February 1, 2004

MBARI website upgraded to use cascading style sheets

MBARI published a new home page on our website today, incorporating cascading style sheets(CSS) to control the fonts, colors, and other design elements on the site. CSS allows the style of the site to be managed centrally for the entire site and reduces the amount of code required in each page. The end result is a faster loading website and much smaller file sizes.

In the course of this redesign the header of each page was revised to add direct access to our Ocean Observatories and Marine Operations sections from anywhere in the site. The code for the new design was created with help from Mandala Net Design, based in Santa Cruz, California.

The MBARI website contains more than 12,000 web pages, which are maintained by more than 30 staff members as part of their job responsibilities. There is no team of web authors dedicated solely to producing web content or designing pages.

Since the first MBARI web pages were published to the web in 1996, there have been three major revisions of the site.

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