2014 Expeditions

Benthic Biology 2014 Expedition

December 16-20, 2014
During this expedition, Senior Scientist Jim Barry and his research group will inspect the route along the Monterey Accelerated Research System (MARS), a 52-kilometer-long (32-mile-long) submarine cable that provides electrical power and data connections for research instruments in the deep sea.

Midwater Ecology 2014 Expedition

November 12-18, 2014
On November 12, the R/V Western Flyer headed to sea for an eight-day expedition with the Midwater Ecology research group, led by Bruce Robison. During this expedition, they plan to deploy the Midwater Respirometry System, conduct midwater transects, collect specimens for lab studies and for exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium, make in situ observations, and jig or trawl for squid at night. They also plan to deploy the mini remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for the first time from the Western Flyer

Pelagic-Benthic Coupling 2014 Expedition

October 12-15, 2014
MBARI's Benthic-Pelagic Coupling Group, led by Chief Scientist Ken Smith, is currently working on the R/V Western Flyer at Station M, located 200 kilometers off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. This week marks the 64th research expedition dedicated to an abyssal time series study at Station M. Since 1989, studies at this site 4,000 meters deep have produced insights into changing conditions in the deep sea. The research group is studying carbon supply to deep-sea ecosystems, and benthic community responses to food supply.

Biodiversity and Biooptics 2014 Expedition

September 16-22, 2014
Steve Haddock’s research group and their collaborators study deep-sea gelatinous zooplankton (various types of jelly-like animals). Haddock’s research focuses on bioluminescence, biodiversity, and ecology of deep-sea and open-ocean ctenophores, siphonophores, radiolarians, and medusae. In addition to studying the evolutionary relationships of these animals, Haddock is interested in cloning the proteins that enable these jellies to emit light or fluoresce.
lava pillow resembles a small bird

Northern 2014 Expedition

August 16-September 6, 2014
MBARI’s research vessel Western Flyer and remotely operated vehicle Doc Ricketts are on a seven-week expedition to the waters off the coasts of Oregon and Washington. A multidisciplinary group of MBARI scientists and collaborators will explore and conduct research experiments on gas hydrates, the behavior of carbon dioxide in the deep sea, underwater volcanoes, and deep-sea animals.