2020 Intern Papers


Project Title

Peyton Lee Creating benchmarks for deep-sea creature detection and tracking models.
Tatjana Ellis Detecting “clicks” in hydrophone data and classification using machine learning.
Brooke Pauken Visualizations of deep-sea flows using light field imaging data.
Jill Alexander Calculating velocities using stereo cameras and optical flow.
Bruno Lopez Characterization of the phytoplankton phenology in the subarctic Pacific.
Ally Morris Testing the fidelity of global biogeochemical algorithms in the California Current System to study carbon cycling.
Anna Hughes Characterizing changes in upwelling dynamics under anthropogenic climate change with Spray underwater gliders.
Addie Norgaard Using gliders to study air-sea CO2 flux in an upwelling region.
José Eyzaguirre Stereo camera calibration analysis for seafloor mapping.
Sierra Garcia What makes it stick? Deep-sea fauna awareness and engagement from a social media giveaway campaign.
Francesca Alatorre Jellywatch: Examining the physical drivers behind on-shore Velella jellyfish sightings through citizen science.
Lyndsey Claassen Revealing the Monterey Bay upwelling shadow front using Dorado AUV time-series data. (paper in preparation for publication)
Tina Nguyen Characterization and analysis of ctenophore morphology.
Brooke Hale Global coherency of light as a primary driver for coral reef metabolism. (paper in preparation for publication)
Luke Dorrian Evaluating the VN-100 IMU/AHRS as an inertial current meter in coastal profiling floats.
Olivia Boeberitz Nucleotides to rorquals: Delineating humpback whale distribution with eDNA.
Raksha Doddabele Prototyping a rapid bioinformatics pipeline for eDNA processing.
Madison Pickett Exploring coherence metric for optimizing topic models of humpback song.
Kristina Samborski Observing Molidae through eDNA.
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