MBARI in the news – 2000

Dec 26 Science Now, “A deep-sea solution to global warming?” by Robert Irion
Dec 22 Science Now, “Tsunamis threaten California” by Robert Irion
Dec 21 Associated Press, “Underwater landslides may pose tsunami risk” by Matthew Fordahl
Dec 19 San Jose Mercury News, “Undersea landslides pose tsunami threat” by Glennda Chui
Dec 19 San Francisco Chronicle, “Underwater landslides threaten California coast” by David Perlman
Dec 16 San Jose Mercury News, “Reviving deep-sea voyages” by Glennda Chui
Dec 16 Associated Press,” Exploration of oceans a priority for scientists”
Dec 15 Science Now, “Oceangoing Lewis and Clark expedition” by Robert Irion
Dec 4 Dallas Morning News, “Fiery ice offers hope of a new kind of fuel” by Alexandra Witze
Nov 25 New Scientist, In Brief, “Sniffing the seas”
Nov 22 News, “Jellyfish sniff out food” by Mark Schrope
Nov-Dec American Scientist, “Cutting a wide swath” by David Schneider
Nov Photonics Spectra, “Undersea photonics: Photonics defies the depths” by Dan Drollette
Oct 5 Reuters, “Vast energy resource locked below ocean floor” by Todd Eastham
Oct 5 Reuters, “Seabed gas crystal formations linked to tsunami” by Todd Eastham

Oct 3

The Californian, “Deep sea postage: Stamps debut 1,500 feet below in Monterey Bay” by Matthew Chin


Boy’s Life, “Dive into Inner Space” by Walter Roessing

Sep 18

Chemical & Engineering News, “Sequestering CO2 : Researchers seek ways to keep the carbon dioxide produced from burning fossil fuels from ever entering the atmosphere” by Rebecca L. Rawls

Sep 15

News release : Researchers discover new oceanic bacterial photopigment that converts light into biochemical energy
Research article: O. Béjà, L. Aravind, E.V. Koonin, M.T.Suzuki, A. Hadd, L.P. Nguyen, S.B. Jovanovich, C.M. Gates, R.A. Feldman, J.L. Spudich, E.N.Spudich, and E.F. DeLong. Bacterial rhodopsin: Evidence for a new type of phototrophy in the sea. Science, 15 September 2000, 289: 1902-1906.

Sep 14

Coast Weekly, “Serendipity at Sea: New technology and a bit of luck help MBARI scientists understand toxic algae” by Sarah Givens

Sep 1

Monterey County Herald, “Algae blooms a serious threat”


Underwater Magazine, “Underwater vehicles in the scientific arena” by James Pearl and Craig Winegarden.

Aug 30

Metro Santa Cruz, “Killer seaweed II”

Aug 29

The Californian, “Toxic algae in the bay puzzles scientists” by J. Michael Rivera

Aug 25

Los Angeles Times, “Tracking damage in the depths” by Marla Cone

Aug 25

Discovery News/NBC, story about deep-sea jelly research.

Aug 10

The Beach Gazette, “Recovery of sea lions hopeful” by Adrian Das

Aug 4

Monterey County Herald, “Underwater technicolor” by Kathleen Wong

Aug 3

The Beach Gazette, “Toxic algae affecting sea lions” by Adrian Das

July 29

Environmental News Network, “DOE commits $15 million to help blow the greenhouse down” by Robinson Shaw

July 19

Newport News-Times, “Scientists look at possible energy source: Seabed methane crystals” by Joel Gallob

July 12

The Monterey County Herald, “Toxin deadly to sea lions makes return” by Judie Marks

June 14

The Learning Channel (TLC), “Extreme Machines: Raiders of the Deep”

June 13

Monterey County Herald, “Locals speak up for marine research”

June 13

Washington Post, “Ocean research projects will explore deep-sea life on 3 coasts”

June 12

The Ninth Millennium Evening at the White House, 
“Under the Sea, Beyond the Stars,” featuring MBARI’s President and CEO, Marcia McNutt, 2:30 p.m. EST.

June 1

Tri-Valley Herald, “Lab, groups dive deep in gas study” by Glenn Roberts, Jr.

June 3

Saturday Night, “The cells from Hell” by Nancy Baron


National Geographic magazine, “Jelly Bellies” by Richard Conniff


American Institute of Physics—Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science, Science newscast on ocean observatories, featuring Marcia McNutt.

Apr 30

60 Minutes Australia, “The Deep: A Magical Adventure”

Apr 17

National Environmental Trust, Eco Tour, “Pollutions Solutions 2000,” press conference with Peter Brewer.

Feb 11

Global Environmental Change Report, “El Niño plays havoc with ocean’s food chain”

Jan 25

USA Today, “Defusing the carbon dioxide threat: Maneuvers on land, sea could cool global trend” by Dan Vergano


Bazal Productions, 15 half-hour series film production, “California Bay.”

Jan 21

Monterey County Herald, “Plumbing the depths for a story” by Judie Marks

Jan 6

News release : Molecular probes link sea lion deaths to toxic algal blooms
Research article: C.A. Scholin, et al. Mortality of sea lions along the central California coast linked to a toxic diatom bloom. Nature, 6 January 2000, 403: 80-84.

Jan 3

U.S. News & World Report—Outlook 2000 issue, Bold ideas from big thinkers, page 66. “Peter Brewer: Prescribing a sea cruise for greenhouse gases” by David Whitman. (Related television coverage on KSBW-TV8, January 10).