Information Systems Network Administrator

This position is responsible for planning, administering, monitoring, and supporting MBARI’s data and telecommunications networks, and associated services and applications. This encompasses deployment and operation of hardware and software, documentation, and operational support for a campus, regional, and fleet network with wired, wifi, cellular, satellite, microwave, and subsea components. The scope of responsibility for this position not only covers these aspects as individual systems, but also their interoperation in the MBARI-wide heterogeneous computing environment. This position also provides support to other functional areas covered by the Information Systems group, as required

The IS Network Administrator:

  • Ensures reliable, high performance, and consistent operation of the MBARI network infrastructure. This includes installation, configuration, maintenance, and support of network and phone infrastructure, protocols, related monitoring, and associated services:
    • Class B autonomous system
    • Core, edge, and distribution routers and switches on shore, ships, and elsewhere, with link speeds ranging from 10Mb to 40Gb
    • Campus and ship WiFi
    • Fiber, cellular, and VSAT internet circuits; microwave WAN
    • IPv4, IPv6
    • Routing (BGP, RADb, OSPF, RIP, etc)
    • DNS, DHCP, DHCP relay
    • VPNs (remote access and site-to-site)
    • Switching protocols (VLANs, PoE, STP, LACP, etc.)
    • IP multicast, IGMP snooping
    • Monitoring – SNMP, Netflow, MRTG, Nagios, HP IMC, etc.
    • VoIP phone system (system administration, SIP, LLDP, etc.)
    • Voice, video, & web conferencing services
  • Establishes and maintains network security and integrity controls:
    • NGFW
    • ACLs
    • VPN
    • RADIUS 802.1X
    • WPA2 Enterprise
  • Assists engineers, developers, scientists and other staff in the use of network technology by providing both technical support and consultation.
  • Stays abreast of and promotes the use of network management technologies which will improve the quality and effectiveness of communications and operational efforts.
  • Recommends policies and procedures relating to network and telecommunications management.

Qualifications: BS degree in Computer Science, related technical field, or commensurate education or experience. At least five years’ proven hands-on experience in network administration with large, complex networks composed of multiple VLANs, subnets, and internet connections, serving Linux/Unix, Windows, and Macintosh systems, and VoIP and video services. Excellent knowledge of best practices around management, control, and monitoring of network and service infrastructure. Expert knowledge of routing, switching, firewalls, and VPN implementation, troubleshooting, and problem resolution. Excellent at organizing, prioritizing and multitasking.  Must be able to work with diverse groups of people. May be required to go to sea for specified periods.

MBARI, Human Resources
Job Code: IS-Adm
7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA  95039

Submit your cover letter and resume by e-mail to, or by mail to the above address, or by fax to (831) 775-1620.

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