2015 Intern Papers


Project Title

Olivia Arrendondo Data migration of databases and implementation of Django, a web framework software.
Alexa Baumer Larvacean locomotion: A kinematic investigation.
Sarah Black Jellies in the ocean: Are they truly drifters?
Kate Beittenmiller Characterizing the geometry of Phaeodarian colonial spheres.
Drew Burrier Stay the course: A heading correcting algorithm for a bottom-crawling AUV.
Robert Chavez A method for accurate ballasting of an autonomous underwater vehicle.
Amy Chen Oceanographic instrument simulator
Madison Heard The effects of multiple climate-change-related stressors on larval development of red abalone.
Kennedy McCone Quantitative laser Raman of mixed gases.
Beatriz Mejia Mercado Is the structure of benthic megafaunal communities in the Gulf of California influenced by oxygen levels?
Prateek Murgai Development of an automatic classifier for cetacean vocalizations.
Samantha Peart Error and precision of photogrammetry in the deep-sea.
Jose Ramirez Improving the quality control of Argo’s oxygen float data.
Alice Ren Declining dissolved oxygen off of Central California.
Paris Smalls Benthic gouge marks in the Canadian Beaufort Sea: Associations between whales and methane seeps?
Jessica Whelpley Observing the population and natural history of the deep-sea enteropneust, Tergivelum baldwinae, with time-lapse photography (Station M, 4000 meters).
Wiley Wolfe Measuring ocean respiration: Validation of a low cost CO2 sensor.
Lisa Ziccarelli Quantifying phytoplankton biodiversity: A comparison of methods.
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