2013 Intern Papers


Project Title

Ben Burford Adolescence and the desire to fit in: behavior and mimicry in the juvenile and subadult life stages of the mesopelagic squid, Chiroteuthis calyx.  

Burford, B., Robison, B., & Sherlock, R. (2015). Behaviour and mimicry in the juvenile and subadult life stages of the mesopelagic squid Chiroteuthis calyx. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 95(6), 1221-1235. doi:10.1017/S0025315414001763

Larissa Clary Deep Sea Holothuroid Responses to Nutrient Fluctuations.
Alba Marina Cobo Viveros A synthethis of sea water pCO2 along the western coast of the Americas.
Heather Fulton-Bennett Through the Looking Glass: Holographic and Molecular Detection of Zooplankton.
Kendra Hart The Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Chemosensory Behavior of the Deep-Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus fragilis
Bailey Hoover Project Shearwater: Preliminary Design Considerations.
Alexander Jaffe Time series analysis and visualization of midwater zooplankton ecology: Automating long-term studies of the VARS dataset.
Claire Laguionie-Marchais First observations of Onuphidae (Polychaeta) patch ecology on the abyssal seafloor.
Kelly Lance Science and Technology Illustration: An Effective Tool for Compelling Communication.
Isabel Leitholf Flow Injection Analysis of Nanomolar Ammonium Concentrations via OPA Fluorescence.
Nettie McMiller Web cruise: exploring ocean science through the 2012 Gulf of California expedition.
Oriol Pallares IP PUCK Implementation and Verification.
Dylan Rolicheck Geospatial Database Administration.
Wilson Sauthoff Experimental determination of methane dissolution from simulated subsurface oil leakages.
Nicholas Sohn Developing parameter estimation techniques for controller optimization of a Coastal Profiling Float.
Vigneshwaran Soundararajan n/a
Miguel Uzcategui A Low Cost, Underwater CO2 Sensor for Education And Research.
Diane Wyse Lasers, Lights, and Phytoplankton: Laboratory Calibration of Optical Sensors from Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.