ROV Doc Ricketts
Core Vehicle Specifications

ROV Doc Ricketts’ recovery through R/V Western Flyer’s moonpool.


Dimensions = 6′ width x 12′ length x 7′ height (10,500 pounds)
Depth rating  = 4000 meters
Vehicle Type = Electro/Hydraulic
Vehicle Power = 75shp
Vertical Thrust > 550kg
Horizontal Thrust > 650kg
Variable Buoyancy System = 75kg
Hydraulic Systems and Components
12 function 15 lpm hyd. proportional valve pack w/flow controls (on Tool skids)
11 function proportional valve pack (15 lpm with remote flow control)
Spare HP (30 lpm) bi-directional servo valve

Science Payload

275kg (in water weight) in addition to the below listed equipment and tool skids

Auxiliary Instrument Power & available voltages

240, 48, 24, 12, 5 VDC
110 VAC

Auxiliary Video & Data

(1) 10/100bt Ethernet port
(1) Gigabit Ethernet port
(10) RS-232 serial ports (expandable if required)
(4) RS-485 serial ports (expandable if required)
(7) Video channels

Core Navigation Instrumentation

RDI – Workhorse Navigator DVL (1200 Khz)
Octans 6000m FOG (primary heading reference)
Tritech FOG (secondary heading reference)
Paroscientific depth sensor
Mesotech Altimeter
Mesotech 1071 scanning sonar
Sonardyne ROV Homer transducer
Sonardyne Ranger 2720 USBL with Lodestar AHARS
Sonardyne Sprint INS

Core Science Tools and Instrumentation

Toolsled in benthic configuration
Suction sampler w/12 bucket carousel
Swing arm
Sample drawer
(40) tube cores
Mid-water configuration
Suction sampler w/12 bucket carousel
(1) Swing arm
(12) Detritus samplers
42″ tall multipurpose toolsled
4 km cable laying
Large package deployment / recovery
Schilling T4 7-function manipulator with integrated wrist camera
Kraft Predator 7 function manipulator w/force feedback
CTD with transmissometer and oxygen sensor

Core Cameras & Viewing Tools

(2) ROS PT-25 pan & tilts
(2) ROS PT-10 pan & tilts
Insite HDTV camera with 10x zoom (science)
A total of 12 NTSC camera channels available
Dedicated Insite mini Zeus HDTV camera (pilot navigation)
Dedicated internal pan and tilt color camera with zoom (looks down on front viewing area)


(6) 17,700 Lumen LED lights
(4) 250 watt Incandescent lights
(4) 10,000 Lumen LED lights


.68”(17.5mm) OD.
(5) single mode fibers
(5) power conductors

ROV Auto Functions

Auto Depth
Auto Heading
Auto Altitude
Auto Hold (Dynamic Station Keep)
Auto Step (X, Y and Z)
Auto Home
Auto Track (Cable & pipe tracking)
Auto Route (Follows a pre-programmed route of waypoints)