Frequently asked questions
about MBARI and the media


Can I get photos or video from MBARI to use with my story?

We are able respond to a limited number of requests for still images and/or video if the story pertains specifically to MBARI research. Please send an email with the details of your request and your contact information to

Can I get photos/video of marine life for stories that don’t specifically pertain to MBARI research?

The primary purpose of MBARI’s still images and deep-sea footage is for scientific research. We limit the release of these images to news media and productions that focus specifically on MBARI research and technology, and to support our sister institution, the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We unfortunately do not have the resources available to supply still images and/or video footage for more general requests, such as stock collections, web sites, or picture books.

Can my production company arrange for a location shoot at MBARI for a story relating to your research?

We are able respond to a limited number of requests for location shoots for projects that pertain specifically to MBARI research. Please review the location shoot information before contacting our office.

Where can I learn more about MBARI’s researchers and their current projects?

Where can I find general information about MBARI and its research vessels?

Is your annual report available online?

Yes, our annual reports, as well as institutional planning documents, are on our website, in PDF format. If you prefer to receive our annual report by mail, please send an email with your contact information to

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