals
Nov 12 Monterey County Herald, “Sharing Monterey’s biology wealth” by Emily Singer and Helen Fields
Nov  Education in Chemistry, “Ocean burial of CO2–is it an option?” by Geoffrey W. Rayner-Canham
Nov Discover, “The 50 most important women in science” by Kathy A. Svitil
Oct 27 Nature (PBS), “Dive to the Abyss”
Oct 15 eSchool News online, “High-speed network could bring ocean floor to students’ desktops” by Corey Murray
Oct 13 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Three from UC Santa Cruz on list of top women scientist” by Jondi Gumz
Oct Popular Science, “We go remote-control deep-sea fishing with the Monterey Bay Aquarium” by Trevor Thieme
Sep 23 News release: Undersea data network planned for Monterey Bay
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Monterey County Herald, 11/11/02. “Cable may be laid in bay” by Emily Singer
Sea Technology, 10/02 “Undersea Data Network Planned for Monterey Bay” 
Science Daily Magazine, 9/26/02. “Undersea Data Network Planned for Monterey Bay”
Computerworld, 9/25/02. “Undersea data network planned off Calif. coast” by Scarlet Pruitt

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/24/02. “Local marine researchers join effort to install undersea cable network” by Brian Seals

   Sep 29 

BBC One television, BBC Digital Satellite and Cable, BBC web site, “The Abyss—Live” special broadcast from MBARI
Sep 27 Tech TV, Tech Live, “Broadcasting from beneath the deep blue sea” Reported by David Stevenson
     Sep 1 Environmental Science & Technology, In situ nutrient analyzer” by Britt E. Erickson
 Fall ’02 Terrain,The Deep Next Door” by Carol Hunter
Aug/Sep The Industrial Physicist, “Science goes exploring under the sea” by Jennifer Ouellette
 Aug 23 Register-Pajaronian, “Nobody lives in this ‘yellow submarine’” by Dala Bruemmer
Aug 3-4 Next@CNN, “Bright Idea” by James Hattori
 Aug 02 Scientific American, “The Ocean’s Invisible Forest” by Paul G. Falkowski
  Summer ’02 Science Notes2002UCSC Science Writing Program, Alone in the Deep” by Kendall Powell
   Jul 27 Science News Online, A stinging forecast: Model predicts chance of encountering jelly fish” by Sid Perkins
   Jul 19 Science, “Researchers plunge into debate over new sub” by David Malakoff
   Jul 11 Good Times, “Four Scientists weigh in on climate change and the impacts it will have locally” by Bruce Willey
  Jun 30 The Herald, “Marcia McNutt: The oceans are her oyster” by Susan Cantrell
 Jun 25 Tech TV, Tech Live, “Surfacing Underwater Mysteries”  Reported by Jim Goldman
 Jun 3 Astrobiology Magazine, “Tandem evolution” by Anne M. Rosenthal
    Jun 1 The Herald, “Eco-friendly fuel powers fleet” by Amy Ettinger
  May 29 Metro Santa Cruz, “They blinded me with science” by Christa Shannon Fraser
  May 23 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Marine experts fear new toxic algae bloom” by Brian Seals
  May 20 Associated Press, “Toxic algae deadly for state’s marine mammals” by Robert Jablon
  May 11 New Scientist, “Canyon channels toxic soil far out to sea” by Jessica Scully
    May 9 KTVU-Oakland, Special Report on harmful algal blooms. Reported by Robert Handa.
    May 8 News release: Expedition to explore remarkable deep-sea mountain
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Sacramento Bee,
7/30/02. “Underwater treasure” by Julie Ishida
San Jose Mercury News
, 5/30/02, “Mysteries of an underwater mountain” by Glennda Chui
The Herald
, 5/30/02, “All creatures strange and wonderful” by Amy Ettinger
Discovery News
, 5/17/02, “Follow undersea mountain expedition” by Jennifer Viegas
   Apr 22 Tech TV, Tech Live, “Sea shakes: New underwater seismometer measures quakes around the world” Reported by David Stevenson
   Apr 18 KSBW-TV8, News piece about the broadband seismometer deployment in Monterey Bay. Reported by Miguel Almaguer.
   Apr 18 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Federal ocean committee hears from local experts” by Brian Seals
   Apr 18 Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Scientists plant undersea quake monitor” by Brian Seals
   Apr 13 Science News Online cover story, “Invaders en route” by Ben Harder
  Apr 13 San Francisco Chronicle, “Undersea seismometer installed in Monterey Bay” by David Perlman
Spring California Wild, “The nitrogen solution” by Kathleen Wong
Mar 11 Wall Street Journal, 3/11/02, “Web’s uses go beyond shopping, to science, one aquarium shows” by Kara Swisher
Feb 14 Associated Press, 2/14/02, “Scientists wary of trapping carbon dioxide under the sea” by David Briscoe
Feb 7 News release: Genomic tools reveal new microbial phototrophs in the ocean, reported in the journal Nature
Genome News Network
, 3/1/02, “Genomic tools reveal unexpected diversity of ocean life” by Birgit Reinert
News feature, 2/7/02, “All at sea” by Jon Copley
, News and Views, 2/7/02, “Hidden in a sea of microbes” by David M. Karl
United Press International
, 2/6/02, “Marine microbes point to ocean diversity” by Lidia Wasowicz
Jan 21 Associated Press, “Ice age island found by Santa Barbara coast” by Andrew Bridges
Jan 7 News release: Study shows deoxygenating ballast water can prevent invasive species and ship corrosion
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Science News Online
cover story, 4/13/02, “Invaders en route” by Ben Harder
California Wild
, Spring 2002, “The nitrogen solution” by Kathleen Wong
Magazine (UK), April 2002, “Battling marine stowaways: New techniques set to wipe out alien invaders in cargo ships”
Sea Technology
, March 2002, “Study shows deoxygenating can prevent ship corrosion” 
The Scientist
, 2/4/02, “Deoxygenating ballast water: A win-win solution” by A.J.S. Rayl
Business Week
, 2/4/02, “How to kick creepy-crawlies out of the ballast” by Ellen Licking 
Environmental Science and Technology
, 1/23/02, “Anticorrosion technique limits invasive aquatic species” by Britt Erickson
Science Now
, 1/18/02, “Battling marine stowaways” by Katie Greene 
, 1/10/02, “Ballast purge scuppers invasions” by John Whitfield
National Geographic Today
, 1/9/02, “Invasive species stowaways may lose rides on ships” by Bijal Trivedi
San Jose Mercury News
, 1/8/02, “Nitrogen gas could kill exotic species, protect ports” by Paul Rogers
Associated Press, 1/8/02, “Nitrogen pumped into ballast tanks kills exotic stowaways”
Scientific American, 1/8/02, “Adding nitrogen to ballast water can prevent corrosion and alien invasions” by Sarah Graham
Environmental News Network, 1/7/02, “Study shows deoxygenating ballast water can prevent invasive species and ship corrosion” 
Environment News Service
, 1/7/02, “Taking air out of ballast water could stem invasions”