MBARI in the news – 1999

Dec 10

News release : El Niño’s dramatic impact on ocean biology and carbon dioxide captured by unique monitoring system
Research article: F.P. Chavez, P.G. Strutton, G.E. Friederich, R.A. Feely, G.C. Feldman, D.G. Foley, and M.J. McPhaden. Biological and chemical response of the equatorial Pacific Ocean to the 1997-98 El Niño. Science, Dec. 10, 1999: 2126-2131.
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  • Monterey County Herald, 12/10/99, “Data: El Niño helped clear the air; weather phenomenon kept carbon dioxide in ocean”
  • MSNBC, 12/10/99, “Carbon rides El Niño roller coaster”
  • AP News wire, 12/09/99, “El Niño affecting carbon dioxide”

Nov 8

U.S. News & World Report, “The invisible emperors: Microbes, not man, are the real powers on Earth” by Charles Petit and Laura Tangley

Sep issue

Alaska Airlines Magazine, “Coastal dynamics: Research along the pacific shore is revealing a dramatic profile of coastal geology and the sea life that lives there.” MBARI marine geologist Gary Greene is interviewed.

Sep 1

News release : R/V Western Flyer returns from shipyard
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  • Monterey County Herald, 9/1/99, “Research ship repaired”
  • KSBW, KSMS, and KION television news, 9/1/99
  • The Californian, 9/2/99, “Western Flyer returns”

Aug 16

The Scientist, “The oceans: A tidal wave of opportunity for life scientists”

Jul 28

USA Today, “Fact-packed maps can prepare towns to avoid disaster.” Explores the many applications of geographic information systems (GIS)—sophisticated computer programs that link information in databases to maps.

May 7

News release : Deep-Sea Disposal of Fossil-Fuel CO2: First Ocean Observations
For more information about this research, visit the MBARI greenhouse gas web site.
Research article: Brewer, P.G., G.E. Friederich, E.T. Peltzer, and F.M. Orr, Jr. Direct Experiments on the Ocean Disposal of Fossil Fuel CO2. Science, May 7, 1999, 284: 943-945.

May 3

Sacramento Bee, “Discovery: DNA detectives warn of toxic algae.” Highlights the work of MBARI molecular biologist Chris Scholin.

Apr 30

KION-TV Newschannel 46, Evening news. Interview with MBARI geologist Debra Stakes about underwater seismic research in Monterey Bay.

Apr 22

News release : Scientists Link Iron in Sediments to Coastal Production
Research article: Johnson, K.S., F.P. Chavez, and G.E. Friederich (4/22/99). Continental-shelf sediment as a primary source of iron for coastal phytoplankton. Nature, 398: 697-700.
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  • Register-Pajaronian, 4/23/99, “Farm production linked to iron in local sediment,” cover page.

Feb 11

Monterey County Herald, “Assembling California’s puzzle: Scientists searching for seismic secrets of Monterey Canyon.” An article highlighting the research of  MBARI geologist Debra Stakes and her team.

Jan 29

San Jose Mercury News, “Scientists issue global warning.” Includes a statement by MBARI president and AGU president-elect Marcia McNutt.

Jan 8

KUSP radio 88.9 FM, Santa Cruz. “Talk of the Bay” program featuring MBARI geologist Debra Stakes discussing underwater seismic observations in Monterey Bay.

Mar 20, 1999
Jan 6, 2002

Mysteries of the Deep exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
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  • San Francisco Chronicle, 3/7/99, “Deep secrets: The Monterey Bay Aquarium opens the largest living exhibit of rarely seen sea creatures from the depths”
  • Life Magazine, March 1999 issue, Earth’s Last Frontier: How scientists hunt the world’s most elusive sea creatures”
  • Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine, February 1999 issue, “Water World.”
  • KTVU/FOX Television news at 10:00 p.m., Feb. 12, 1999.

1999 to 2004

Sustainable Seas Expeditions
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  • KSBW-TV, 5/13/99, Evening news. Interview with MBARI biological oceanographer Bruce Robison.
  • KPIG 107.5 FM, 5/12/99, Live call-in with Bruce Robison.
  • National Geographic Society web, 4/27/99, Monterey Bay Canyon flythrough, supporting the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Sustainable Seas Expeditions.
  • National Public Radio, 3/22/99, “Radio Expeditions: Diving with DeepWorker.” Interview with Bruce Robison.
  • USA Today, 2/2/99, Cover story: “Hearing the seas’ siren call”
  • Monterey County Herald, 1/8/99, “In-sea driving lesson: One-person submarine to be used to document life in marine sanctuaries”