Behind the scenes

Distinguished Lecturer James R. McFarlane

Distinguished Lecturer Jim McFarlane

President/CEO Chris Scholin (left) presents James R. McFarlane (right) with the 2013 David Packard Distinguished Lecturer award in front of ROV Ventana, which was originally manufactured by ISE.

November 6, 2013

MBARI was honored to host this year’s David Packard Distinguished Lecturer, James R. McFarlane, the founder and president of International Submarine Engineering, Ltd (ISE). McFarlane contributed to MBARI’s formative years as a critical advisor to David Packard and as a participant in several engineering reviews. Research Chair Bruce Robison remarked, “Jim McFarlane is a gifted, innovative engineer with an outstanding track record of designing and building undersea vehicles.” McFarlane delivered a lecture at MBARI November 6th titled “Genesis and metamorphosis of underwater work capability”, reviewing different submersible vehicle designs and components that make them operate optimally. Doug Au, MBARI’s director of engineering development commented, “I am very pleased that we can have someone who was so involved with MBARI in the early days come back and provide a distinguished lecture. I hope we can use his insight as MBARI looks to the future and conceives our technical roadmap.” Read more about the lecture.