26th Annual Intern Symposium

Wednesday, August 10, 2022
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)
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2022 Intern Symposium

wdt_ID Time Speaker Title
1 0900-0905 George Matsumoto Welcome and introductions
2 0905-0920 Roy Gilboa Coastal Profiling Float drop weight
3 0920-0935 Amber Phillips Adopt-a-Float program benefits scientific community and beyond
4 0935-0950 Emma Keller Exploring drivers of Northern Anchovy abundance using an eDNA time series
5 0950-1005 Manaal Iqbal Investigating seasonal variability of Northern anchovy population age structure in Monterey Bay, California.
6 1005-1020 Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break
7 1020-1035 Sachithma Edirisinghe Investigating the ecology of carbon flux in the water column using a semi-supervised particle classification approach.
8 1035-1050 Grace Ahn (Virtual) The effects of changing ocean and climate conditions on pyrosome carbon transport to the abyssal seafloor
9 1050-1105 Emma Flattery Mapping and characterizing the faunal community structure of Sur Ridge
10 1105-1120 George Fabian Developing methods for quantifying the contribution of organic carbon in total alkalinity.
11 1120-1200 LUNCH
12 1200-1215 Dylan Hyun Animating the R/V David Packard’s maiden voyage
13 1215-1230 Grant Sanderson Temporal and spatial biological variability in Monterey Bay from AUV eDNA samples
14 1230-1245 Lyndsey Claassen Wintertime phytoplankton community composition with clustered water masses using an AUV dataset
15 1245-1300 Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break
16 1300-1315 Claire Lin Expediting motion analysis with deep learning
17 1315-1330 Manuel Gozzi Hyperparameter evolution for deepsea detection and tracking
18 1330-1345 Ezekiel Santillan The effects of deep-sea mining on midwater organisms: a basis for methodology and further study.
19 1345-1400 Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break
20 1400-1415 Olivia O’Laughlin BioRaman: Shedding a new light on deep-sea biota.
21 1415-1430 Luke Najarian Programming design and performance evaluation of a new seawater nitrate and nitrite analyzer
22 1430-1445 Frank Perez (Virtual) The design and implementation of Lagrangian drifters for shallow water coastal ecosystems.