News brief—May 22, 2008

MBARI’s 2007 Annual Report describes effects of climate change on the oceans… and more.

2007cover-100Climate change is affecting the world’s oceans in many unpredictable ways, some of which are highlighted in MBARI’s 2007 Annual Report. Each spring, this colorful publication highlights a few key research projects undertaken at MBARI during the previous year. One article in this year’s report summarizes recent research on Humboldt squid. These and other midwater animals may be affected as water temperatures and oxygen concentrations change in response to increasing carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. Another article describes new instruments that allow oceanographers to measure changing concentrations of oxygen and nitrate (a “fertilizer” for marine algae) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A third article shows how even life on the deep seafloor, 4,000 meters below the surface, is affected by climate changes such as El Niño. Other stories describe undersea volcanoes off the California coast, methods for monitoring and predicting coastal currents, and new software that lets underwater robots think for themselves. The most recent Annual Reports are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format on the MBARI Annual Reports page.

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