Network Access While Visiting MBARI

Visitors to MBARI may use the Institute’s public wireless network, subject to MBARI’s Acceptable Use Policy. To utilize this network, your device will need to have WiFi capability (802.11g/n/ac) and support WPA2 encryption. The wireless network name (or SSID) will appear as an available network choice on your device. Ask an MBARI staff member for the current WiFi password.

MBARI has wireless network coverage most areas on the campus, indoors and out. This network allows access to the internet and the internet-accessible computing resources at MBARI. Internal resources are not directly accessible from the guest wireless network without an MBARI network account. If you need access to the MBARI internal network while visiting MBARI, you will need a user account which has been requested by either Human Resources or an authorized MBARI staff member.

This network allows roaming, which means that your connection will be handed off from access point to access point as you move around the MBARI campus. In other words, if you get connected in the Pacific Forum in Building A, you will be connected to the same network (and have the same IP address) if you then move to the Tank View meeting room in Building B.