2018 Intern Papers


Project Title

Kevin Barnard FathomNet: Building the dataset.
Thomas Bergamaschi A topic modeling framework for humpback whale song.
Nina Buzby Expanding the reach of coastal carbon cycle observations: Throughout organic alkalinity characterization and utilization of predictive carbon-system algorithms. 
Alisa Crisp Playing with plankton: engaging the public with phytoplankton, harmful algal blooms, and CeNCOOS. 
Tatjana Ellis Automated quality control of biogeochemical profiling float data using change-point detection.
Raymond Esteybar Fusing region proposal network with AVED tracking: counting machine learning system.
Edward Good Comparing the 3rd generation Environmental Sample Processor to traditional laboratory methodologies for use in environmental DNA studies.
Brian Ha Coastal profiling float depth control. 
Karla Haiat Larvacean robotics: A biomimetic approach to the study of enhanced fluid transport.
Miriam Hauer-Jensen Analysis of humpback whale songs: Applying the traditional method.
Kristen Lacetti Export efficiency of organic carbon from surface waters to abyssal depths.
Erin Malsbury Symbionts and environmental factors related to deep-sea coral size and health.
Larissa Neilson Quantifying the effects of changing temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH associated with upwelling on the growth and survivorship of juvenile Haliotis rufescens.
Yuuki Niimi Effects of environmental variability on metabolism in the red abalone Haliotis rufescens.
Steven Nixon No paper submitted
Mayra Ochoa Fusing region proposal network with AVED tracking: counting machine learning system.
Samantha Rodriguez no paper submitted
Richard Rodriguez Development of a tag release mechanism for soft-bodied invertebrates.
Ethan Slattery Alignment of centimeter scale bathymetry using six degrees of freedom.
Chloe Weinstock No paper submitted
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