2016 Intern Papers


Project Title

Drew Burrier Current affairs: An examination of the physical setting at Station M via the benthic rover. – no paper submitted
Gabriela Chavez Local ocean variability in Monterey Bay and connections to global climate indices 1989-2016.
Bryce Corbett Exploring eDNA methodologies as a way to detect relationship between anchovies and euphausiids in Monterey Bay Canyon.
Maria Corrochano Luque Examining the possibility of phagotrophy in the polar alga, Micromonas sp.
Danielle Fabian Deep-sea epibenthic echinoid Echinocrepis rostrata: indicators of change on the deep-sea floor. – not yet available
Desmond Ho Bridging the gap between research and the public.
Dallas Hollis Automated detection of deep-sea imagery.
Ellen Jacobs A comparison of detection and classification techniques of Cuvier’s beaked whale vocalizations in passive acoustic monitoring data.
Eli Meckler Developing a domain-specific language for LRAUV mission scripts.
Cheyenne Payne The partial characterization of select protist and tunicate Ca2+ activated photoproteins, and the optional conditions for their activation.
Nick Raymond Evaluation of inertial measurement unit performance for water column velocity estimation of coastal profiling floats.
Aileen San Carry-over effects of fertilization in stressful conditions on red abalone (Halitosis rufescens) larval development.
Alaina Smith Factors affecting plankton type dominance in Monterey Bay.
Tiffany Thisner Effects of Ocean Acidification on sperm motility in the red abalone (Halitosis refuscens).
Jen Valenzuela Communicating science to public audiences. – no paper submitted
Matthew Wojciechowicz Advanced MATLAB techniques for processing Raman spectra.
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