Assistant Engineer, R/V Rachel Carson

The Assistant Engineer provides assistance in the maintenance, efficient operation, and safety of the engine room and all machinery spaces of the research vessel. The A/E provides assistance in ensuring operational readiness of all mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems. The A/E provides assistance in ensuring the safe operation of the vessel as it pertains to the mechanical functions required to perform all normal research operations

The Assistant Engineer is responsible for daily engine room start-up and shut down procedures of main engines, generators, electrical equipment and all related shipboard systems along with engine room maintenance and regular engine room inspections while underway. The A/E must possess the aptitude and ability to operate knuckle boom cranes and oceanographic winches at sea. The A/E is responsible for performing all duties required for normal research operations in the absence of the Chief Engineer.

Due to the small crew size of the vessel, the Assistant Engineer position at times doubles as a deckhand performing vessel maintenance, housecleaning tasks, and bridge watch standing rotations. On deck, the A/E assists in the deployment and recovery of the vessel’s ROV and AUV and deployment and recovery of CTD rosettes, sediment traps and a variety of other oceanographic experiments.

A high school diploma and relevant maritime experience is required. A 3rd Assistant Engineer (Unlimited Diesel) License is desired. A U.S.C.G. DDE (Designated Duty Engineer) 2000 HP or better rating is acceptable when a proficiency in operating and maintaining a variety of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems is displayed to the Chief Engineer and determined to be qualified by the Master.  Highly desirable that candidate should also have completed all the training required by Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) to serve as a member of an engineering department.

Ability to work in hazardous marine environment, including the ability to step up 3 feet, and heavy lifting up to 35 pounds. Although the vessel normally returns to Moss Landing the same day it goes to sea, the individual may be required to work up to one month continuously away from home port and be able to work in foreign ports.

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