Former Marine Biogeochemistry Group Members

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Addie Norgaard – Summer intern 2020

Ally Morris – Summer intern 2020

Bruno Lopez – Summer intern 2020

Bruno joined the Marine Biogeochemistry Lab in 2020 as part of the MBARI Summer Internship Program and the UCSC GEOPATHS Program. In June 2020, Bruno earned his B.S. in Earth Science (Honors) with a Data Analytics focus from UCSC. Bruno’s summer internship project focused on analyzing phytoplankton phenology in the subarctic eastern Pacific Ocean. Using statistical and visual methods Bruno examined how phytoplankton biomass has changed within the study region over the past decade using biogeochemical profiling float data. He also looked at the seasonal climatology of phytoplankton biomass and demonstrated that blooms can start in early winter rather than spring. During the internship Bruno strengthened his data analysis skills while simultaneously learning more about the ocean. Bruno aspires to become a Data Scientist and will be pursing a Master’s degree in Statistics starting in fall 2021.

William Haskell – Postdoc 2018-2019

Willie joined the lab in 2018 to work on an NSF-funded project associated with NASA EXPORTS. He used data from six profiling floats equipped with oxygen, nitrate, pH, and bio-optical sensors to evaluate biogeochemical tracer budgets and constrain carbon export in the Northeast Pacific Ocean. Using 10 years of float data, results from this work (manuscript in prep) will provide regional climatological context for shorter duration carbon export studies. A key goal of the project is to resolve the export of distinct biogenic carbon pools over multiple timescales, which may help to improved future satellite-based export models.

Willie’s research interests include: 1) Marine biological production and carbon export, 2) Upper ocean physicochemical dynamics, 3) Global biogeochemical cycling of C, O, and N, 4) Coastal ocean processes, 5) Stable and radioisotope tracers, and 6) Autonomous sampling platforms. For more information on Willie’s work, please visit his webpage and Google Scholar page.

Nina Buzby – Summer intern 2018

Nina joined the lab in 2018 as part of the MBARI Summer Internship Program following her graduation from Middlebury College with a B.A. in Chemistry and Environmental Studies (Magna cum laude). Nina’s project involved investigating the utility of various algorithms for estimating coastal carbonate chemistry, with an emphasis on understanding how organic alkalinity may bias the interpretation of total alkalinity measurements near shore. She participated in research cruises, conducted laboratory analyses, and honed her MATLAB programming skills along the way. The project resulted in a wealth of new information about the tools available for ocean acidification and carbon cycle research along the west coast, as well as the development of a new algorithm that Nina then applied to regional underwater glider data. After the internship, Nina joined the Clean Water group at the San Francisco Estuary Institute to continue studying the chemistry of local waters.