2014 Intern Papers


Project Title

Laughlin Barker Closed-loop buoyancy control for a Coastal Profiling Float.
Corinna Breusing Population structure and connectivity in Indo-Pacific deep-sea mussels of the Bathymodiolus brevior complex.
Jennifer Durden Insights from abyssal lebensspuren and a catalogue
Taylor Hersh A Transcriptomics-Based Approach to Novel Photoprotein Analysis in Pelagic Molluscs.
Zena Jensvold Physiological response of Ostreococcus to nutrient depletion.
Jesse Lafian Biological processes drive diel pH signals near shore.
Ashley Maitland Nutrient Stoichiometry and Cellular Allocation of Micromonas Strain RCC299.
Vanessa Izquierdo Peña Fishes and their larvae in the California current in relation to variability climate.
Ben Yair Raanan Fault detection for long-duration AUV missions with minimal human intervention.
Nathan Reed Engineering Mechanics and Design of the Monterey Bay Aquarium AMP Exhibit.
Cordelia Sanborn Marsh Benthia: benthic image analysis software for the sedimentation event sensor.
Jonathan Steck The Jelly Counter.
William Symons Cores for Concern: How well do seafloor deposits represent the flows that created them?
Kate Thomas What are you looking at? Body posture and eye orientation in the Histioteuthid squids Histioteuthis heteropsis and Stigmatoteuthis dofleini.
William Truong Distributions of Rare Midwater Animals: A look at uncommon fauna and their seasonality in Monterey Bay.
Katherine Willis The Significance of Faults and Fissures at the Alarcon Rise Seafloor Spreading Centre.
Lisa Ziccarelli Application of a Holographic sensor for Plankton Ecology.