2021 Intern Papers

Grace Ahn The effects of changing ocean and climate conditions on pyrosome carbon transport to the abyssal seafloor. [Paper in preparation]
Lyndsey Claassen Characterizing water bodies in Monterey Bay using Dorado AUV time-series data. [Paper in preparation]
Amanda Gannon Snapshots of Sur Ridge: Shedding new light on a deep sea oasis through time lapse photography.
Adam Gibbs Developing a regional neural network framework to accurately predict ocean pH using glider observations in Central California.
Stephen Huie Estimating primary productivity from diel measurements of oxygen and pH from autonomous gliders.
Katherine Irving Bridging the gap: using Science Communication to build empathy and understanding for an imperiled ocean.
Alexandrea Macias Daily krill dynamics on the canyon edge. [Paper in preparation]
Emma Monson Outreach and resource development for GO-BGC’s Adopt-A-Float program
Mackenzie Perillo Temporal examination of the daily and seasonal occurrence of the blue whale A-call in relation to the blue whale B-call in the central Pacific Ocean.
Ethan Ramsey The search for viruses in ctenophore genomes.
Meagan Reasoner Simulink Model Validation: Numerical modeling of the MBARI Wave Energy Converter.
Emma Rosso Using eDNA to observe how marine life responds to changing ocean conditions in Monterey Bay, California
Giovanna Sainz Machine learning facilitates the study of gelatinous zooplankton, Benthocodon pedunculata, abundance over six years in the Northeast Pacific abyssal plain.
Yohan Sequeira DeepStereo: A low cost flexible midwater camera system. [Paper submitted]
Katherine Tinsman Designing a deep sea device to determine if feeding sounds attract scavenging organisms.
Nicholas Trautman Exploring the relationship between zooplankton and climate in the California Current system.
Lael Wakamatsu Can zooplankton grazing induce toxic algal blooms in Monterey Bay? [Paper in preparation]
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