Entries by Kim Fulton-Bennett

New website catalogs thousands of deep-sea animals and seafloor features

Dec 3, 2015 – MBARI’s new Deep-Sea Guide makes it easy for anyone to search MBARI’s treasure trove of images and scientific observations of deep-sea animals, seafloor habitats, geological features, and research tools. Previously only available for internal use, the Deep-Sea Guide is now available to scientists and the general public.

Instruments used in the Coordinated Canyon Experiment

Oct 15, 2015 – Submarine canyons are notoriously difficult to study because underwater avalanches periodically surge down the bottoms of many canyons, often burying or destroying scientific instruments. After more than a decade of placing (and sometimes losing) equipment in Monterey Canyon, MBARI researchers have created a unique new tool to study canyon processes.

MBARI researchers discover what vampire squids eat (it’s not what you think)

Sept 26, 2012 – In the 100 years since marine biologists hauled the first vampire squid up from the depths of the sea, perhaps a dozen scientific papers have been published on this mysterious animal, but no one has been able to figure out exactly what it eats. A new paper by MBARI Postdoctoral Fellow Henk-Jan Hoving and Senior Scientist Bruce Robison shows for the first time that the vampire squid uses two thread-like filaments to capture bits of organic debris that sink down from the ocean surface into the deep sea.