May 30, 2007

MBARI 2006 annual report highlights exciting new research

2006cover-100Many people think of annual reports as pages of legal jargon punctuated by long tables of financial information. MBARI’s annual reports, however, provide much more interesting fare, since they contain detailed descriptions of some of the most exciting research to come out of MBARI during the previous calendar year. The 2006 Annual Report, for example, includes stories on: 1) an undersea genetic lab, 2) ice-like deposits of natural gas on the seafloor, 3) exploring a sunken airship, 4) changes in microscopic algae within Monterey Bay, 5) oceanographic data for school teachers, 6) “old-growth forests” of deep-sea corals, 7) a new deep-sea observatory, and 8) new research made possible by untethered underwater robots (AUVs). Read about all these projects and more in the 2006 report, available in PDF format on the MBARI publications page.

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