News brief—July 31, 2008

MBARI scientist leads cruise to study how changing ocean conditions affect marine algae


During the OPEREX cruise, Dr. Kolber will be using the University of Hawaii’s research vessel Kilo Moana.

On July 30, MBARI researcher Zbigniew Kolber began a two-week cruise in the open ocean north of the Hawaiian Islands. During this cruise, Kolber will be directing the Ocean Perturbation Experiment (OPEREX) to find out how changes in the ocean environment (both natural and human-induced) affect the growth of marine algae. The OPEREX cruise is sponsored by the Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education (CMORE), a multi-institution research consortium dedicated to the study of marine algae, bacteria, archaea, and other microbes, both in the laboratory and in the open ocean. Miriam Sutton, a North Carolina middle-school teacher, will be participating in the research cruise as a Teacher-at-Sea and is writing a blog about her experience.

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