Northern 2014 Expedition

August 16-September 6, 2014

MBARI’s research vessel Western Flyer and remotely operated vehicle Doc Ricketts are on a three-week expedition to the waters off the coasts of the Pacific Northwest. A multidisciplinary group of MBARI scientists and collaborators will continue their exploration and research on gas hydrates, the behavior of carbon dioxide in the deep sea, underwater volcanoes, and deep-sea animals.

The expedition is divided into two legs, each with different research objectives. The first group of researchers will visit two gas hydrate sites in the Eel River Canyon Slump, off the coast of northern California. They will collect pore-water profiles using the laser Raman spectrometer. During the second leg, researchers will sample lavas and sediments on Axial Seamount at the Juan de Fuca Ridge off the coast of Oregon to learn more about its volvanic history.

After the first leg, the ship will dock in Newport, Oregon where one group of researchers will go ashore, the next group of researchers will board the ship, and the ship’s crew will replenish fuel and supplies.

Throughout both legs, cruise participants will be posting updates. You can find out more about the cruise, researchers, and equipment, as well as read the cruise logs they send back from the ship by following the links at right.